Monday, 28 July 2008


hello again. its been so hot recently. in work at the weekend it was 37 degrees, it was fucking horrible. i stroke of genuis, that although denying it, im sure kyle had something to do with a few years ago.

this tree is being cut down, how gay is that? its the massive one at church that hangs down and shit. it really got to me, from when i was so young i remember playing in this tree and now its got nothing! how shite!
on the other hand, ive been eating some nice subways with sammy. i watched that programme tonight about how shit they are for you, fuck made me want one.
after my driving lesson on friday, i went to get a key cut for my new from door lock and had a nice cob at the cob shop. read the paper, little ribena on the was dead good.

on satruday night, my mum and dad had a bit of a get together and a BBQ to celebrate 28 years of being married.

ha ha ha ha gutted, i dont care if its a really ncie car and its you enitials.

from asda, my mum got a wicked bunch of banananas.
when i went to fosse park, i seen this girl who had tucked her jeans into her sandals, you can only just see it here, but you get the idea. what a dick!
ive been gambling a bit with sammy recently, i won ten pounds on guessing the right evictee on friday nights big brother, so i offered her a double or quits. at the bus stop, there was a cinema ticket face down, she better hancock, and i went for mama mia (thinking everyone is fucking bumming that shit right now) and guess what? i was right again! ha ha so im 20 pounds up for nothing.
buses have gone up to £2.00's upto asda. what a fucking pisstake. they should be ran by the council, not individual companies, then they would stay relatively low.


ive had this little nugget of hate saved in my drafts for a little while now, waiting for the right time to express my utter disbelief. mainly the bitch of the two, as she fucks me off, and wears stupid hats and is a girl singer in a band, i wish she would just fuck off...but the gorkey bloke too.
i heard a few wrong people saying this girl is fit, she is a right fucking minger. the reason for the name "the ting tings" is that she used to work with a girl called ting ting. so fucking what? i used to work with a lad called lewis. you know, get over it.
there whole thing is that there is only two of them, but what about on the songs where there is a bass guitar, an extra female vocal and an extra guitar. just becasue live the people who fill these slots wear black and stand back in the shadows of the stage, that doesnt mean they are not part of the music too.
i didnt think there could be a more annoying song than thats not my name, then shut up and let me go comes along and i nearly die.

thats it really, a bit short, i know, but i aint been upto much! ill draw some pictures tommorow at work. seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeya

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Hey maaaaaaan! sorry this well late, my internet has been off and aload of other things have stopped me. just over a week, thats a long time.

well here are some drawings for a kick off, i drew this little pervy guy at work ages ago. he is supposed to be listening to next door having it away whilst knocking one off.


up and down this week to be honest.

i went subway with natalie on my break, and i had a reggae reggae sub for the first time, it is fucking delicous, go and buy one NOW! for about the 100th time, ive been into this fucking stupid office at uni to try and get £250 bursary. everytime i go in, they say, yeah, ok ive just pressed a button, it will be in in 7 to 10 never, ever fucking is. so i walked for ages, round to the new located office near soar point, and it had closed 5 minutes previous. not the kind of closed where the doors are locked, oh no, the kind of closed where the doors are still open, but nobody is about, and there is nothing worth stealing. fucking ridiculous lazy hours. 9.30 until 4.30? what the fuck.

this is sammy, fucking fuming in co-op at its shite selection of snacks and treats.
on the other hand, Dan had a fucking wicked BBQ. i got really really drunk on strongbow, it was really cool. i feel this picture of ben talking best represents the nights events. i like it when ben talks. he has the perfect balance of humour and intelligence, like steven fry on QI, except he's got a fosters on the go.

Dan and Tom had the most, gruelling, drawn out game of ISS on Aarons PSX ever, i think dan went 3-1 up, then tom pulled it back, and they went so deep into sudeen death peno's. everyone was watching, loving every minute. dan won eventually, and this is him just letting tom know who is the daddy.

i play football with the lads too, that was good. L-R billy, tom, jamie jones, myself, aaron.
a very sad day when i finally decided i cant go on with the drum kit in my room, it was just taking up so much space. i gave it to billys brother jamie. this is a picture of it in its final minutes at my humble abode.
you see the lit up light on the right, ive been waiting on that all week long, thats why this is so internet has been fucked. it ended up being that my extension cable was buggered.

i went to see wall-e with sammy, and it was really really good. dead sad and that and the animation was wicked.



i first heard of this dickhead when i was listening to the radio at work and his annoying fucking slurry northern accent came over it, and i just hated him from then on. when i finally seen him, in a magazine i just thought you dickhead. look at the comany he keeps? fucking peaches geldof? she nearly as bigger prick as you mate. he one of these goons whos on a quest to be crazy on and random all the time. he is so different and cool, fucking "grimy" you cunt, thats the onyl thing you are.


AYO! so this was my trip to london, with Billy, and a few of the arty bird course lot. it was on the 16/07/08 and the weather was lovely. i took a disposable camera too, so when i get the flicks done, ill stick em on.
these are my train tickets.

we went on the london underground bare times.
seen a futuristic holy-man.
Billy was just so excited by the Royal academy of arts summer exibition, he couldnt hold it in. it was actually really good, packed with loads of different stuff.there was this massive statue out-side what you could sit in and that. me and billy found a little cubby hole, where billy could smoke and i couldnt hang out of and look like a mong.
we went on them massive esculators.

this is billy on his way to the tate. the tate was well well well disapointing, there was fuck all!
uselessness just doesnt cover it.

this is that new bridge thats been built, it was wicked.
rush hour in london! fuck that! i thought the 104 got busy.
this was our badboy travel card. any underground train at any time. how big?we then went to the morley gallery to see an exibition of work completed by Debbie's (the lady who organises the course) students who have just finished.
usually, Debbie does the course over the internet, and while we were there, after about a year of talking to this woman on the phone and over email some of her students were seeing her for the first time, they were like "where is she? i wanna see what she looks like"
this bloke was well safe.
then we got the train back. it was a wicked day maaaan, ill put up the other flciks when i get them developed.

Monday, 14 July 2008


i coloured in senior pump daddy BMXer and scanned my almost photo like illustration of me shitting on billys face. for the weeks photo's, scroll down to "FOOTBALL CRAZY FOOTBALL MAD land"