Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I much prefer scribbling line drawings on scrap paper to anything else when it comes to drawing

Thursday, 25 December 2014


Hey guys, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you're all getting pissed up and eating until you can't breathe and enjoying your day. In the spirit of this post I've been keeping track of what my ______ of the year is for various catagories. Here's what I come to.


Did you catch this? I was completely blown away, I couldn't believe how understated and cool it was. For anybody who doesn't know it's a really unique project in that it was shot over 12 years with the same cast, following a boy through his childhood into young adulthood. It so calmly delivered, and given the journey of the main character was roughly during the years when I went through the same age as him I really enjoyed the whole time capsule element. I don't think I've ever come out from seeing a film and felt more of a sense of familiarity. Interstellar probably could have took the award if it ended 15 minutes sooner, but Boyhood ruled supreme.


Nobody from the hip hop community fancied it then? What a dreadful year for hip hop releases. I had the highest of high hopes for Lord Steppington from 'Step Brothers' Evidence and Alchemist, but that didn't deliver. Let the poor releases from the rap community not take away from this gem though. A gorgeous little compilation of synth pop songs, I really feel like Future Islands are set for big things in 2015. They smashed it with that performance on Letterman with the lead single from the album 'Seasons'


What an amazing year for grime. A real throw back to the good old days with the help from huge media outlets such as SBTV, Vice and Noisey really saw some memorable moments in 2015. 'German Whip' by Meridian Dan, Bizzles 'Rari Workout' and Skepta's 'That's Not Me' stormed the charts. Newcomers Novelist and Stormzy both had great years get huge attention and bookings up and down the country.

I could write for the rest of my life about why this song is so amazing. It completely captures everything that is so idiosyncratic about grime, from the poor video quality to the first take feel to it. Everything about the song is so perfect with Skepta remixing Wileys flows to really capture that old school grime feel. I wish I could give you the feeling I felt when I first watched this video. (Below are the original and studio versions of the song.)


2014 encapsulated the Oscar Pistorius trial from start to finish. The shooting of Reeva Steerkamp on valentines day in February to the verdict on the 12th of September. This story amassed huuuuge media attention and rightly so, it was gripping. Wasn't it great tuning in live and watching the courtroom? It was like the OJ Simpson trial or something, you had that feeling the whole world was watching. I'm still in absolute shock that he owned up to shooting an unarmed woman dead and walked away (more or less) a free man. He must still be laughing about it now.

PS. I can't not give a special mention to 'The Fappening' as it was dubbed. Throughout the year a hacker leaked hundreds of nude photos of female celebrities, purely out of the goodness of his heart. That's real charity work. What I wouldn't have given to be in my teen years while that was going on haha.


I can't explain what this was like. I can't begin to do the scale of the event justice. I was lucky enough to go to Earls Court in October and see the four different teams go head to head in a series of rounds until one of them was crowned champions. It was surreal, I'd never witnessed anything like it. When we got to London the branding was just everywhere. Every single bus stop, bus side, poster frame, newspaper front and back, advertising board was advertising the Culture Clash. Even though it was sold out, they were still pushing the brand and the product, it was incredible. I realised the scale of what Red Bull is capable of in an events capacity. The actual event itself was incredible. Streaming world wide there were so many memorable moments, notably Rebel Sound with a dubplate from Rihanna dissing Boy Better Know. Even writing that seems surreal haha, it was crazy. Nothing else compared.


This guy and his brain. I love that he has had a good year. There isn't anything he puts online that isn't absolutely incredible. His Instagram, twitter and vine accounts are all as incredible as each other, next time you're lying in bed going through the social media cycle before you go sleep go check out the shit he posts, he is genius.


Sad? Probably. A cry for help? More than likely. One of those moments where people all over the world are screencapping tweets and sending them to their friends? Most definitely. Amanda Brynes became the latest child star to fully lose it in 2014 with an extremely public outburst regarding her abusive father. Everyone grabbed popcorn.

then just for old times sake


Brazil played host to an absolutely incredible tournament of international football this summer in World Cup Brazil 2014. It had plenty of moments, but none so incredible as the absolute hiding Germany gave Brazil in the semi final. Can you remember how clinical and merciless this was while it was happening? Can you remember the Germans letting their foot off the gas in the second half because it was too embarrassing? It was hard to watch at times. Never before have I witnessed such a gulf in class and quality on such a high level. A vine of a young Brazilian kid balling his eyes out became the mascot for the whole situation, we all wondered where it would stop. Match highlights here.



Wasn't this the most heartbreaking thing? A guy we all grew up with in a sense and gave us so many memorable moments tragically took his own life in August after a long bout with depression. Tributes absolutely poured in from all over and I think for the first time in a very long time I was actually genuinely sad that a celebrity had passed away. It lasted more than just a day online, that's when you know it's real haha. It spurred an unofficial Robin Williams movie festival worldwide, with everyone watching their old favourites and even the ones they hadn't seen. Top 3's flooded Facebook and Twitter as the world looked back on a truly remarkable career. Such a shame, but he did leave us an incredible body of work that will live forever.


I can't think of a single person in the public domain who has won 2014 like Jennifer Lawrence. Constantly busting jokes and breaking down the idea of whiter than white A-list star, she's been absolutely everywhere this year. Not only that, but we got to see her completely unflattering nudes when they leaked this summer. Slouched about, messy hair, no make up, and still looking flames. I don't think I've ever wanted a celebrity to be my girlfriend more than her. She is the best.


He is the face to front a damning truth and a huge realisation of a generation, certainly myself. The shooting of Michael Brown occurred at the hands of Darren Wilson on the 9th of August this year, sparking huge protest and riots across America. To the disbelief of the world he walked a free man at the hands of the Grand Jury. This, alongside the broad daylight, public slow murder of Eric Garner clearly shows us that Police Brutality and racism are both alive, well and at large in America. Look at this fucking rodents face.

Special mention to Shia LaBeouf, he absolutely completely fucked it for himself this year too.


Vine exploded in 2014, and a new sub genre of celebrity was born, the Vine star. Tish was at the front of the pack with a few other guys all because of her awful 'get out my car' vine with her mum. It shot to millions of loops in a few days and that was it, she was huge. Remixes flooded the internet, both sides of the pond, but the truly tragic shit came next when Tish had to follow it. Check out a few of her best/worst efforts that came after her initial fame. Her accent makes me fucking shudder.

That's it then, the second annual Wickedland awards. Hope you agree with my choices, if not comment and let me know what you think should have won. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Almoooooost nearly Christmas now! I think we can all agree it feels like the least christmassy Christmas ever. For me personally, I reckon it's because I never watch live TV with advert that are constantly ramming Christmas down your throat. That and how mild the weather is.

I made some more flapjacks. I'm not even gonna post a picture of the actual flapjacks, it's getting too easy now.

This woman from the next apartment has been bothering me loads. She knocked on and asked to share my internet. When I said no so asked if she 'could just have the code?'

After this she knocked on and asked about energy. I had to explain everything to her. What a direct debit was, how to set one up, who to call, where to call, everything. It was exhausting. She's from Kazakstan and had a really limited grasp on English, it made it hard.

Very very quick drink with these two the other week. just flexing on them.

I had christmas dinner with the Outlook lot a couple of weekends ago. It was so nice, there was such a bit group of us. There was a really funny moment where this woman was moaning about us asking for more gravy, like as if she had to milk it from herself or it was effort in some way. Huge sarcastic cheer when she finally came out with a second jug. Why do people do this? Like with sauce in McDonalds. Why? Just put the fucking sauce in the bag.

Wednesday last week I went round to the Kazakstan guys flat to help call Eon for them. It was truly a good dead that had gone too far. I spent an hour in a four way conversation between myself,  Saibhajan Wladimir (pictured), Sue from Eon (slightly aggressive closet racist), and a Russian translator. We didn't get far.

Man like Pete, still about. I was thinking when I was him the other day, he's held this look down for ages. Remember the days when it was a new look every couple of weeks? Yeah, he is past that phase ok?

I made some big mistakes with Olly in the week. 3000 calories in just over 10 minutes. I've never felt anything quite like it. If you haven't already then check the video out below.

I had christmas dinner with the guys. It was really nice if I say so myself. We had fucking loads of food.

Max did a beautiful rendition of No Woman No Cry on the Bradley. I bet some of you can't even play the Bradley can you.

Bees got me one of those Reese's boxsets from Americandy for Christmas! I was so happy, what a lovely gift. I'm gonna take it to my Mums on Christmas day and scoff the absolute lot.

My friend Lara got me to do a portrait of her friend Mollie for a Christmas present. Apparently Lara has started a little Wickedland faithful in Liverpool (where she is at uni) and her friend Mollie really likes my drawings. It was so nice to get this photo through. I never really do portraits for people, let alone for strangers, it was so weirdly fulfilling seeing her with it.

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'm posting up the Second Annual Wickedland Awards, make sure you look out for the post! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Heyoooooo, hot off the press is my brand new video. It's for Kryptonite, the lead off single from my last EP I put out a couple of months ago. Seen as it's a depressing song I went for black and white haha. Check it out!

Friday, 19 December 2014


Here are the things I've been enjoying recently.

I'm sure you've all seen it but check this video of T-Pain singing without autotune. His new single 'Drankin Patna' starts at 7:45 and it's a really nice rendition.

Vines are wicked.

Here's a vine of me nearly breaking my back aged 16.

I found an artist called Dan Evans. I think via twitter, he does work for Vice and Noisey. Google him and find him, he posts loads of cool stuff, notably these portraits of grimes big names. I love his sketch work he posts up too, this is my shit.

I loved this

Terracotta high school in Senegal


Thursday, 18 December 2014


Ayo! Last night Olly came over to race against me seeing who could eat 10 Mars Bars the fastest. We've been meaning to do this for over a year and finally got round to it.

Firstly, let me say it's harder than it sounds. Eating like 4 makes you feel horrible anyway, let alone more than double that as fast as you can. They get so sickly. I was sweating all night, completely restless and I had a headache. We checked and it's nearly 3000 calories haha.

Here is how it went down.

Friday, 12 December 2014


Yoooooooo back once again. More fun shit for your eyes and mind, let's go. How's your christmas shopping going? Mine is stressing me out. I need to just get on it and get it all done as soon as possible.

Look at this thing I seen in some student house at some house party. What is this? To make sure you get the last bit of toothpaste out? saving you like 15p a tube? Say this little thing costs £4 that means you'd have to use it 26 times to get to a point where it is worth while. 26 tubes of toothpaste.

No frills on this poster.

Wavey garms. Kind of need this jacket.

Check this out, this TV is literally bigger than him.

Shout to Pete. I'm just flying through now, quick pace.

I had our work christmas party the other night. We went to Sheffield. I've not been there in aaaaages. Ian noted the occasion by piercing his nipple with a bauble.

Much to the disgust of the girls I work with hahahaha. Look at their faces, I love this photo so much.

My boss was very impressed though. Look at the triumph haha

There was a takeaway literally next door to the club we were in, it was great. I love the north and always will.


The next day I dragged my extremely hungover self over to Oadby and went to the Swatlands curry house near where Dan lives. It was so nice! I literally never ever go out for indian food and it was great. So oily and greasy, it really helped my hangover.

These two mental houses down Saffron Lane are literally absolutely covered with christmas lights. I wonder how much their bills are and how when they get their bills what makes them think it was worth it. Imagine the effort putting it up and everything. I can't take it, I feel exhausted just looking at it.

Have you seen this? Nestle telling you how much you should eat. Such a patronising way of putting it. "Know your serving', pathetic. Is this anyway to pose a serving suggestion?

I think I blew up over night. Not sure what happened, went on FB and had 31 friend requests. I click on it and none of them existed, it was just a myth.

My ipod just deleted everything off itself again. That's the 3rd time this year. So annoying man, my itunes is such a state it's such effort putting everything back on. I'm so annoyed cos my ipod is clearly so so fucked but they're so expensive now they've been discontinued. real life first world problem.

Is this good then? Just openly saying that they're pulling your pants down if you can't get back to your car on the hour every hour. It's weird how you pay your road tax and that and they can still justify charging you for just parking your car somewhere.

At it again! Wankers! Although I do really like mint Aero at the minute. I used to take the piss out of it calling it shit all the time. i'm so into it at the minute. I might buy one in a bit.

Oz went to go in the attic at work the other day to get the christmas decorations out. When he was asking me to hold the chair he was standing on steady so he could properly open the hatch it swung down and twatted him on the head.

It was brilliant, me and Bees who I work with were howling, it absolutely battered him. Real life slapstick humour is some of the best shit you can experience with your body and mind.

I went to see Giggs at Republic with Bradley the other day. Talking The Hardest is such a banger you know. Listen to the beat. It's mental how good it is, so many quotable lines. Giggs has a funny weird personality, it was good to experience it first hand.