Sunday, 23 March 2008


because i suppose it works better this way. i didnt want to make another post that was just photo based, because thats a bit i waited until i did some drawings. here's what ive been doing.

i got some new dvd's one of which is the american version of the office and steve carrell is in it and really funny. this is a freeze frame from one of the special features on the anchorman dvd that aaron got me for my birthday.

so this is why i wont be able to do things like go town with sammy or football with sam on a saturday anymore. there is an upside though, sometimes, i will be sat in reception, so i can draw alot.

we went asda as usual thursday night, but because it was horrible weather (that wasnt so horrible by the time we went) it was only me, billy and kyle. the treacle tart was so shit.

it snowed over saturday night, sunday morning! look at this little birds shit footprints.

real peoples ones.

now i have been saving these two for a while, because i noticed them, and thought ill save them. this is a clipping from the sun. the artical is a about how mysterious boy is wearing a peice of jordan's jewellery, but what i think the artical has forgot to mention, is the state of jordans fucking ugly baggy knees! look at them shit!!! click em to enlarge.

also, i got this picture out of one of sammys magazines. i fucking hate this stupid fucking loud, outspoken, mouthy, lilly allen, adele, fucking fake cockney, jarman changing, ugly, lilly allen, man. this photo personifies why i hate her, look how fucking mouthy she looks. laughing well loud. shut up. she said on some thing that she was at a cribs gig, and because some man wasnt jumping around, she poured beer over his head. for this her reasoning was "the cribs are like the best band in the world" and went on to say that she has had friends who have broken limbs at gigs. how fucking un-reasonable is that?!? fucking prick. look at how manly her posture is on the small photo underneath too, fucking bloke.

anywaaaaay, as i was saying earlier, i was in reception, so i did bare drawings. have a look through them, and tell me if you hate them! i was drawing some foxes, and then these weird beaked guys.

and thats about it really, i hope you liked it.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


ive not been drawing in about a week, and ive been putting off making an update, but yeaaaaaaah here it is. basically alot of things have been pissing me off recently. i really hate hate hate people who want loads of attention for something they do that is relatively normal. i fucking hate beth ditto so so so bad, fat fucking cunt. in some magazine ages ago i seen something that said "your fat, we get it, so what?" and i couldnt have put it in better words myself, nobody cares and you shouldnt flaunt you obese mess excuse for a body. i fucking hate her. also, fuck madelins parents, pair of sorry faced, kid leaving cunts. they are bare rich and that now, and its bad...what about that lad who got head-topped in liverpool? thats all blew over...his mum and dad havent been flew around the world, and met everyone and had front row seats to everything. other than that its been a pretty normal week, i skived uni again because its so shit and i hate it.

so this was last thursday, i got tj's chips and cheese. this is my favourite food, but its gotta be so bad for you so i can only have it now and again.

later that night, as usual, we went asda, and got some wicked energy drink called "24 the series" (modelled by aaron). it was a strange taste, sort of citrus and vinegar, but well well like the horrible keep you awake sweets from b&s ages ago. its was 50/50 hit or miss with the boys.

you know when you find a good stick and it looks like a gun and that? well i did on friday.

i took my plaster off my finger by saturday and it was all weird from where the sweat had made it smell of feet, and it was all bumpy from the plaster's breathe thing.

tinchy stryder and fuda-guy were supporting jack penate. feeling that, it was funny. all the crazy girls were shouting stuff like "we want jack" well fuck off, you have got tinchy for now you posh, out of city cunt.all the girls were going mad for the hunk. i brought a t-shirt.i think this was monday now, sammy treated me to any meal i liked from food court up fosse park, what a hard choice. i got a kfc, and this is me and sammy modelling our chicken burgers.

monday night, i helped my sister move all her stuff, mainly furniture downstairs and that. she is moving out to live with some woman called canter.

on wednesday, my mum cooked a pizza and it went wrong. look at that crap shit, you shouldnt have to expect that, should you.
tonight is thursday, and we went asda, but it was far far too early cause everyone has work and that. this is all ive got for this trip to asda, this is my favourite thing that i got. sun exotic: tropical fruit. (tropical and exotic are two of the tastiest words.) "a juice drink containing a blend of orange, pineapple, apple, banana, mango, guava, passionfruit, lychee and guanabana juices." what? whats wrong? far too many fruits for you? sorry mate. i might try and draw some stuff tomorrow, i have got more or less a free day. i like the film one hour photo, its really nicely photographed.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


i coloured this in on photoshop yesterday when i was a bit bored, and just for a bit of practice. the story behind this picture is that on my first day of university this lad came and sat next to me when we were getting put into our groups, and he was an ugly mosher twat, and he had dicks drew on his arms when he came in. what sort of image is he trying to show to people on his first day? he came in well late and red in the face huffing and puffing, and was laughing across the room to his friend like they had some crazy joke that they wanted everyone to know about. its foreign cunts like this that bring down my estimation of youth today, fuck off back to your own city and be crazy, because if you dont, ill draw a picture of a man using your ugly little head as a puppet whilst firing a gun, you cunt.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


these are some drawings i done at uni and that yesterday when i was bored. ive spiced them up a little bit in photoshop for you

he is me at the bottom.

sammy got me a terrys chocolate orange, because someone at work gave it her, and she dont like it. everytime i eat one of these i forget how good they taste.

this sky is well picturesque. that spelling is dreadful.i had a flat tire, so i was going to fix it.
on the way back from getting that fixed, i got a good lunch from tesco garage. chicken and bacon sub reduced from 1.95 to 50p, dont worry.