Friday, 25 December 2009


JANUARY - poker and football both started off well in the new year, i went down to london and also recorded the "yeah whats it all about" mixtape with darryl.

FEBRUARY - i went down to cornwall, entered my 20's, there was a young dad and i went to poland too.

MARCH - panic re-opened for a short lived bout of realising how old we were, and jade goody started to die.

APRIL - spring came, not a great deal happening.

MAY - billy pissed away his student, the influx of KA black grapes and me and dan moved in to the flat.
JUNE - manchester united put up a poor performance against barca, the sun came, so did the UFC fight between JR and billy, kyle and hof rolled around topless, and michael jackson died.

JULY - for a day, salmon fighting swept the living room, ricky came and went again, kyle started his reformation of life programme in part with iceland, the flat got messy and john had a bit of a win at the black horse.

AUGUST - carnival got rained on pretty bad, i went to bulgaria with valena and the multi-gym began its role as the main part of our life.

SEPTEMBER - newcastleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

OCTOBER - jimlad done fucked up his ankle, they protested about the bringing down of the bridge, and the nights started drawing in.

NOVEMBER - singapore, bali (bike and elephant riding) and australia
DECEMBER - sheffield with valena to see ricky gervais, crap snow that went on for time, and the boys back in the bits.

the year of wickedland.


i love felt tips. i get these ones dead cheap from australia and they are thin and colourful and lovely. full weekly post below, thankyou. jamie drew this. its JME getting bottled by tempz because they are both gay now.


been drinking too much, but its ok, because its the season to be jolly and all that. merry xmas everyone, serious serious.

last sunday it was pound a drink at life, so a few of us headed to loaded dog for a couple first and then went onto life. on the way i fell over, because its icy.

apple vk is like pop, i drink that shit and its cold. john was smoking some fags, and they played some really good was fucking packed. some bloke had locked himself into a cubical, and fell asleep. this is the best photo i could get of his feet poking out the bottom, his shoes had holes in and shit. the freshen up man was going "5 start hotel mate, wash your fingers for the mingers!"

monday i went to the studio with darryl to work towards our e.p. it wasnt the most productive session ever, we re-recorded one song that we already had, and other than that, just fucked about. it was good fun.

the next day i went to do christmas shopping with jamie in town. he tried on some sophbeck style in h&m, looked cool. i was expecting town to be horrible, but it was really ok.and we were talking about them long hats, look at this fucker!!!! what would make you buy that and think its ok?then we saw this. it was some guy selling loads of these holograph pictures in frames on the market. also, we saw a hat with laces in the front of it.the exit to the big brother house had moulded its self onto the back of a lorry and parked round the corner from work. it was very nice and crisp that day, but the ice is still really pissing me off.THE LAST MUSLIM. ONE MAN. ONE CHANCE.tuesday evening after work aaron came over, and we went for a subway. the refill is only on medium and large drinks now, and the cookies are fucking tiny. subway is a joke, it used to be sick, now its just another thing that used to be wicked and has gone downhill. when we got back to mine, we had these cakes that my sister baked and watched FOTC. it was good. murray hewitt. the next night, me, jamie and jimlad went to get a fashion foods. some new place thats opened up where mac and tuck was and its a thing like where you make your own burger, so choose the burger, choose the bread, choose the sauce ect ect. its a fucking shithole, the flyer was all over the place, didnt make any sense, and they sold the weirdest things just to be different. we all knew that that fucking bullshit wouldnt last long, especially given how many staff they need. the place was closed (even when the christmas hours state differently) so we had to go for royal instead. fucking real shit man.bubbler is back around the way, so its: GOODedward from the popular movie series 'Twilight' was doing book signings and that in forbidden planet in town on thursday. even though i didnt buy a book, i managed to persuade him to get a photo with me. im not really there, thats why im so white in the photo, because im a know things are going good when you can walk into virgin megastores and just see the generals chilling on the cover of some vinyl. HARD HARD HARDwhat else to do when your waiting around in topshop other than try on glasses and chill? i think his are on to a winner, mine, not so. rank wine in a fucking plastic bottle from jacksons. shit wasnt even the cheap economy range shit too, it was alright stuff, like £6 for the bottle. went out on christmas eve, popped into erics pub for one. man how he likes that shit. john was working there, so we had a drink, looked dead, eric was saying the party was coming later that night. i remember once i was in there and i laughed too loud at a joke somebody made, and everyone stopped talking and turned round. this was years ago.onto life again, and dave and sasi from work were on it. they had that nice apple smirnoff on the cheap, so we were all boshing them.two lads sleeping on each jamie stole a high visiblity jacket on a hype, and like thugs we threw it up into a tree near my house. ive got a feeling its going to be gone pretty soon, but ill make a bit of a running feature of it if it stays for a bit. we got a maryland and called it a day, the taxi was £15.its been christmas all day today and i got some nice stuff, like some clippers for my hair, books, dvds and some money. i feel very stuffed cause i just had that christmas dinner too. love that shit.


fuck off. every year, i just about forget and then mid-november comes around and you cannot fucking escape them, christmas songs. besides the pogues - fairytale of new york, they are all fucking shit. you know when you hear this cunt going IIIITTTTS CHRIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS? it makes you 70% wish it wasnt. seriously, just fuck off. everyone acts like they love them, singing every word, but if they did love them then why not listen to them all year round? they are shite songs that should just fuck off. ill probably be back on this thing before the year is out, so see you soon in other words.