Sunday, 7 May 2017


On Friday I travelled to Nottingham with Nico. We were there to check out a new spot that had opened up, Nottingham Street Food Club. The idea is pretty simple; the space opens each weekend and invites a handful of street food vendors in to serve their signature dishes. No set theme to the cuisine so there's a nice variation each week. We tried everything, purely for research purposes of course. Here's how it was.

NAME: Nottingham Street Food Club

LOCATION:Victoria Centre, Clocktower Dining,
2nd Floor NG1 3QP Nottingham, United Kingdom 

On the menu when we went was a series of Nottingham food spots. a sourdough pizza place, a jerk chicken place, a falafel place and an Asian street food place.

The more I thought about the idea the more I liked it. I love the food halls on Brick Lane and this isn't so dissimilar to that. I like the idea that you can come to this place and you know the food is going to be of a certain standard, and if you really like something then you can go get it again from the spot they usually trade from. An awesome win-win for the Street Food Club and the independent traders. Also, it had the appeal of a food court but on a smaller scale. You and your date can sit and eat completely different things while still enjoying the same settings, ambience and conversation.

The place itself was cool. A few nice little quirks, a lovely island bar in the middle of the space but largely there were no frills. The floor was mainly occupied by long benches like a canteen, and it was down to the vendors occupying the kitchen spaces to decorate their space as they please. It kind of had that feel of a market place. It was bright and open. They just had a Soulection mix playing away. It was a nice environment to do some eating.

The bar served a range of cocktails they felt complimented this weeks menu.

First up was Death By Pizza, an in-house pizza restaurant that lives in Nottingham's Suede Bar. We paid £6 for a chorizo and pepperoni w/ jalapeños. upon asking for the optional jalapeños the woman who was taking our order made some weird remark, say yes, obviously the jalapeños would come on the pizza... as they're part of the pizza. I reminded her that her menu said optional. She stopped ramping and started making our pizza.

The pizza was just pizza. This was one of the more expensive things we ate while we were there. I don't know if it's because we are spoilt for sourdough pizza with Peter Pizza in Leicester, but it just didn't tickle our bollocks. All pizza is nice, and this was just nice pizza, but largely a bit average. We were not off to a flyer.

As we ordered the pizza we also ordered 2 portions of jerk chicken with rice and peas from The Chef's Cottage next door.

We got chatting away to the woman who I assume was the owner and she told us where they were located and as she was giving us directions she told us just to follow the smell and the music, that's how people usually find them.

This box absolutely packed with chicken, rice, peas, salad, chutney and sauce was £4! This was a small, and it was so packed and weighty, it definitely made up for paying £6 for the pizza.

Pound for pound this was probably the most delicious thing on the menu while we visited. It was everything jerk should be, all sticky and sweet and tender. You could taste the smoke. It was the real deal. If this food van was in Leicester and posted in town serving little boxes like this for £4 a pop I would definitely be a regular.

Next up was Numinums, the veggie and vegan option for this weekend. We took a portion of their spicy fried cauliflower with garlic mayo (£3.50) and their falafel mezze (£6).

The spicy cauliflower was really nice, I could definitely see myself getting a portion of this if it was available in Leicester on road. The falafel mezze was pretty nice too for what it was. It's hard for me to judge as this really isn't my favourite food. The actual falafel was light and crispy, but in terms of the rest of the stuff that was in the box with it it left something to be desired. Grated carrots and a dollop of humus. It's almost like white people with dreadlocks want their food to be bland.

Last up was Homeboys, the kitchen that seemed to be doing the most business during the time we were there. They were making and moving baos, those little asian steamed buns. I'd had these once before from Wagamamas and they were really good then, I couldn't wait to see how these were from a place that specialises in them.

They had two kinds, a pork belly one with a relish and soy reduction, and a Korean battered chicken one with gochujang mayo and radish.

Oh god they were really something. If you're into interesting textures with your food you should try and find these steamed buns somewhere. Like nothing else I've ever put in my mouth. They were made with such care and they were so delicate and presented beautifully. Apparently Homeboys is the baby of a guy who was a masterchef contestant. All the ingredients were perfect and they were a nice change from the usual sloppy asian street food or takeaway.

The cured pork belly and the battered chicken were both so light and delicious, I think the meat they used was of a nice quality. They were £3.50 each, or two for £6, a really nice price for something really delicious and unique.

Finally the desserts were supplied by Doughnotts, an independent doughnut bakery in Nottingham. I'd heard about these before and meant to check them when I went to Notts but had forgotten.

They had a selection of doughnuts they'd dropped in priced at £3.50 each. We got a glazed classic raspberry jam and a red velvet. as you can imagine we were completely stuffed but still forced them down as they were so good. The guy who served us the doughnuts told us that it's a really sick spot and that they sell out by mid afternoon every day. After finding their Facebook page it looks like they've got maaaad maaaad different flavours, I definitely need to find their spot next time I'm in Notts.

Death By Pizza also had a stack of brownies so I had to grab a little leaving gift. They had Nutella, Bueno and Reeses brownies all priced at £2.80 each. I had it when I got in and it was of a way better standard than the pizza, a really good brownie!

In conclusion it was a great place! The food was hit and miss, with two good two bad, but ultimately that's the fun of a place like this right? The whole point is that there's a selection and naturally some things on sale are going to pull away from the pack. Also, the fact that next time you go there will be a completely different menu, that to me is really exciting. All the staff were really chatty and helpful and clearly excited by the project, from the actual vendors selling their own product to the lads working the bar who said they've tried everything both weeks the place has been open. We spoke to Simba, one of the two guys who came up with the idea and he said to us he has had 150 enquires from food spots trying to get in. It doesn't surprise me really, it's a cool idea. I can't wait to travel back and see what they're serving next time.

The Nottingham Street Food Club was simple, affordable and it let the food do the talking. The food wouldn't shut up, we left waddling away, completely stuffed.

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Friday, 5 May 2017



You may have seen the video of Joe Budden sitting down with Lil Yatchy and DJ Akademiks floating around this week. The interview is largely Joe Budden grilling Lil Yatchy over not really giving a fuck about hip hop, over a couple of disrespectful things he's said about pillars of hip hop and so on. Fair game, any bloke with beads in his hair is a dickhead anyway, but Budden really really steals the show.

For the distain I have for Yatchy and his type of rapper or whatever you wanna call them, he handles himself so well in the interview. He's 19 and is so composed, well spoken and calm. Budden, almost twice his age and ten fold his experience is completely lost. The physical embodiment of bitter. I understand his negativity and agree with a lot of what he is saying but he completely loses it and once again comes over like a complete tosser.

If you've not watched it it does make for some interesting viewing. He must feel so washed and irrelevant and be pissed that this joker with red hair is the new hot shit despite the fact he can't rap. It's like Budden is really, really good at this one thing and cannot get it in his head that not everyone who makes hip hop music is OBSESSED with being the best with the bars. Yatchy has said from early he only gives a fuck about the money and I kind of like that

Budden is such a herb, I couldn't name you one song of his or spit you one line, but I know of multiple times he's come over like a bitter, washed up, boring old bald fuck. He needs to crawl into a cave.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


This time last week I was enjoying my jollies away in Budapest with a few of my boys. It was such a lovely place, here's some of the shit I saw out there.

The next day we headed for the Szechenyi Medicinal baths. The largest of their kind in Europe, the baths are heated by two thermal springs.

Everything there was so ornate and nice. It was such a beautiful well kept place, indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna and steam room.

Quick refuel at some sandwich spot when we jumped out

I had a steak and cheese. This sandwich shop was nuts, it was like Subway if Subway had any bollocks and didn't do some weird, almost impressive thing where they make the meat as dry as possible.

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe a bridal fair? Who knows, either way, nice poster.

I'm guessing 4D scans aren't just a standard thing in Hungary, rather a service offered by an external company. Weird to think people would want to pay for that crap little picture of an unformed human doing it's best impression of sweet potato mash.

We came across this massive lorry that had fucked it and broke a cover on the floor. The ease with which the driver rolled the wheel out of the ditch was remarkable, as if this shit happens all the time. Regular shit out there.

We went to this medieval themed restaurant. The food was really nice, but the entertainment was notable. Weird, odd little blokes came out every 20 minutes or so and did some weird tricks. One bloke was balancing a glass on a knife, and flipping it in the air and catching it on the knife. Mental stuff.

A nice poster for Bánktió festival

Too cold for them

This place was cool. Near the ruin bars it was a little sort of garden with benches and whatever and loaads of food trucks selling all sorts of stuff. The street food in Buda was insane, every corner you turned there was something really tasty on sale.

All the architecture around Budapest was so nice. We stood and looked at buildings a lot

We discovered a rancid drink called Unicum. A Hungarian spirit that was kinda similar to Jaeger, but so much more disgusting. Obviously Dan and Jamie don't like their lives so they both bought bottles to bring back to England. It was fucking gross.

That's the rest of what I saw in Budapest! a wonderful place with loads of amazing architecture, history, scenery food and culture. It was soooo cheap, we crammed loads in, didn't stop eating and boozing all weekend and I spent little over £200. I'd strongly recommend going for a nice cheap short stay. I can't wait to go back.

Saturday, 29 April 2017


This time last week I was enjoying my jollies away in Budapest with a few of my boys. It was such a lovely place, here's some of the shit I saw out there.


Whenever you go to a European country you can bank on seeing some wild fashion on the underground system. Hungary was no different.

Have you ever been drinking a can of pop and just thought fuck this I wish you were half like a panda pop or something rather than a can? Me neither.

I've never seen these before. I can confirm they were very impressive. Mad flavours.

Jamie modelling a selection of Hungarian beers and lagers.

We walked through these arcades and it was occupied by a market, but it was more like a car boot sale. Loads of tat, nothing of much value. As we walked through I kept thinking that I want half of the shit there. There was some cool shit like little daggers and weird old war memorabilia.

We checked out the ruin bars. Built into some ruins were loads of little odd bars, cluttered with tat, but for it having loads of personality. Boozing there was super cheap too. For a round of 4 pints it was like £5/6.

:-//////// just gonna grab a copy of Fanny magazine, wbu?

We went to watch Vasas FC beat Budapest Honvéd 1-0. It was cold as fuck, the ground was about empty but it was actually a really fun game. The ref let loads go, so it was as if you got to see loads more football as it was always 'play on'. The best moment of the game was when the home team was defending it's 1-0 lead and conceded a penalty. All the fans were trying so hard to put the kick taker off, jeering and making noise. We were successful, it remained 1-0. Of the 12 top flight teams, 5 of them are from Budapest.

Randomly there was a Hungarian bloke there in a Leicester shirt. We saw him inside and got a photo and asked him why Leicester. He mentioned that Vasas had a similar history to Leicester in the league with going down the leagues then working their way back up. Said he bought the shirt this year. Odd to think City are a kiiind of cool team for glory supporters now.

More sick underground fashion. Having a tinny at 10:20am. He was the most militant bloke we saw all weekend.

We went to this cool Go Karting circuit in a converted car park below an abandoned shopping centre. We spotted the podium before we went onto the circuit and decided whoever placed 4th could take the photo of the other three. Alright yeah yeah yeah stop going on about it whatever

Another thing I learned this weekend is that people cannot take photos. It's actually fucking mental, it's not a hard thing to do. It's like drinking water or sitting down. As a human you should come with a basic level of ability to achieve the task in hand. Instead we had shite like this all weekend. Stood in front of a BUDAPEST sign, whyyyyyy would this mindless twat think we want this photo? DAPE? Oh great, what a great, memorable photo of my time in DAPE. Not only that but she also managed to get her finger in the photo too. Divvy.

The food in Budapest was nuts all week. On the second day we chanced upon this Hungarian food festival. 

I think these are like patties mate from shredded meat

It all looked so good

The things the food are sat on are 'potato pancakes'. How mad is that? Why have we never heard those together before? I don;'t know, but fuck me it was delicious. I had a hungarian sausage, some goulash and some hungarian pasta. It was so delicious.

We spent most of the second day just exploring.

Whilst we went to see a memorial for Hungarian jews on the bank of the river Danube Tom thought it would be a great time to have an impromptu photoshoot with some little superstar. I think the shots are going to come out great. The shoes are an installation by film director Can Togay and Sculptor Gyula Pauer. The shoes face the water because the militiamen shot the jews here during the 2nd world war and let the bodies fall into the Danube and get carried downstream. Pretty grim stuff.  

It really was a beautiful place with so much ornate, well kept, breathtaking architecture. We crossed the river and headed up into the hills to go see the castle and various other historical buildings.

There was another hill we scaled after we'd got to the buildings pictured above. This hill had a nice trail that lead upto a monument that overlooked the whole city and the river running through it. It was so, so high. We took the fast lane, scaling these near vertical hills and cutting out the paths.

It was so beautiful up there. The clearest day, we could see for miles and miles.

Myself with one of the colder skengman. Showerman outfit

Ice cream at the top of the hill with the little ice cream gremlin. She was lovely, but a little gremlin non the less.

I'll post part 2 tomorrow, thanks for reading!