Tuesday, 31 July 2012


When I first started Wicked-Land I used to do these sandwich tutorials, and long time followers will know how i come through and duppy the sandwich game. I had some nice ingredients at mine so i got busy in the kitchen with a step by step for all you guys.

Firstly, I used a healthy spread of sour cream and chive dip on fresh french baguette. I like to think of that as a nice foundation, and a moist maker for the sandwich. Then I folded some Salami on it, in the style of subway, you know the little half roll style. like that.

then was the pepperoni. Spicy, cold, red meats in a sandwich are always a winner.

Next I put some cheese in. my favourite kinds of cheese are the super smelly white ones, this was a mature cheddar. I always find putting cheese in the middle of the sandwich is your best bet. It breaks up the layers and adds traction to the middle of the fillings.

Obviously grill the cheese so it melts onto the meat. are you mad

Next, I sliced some picked gherkins and put them on. thinly sliced, and evenly spread. a vertical slice (like mcdonalds burgers) is also a fully acceptable way to slice a gherkin, but given the choice I'm a horizontal man. you can buy jars of pickled gherkins horizontally sliced already. perfect world.

next i went for some picked jalapeƱos. Im really into these and gherkins at the minute, like serious ingredients. so crunchy and delicious in a sandwich.

finally I gave it a nice squeeze of mayo to top it off. people were ramping saying that sour cream and mayo in the same sandwich isn't really necessary. i think if you start thinking about what is necessary in a sandwich you'll start making a swag, shit sandwich.

obviously put the top on and you've done it.

I took this to work today for lunch and felt like a really seriously cool dude. it was delicious. i wrapped it up tightly and gave it a good few hours to marinade. I enjoyed it with an ice cold can of rubicion mango. seriously mindblowing.

enjoy your life and don't commit suicide any time soon. thanks for reading!

Friday, 27 July 2012


Skepta has got so many iconic lyrics. Im listening to him right now and he has got me gassing so bad. here are some doodles from over the last couple weeks. I feel so uninspired.

thank you

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Sorry I've been slack over the weekend with posts, I fully have not been on it have I? I hope it bothers me more than it bothers you lot. (I'm sure it does.) ANYWAY LETS DO THIS TING

Ben posted a really wicked tweet. I was so into this as a concept. testament to the human brain really innit? I keep thinking about this like literally everyday since he tweeted it. cool shit.

these young mums were out blocking off the ting in the highcross. great formation. two double buggies on the outside, single in the middle, and just enough space in-between each mum to make sure i don't stand a chance of getting through.

jokes aside this shit makes me fucking livid. they were all walking so so slow, and I couldn't get by for time. this shouldn't be allowed. if the pushchair brigade insist on wasting their day in town then there should be restrictions in place. you shouldn't be allowed to set up in a 5 children, 3 mum formation between 12-2 because people generally have to get shit done on their lunch breaks. don't even chat to me about old people going to town.

It was my auntie Mels birthday friday, so me and my family went to her house for a barbecue. they made this seafood paella, even though i don't like see food it did look well nice.

my mum and auntie were picking songs out in the kitchen, some swaaaag DJ's i swear down. good tunes, but for each one we were waiting aggeeeessssss, they would let the first song finish and then we would have a massive wait until the next one, killing the vibe. people were leaving the dance floor, very dead. not the one. where is selenky BA when you need him?

Darryl came over to record some sweet bumper music. The mixtape is getting there, i think we are about finished with the beats, we just need to write and record about 4 more songs.

These reeeeeally young lads were working in papa johns. next time I see them there I might call up to find out how old they are. the one on the phone honestly looked about 12.

cocaine mafia narborough road ting leeeeaveityeah

we played football on sunday. the weather was unreal. at last we are into a nice little spell. I feel instantly less depressed. jimlad wanted me to pour water over his head so i took some pictures. although i was just gonna post the best one, i thought they looked nice in sequence so here they are. I love photos where you can well clearly see water drops.

seen these in some chinese shop that has opened on grandly street. they sell lucky charms in those like pot noodle shape containers too, single serving portions. I have never seen these white reeses before. maybe they are just a normal thing and they have them in that americandy shop? i don't go in there so i really don't know but i was pretty amazed.

they had a lot of american sweets. i bought some 'hot tamales', these chewy little cinnamon sweets. they were really nice!

I went for a mooch in town and got some food with Paige in the sun, it was well nice. We shared slush puppy too. I was thinking for a convenience shop, a slush puppy machine outside must be such a good selling point. like they only cost a pound, its pure fun to pour in the cup, and they will probably buy something else from your shop. its got to be bare cheap to run too.

well thats all that has been happening. The weather is obviously the main moesh, i still feel a little bit sunburnt on the back of my neck from the sun on sunday. I hope it stays for a bit. thanks for ready guys, Ill post some stuff tomorrow!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


If I had a tumblr, this would be my shit.

I absolutely adore this poster. the illustration is so lovely, and the colours are amazing. i love the way the clouds and that are made up of loads of vertical lines dead close together.

this is cool, any photo where there are absolutely loads of something, talk to me. I will probably like it.

looooool how crazy is this? I like the thought of people who write 'i wish my wife was this dirty' looking at this, pausing, considering stepping their game up and then thinking naaah fuck it.

football is the best.

how nice is this colour way? this trend of picking a few colours for vector illustrations is super trendy at the minute. I think its a throwback to screen printing, this is done really well though isn't it? a lovely collection of warm colours.

Id be so buzzing if i could paint like this. do you think this is good or shit? i really really like it because even though the bulk of it is that one colour you can fully tell what it is. I think there is loads of emotion in it too.

here is another example of the colours thing i was just on about, again done very nicely.


thats shit I like and have been looking at. here is a song to fade out to. I think this video is fully sick, what a good concept, really well executed too. apparently Jam Baxter's new ep is unreal.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This weekend was so much fun it would be effort not to break it into smaller more manageable chunks. 

people were literally queuing out of the door to get in wagamamas. why, i don't know. what a glorified chinese takeaway, when you have zizzi's and nandos at arms length. it blows my mind. ask anyone their regular order, it'll be a chicken katsu curry. A boring shithole that serves one dish.

this guy was in peri peri at about 2pm pissed out of his head, wearing a black cowboy hat with a cartoon dick drawn on his arm hahaha

so saturday night we went out to celebrate dans birthday. it was over fun, we rolled through a random house party quickly and kama was doing mudness playing some RIDDIMS. the party was popping

big up my man wearing a collar though. a leather collar in the shubbz. imagine being him getting ready for the night and putting that on thinking 'that'll do it.'

this girl was wearing some ripped up fishnets also. (by now i was super pissed) and i told her she better a real nasty girl or rihanna, otherwise she is advertising a false product. fuck just wearing shit like this and expecting not to make a statement.

it was twizzle season.

gwopaz, selenky BA and MaximusLE3 representing the whole party

Eddy had never been to town before, so him, gwop and kama came along with us. For a drink for the road i made this ribena cordial, morgan spiced and vodka drink. its was so mud. it was so sweet and horrible.

I dropped and smashed my phone i was that drunk. look at my stupid little pissed up face, clueless as to why i had done this. what a fucking narna.

me and max stumbled across some drips having a little cocaine party in the cathedral gardens in town. shout out to steve jobs' technology being used beyond his wildest dreams.

I MET PEACHY OFF TWITTER! borderline enigmatic @peachy396 was one of my oldest twitter followers, an old colleague of maxs' and i had never met her, but speak to her pretty often on twitter. i met her in the flesh in republic.

I mentioned ages ago i want to have a huge party and invite all the twitter people i talk to but have never met. sadly peachy will not be attending now.

skeng sessions in republic.

outside there was a bit of a fracas kicking off.

we looked closer and seen that a friend of a guy who was getting in trouble with the police was none other than Andrew Shim, the actor who played 'Milky' in This is England by shane meadows and a few other notable roles. 

We got a photo, i remember telling him i was on his side when he gave lollipop the beat in the recent tv version 'This is England 89'. between his reaction and georges at this point i knew i had become one of those annoying pissed white people who doesn't know when to stop bothering people.

next day was a day of hangover cures and trying to cobble together the bits of the night before.

I went for a nice meal with my family to celebrate my dads birthday. we went to the real china buffet restaurant in the highcross. it was lovely, i got so stuffed and had meat sweats all night.

'schindlers lift' loooool chill

that was the weekend. the most fun I've had on a saturday night in ages. shout out to dan. I'll be sure to post some more stuff tomorrow, keep an eye peeled! WICKED-LANDERS