Friday, 26 April 2013


Isn't it lovely not having to wrap up constantly? The heating in my flat hasn't been on in about 2 weeks and that makes me very happy. This weather is bearable.

Are animal onesies played out yet? Like even people who think that onesie culture isn't a cancer in itself surely realise that the mental, crackers idea of going out on the piss in a onesie is embarrassing and shit. Every bit as ridiculous as it was a year ago? I think I can't stand people with shit senses of humour trying so hard to be hilarious, that's what annoys me.

I went to the driving range last Saturday with Dan and Tom. I was so shit seriously, I swear I wasn't this bad last time I went with Dan. It's fucking haaaaard. I left a very frustrated man who doesn't really want to try and enjoy golf ever again haha

Mr England 2013 was in soar point. I couldn't see what his little badge thing said.

My spanish wife cooked us a right nice midnight feast on Monday. He did us a whopping rump steak each with pepper sauce, cheesy garlic bread, chips and cauliflower cheese. It was so so wicked, I love eating meat when I should be in bed.

How the fuck do we live in a world where we are meant to be considerate to the environment and care about being green and whatever else but fucking phone books still exist? What a pointless waste of paper and energy. How can companies like BT justify having phonebooks? Any time I need a phone number I get straight on the internet, or use my mobile to find it. Anybody in 2013 without an internet connection doesn't deserve to call whoever they were trying to call.

Peri Peri is turning into one of those poverty tramp places advertising deals like this on the shop front. The bloke in the shirt who works the till in the one in town is a fucking grade A mongoloid, I absolutely lost my temper with him the other day. He constantly fucks up my order, and I can't understand how. 

I ask for a breast burger...he presses the breast burger button on the till. He asks me how hot I want it, I say hot..he presses the hot button on the till. I say cheese and all salad, He presses the cheese and all salad buttons on the till, prints the little receipt with this information on and hands it backwards to the kitchen. HOW THE FUCK do I end up with a breast pitta with no cheese.

Is my accent hard for him to understand? does burger sound like pitta? He fucked it up the other day and I went mad at him. He was completely unapologetic claiming that I had said pitta, not burger. Because he is such a fucking spastic who cannot operate in the simplest of jobs with the lowest possible requirement of concentration I've took to pointing at what I want on a menu as I order it and this still isn't enough for him.

After having a go at him I told him I didn't have time to wait for the burger and took the pitta and started eating. As I did I noticed despite being charged for it he had not put in cheese. I stood up, asked him if he remembered me asking for cheese and paying for cheese. He said yes, and without apology took the pitta from me and put a cold cheese slice in it. He is a fucking mong, I've been ordering the same meal from peri peri anything from 2-6 times a week for the last 3 years and he had the cheek to tell me I was wrong and made a mistake when I ordered. He needs to go, he is single-handedly dragging that place down.

By the way, Manchester United became champions of the league. This guy illustrates that.

The guys from Liptons Ice Tea were in town giving out samples and sunglasses and shit. They had a swing ball pole set up as if that isn't the most inappropriate thing to have in the middle of town hahaha. Right next to their big, colourful, fun display there was a lovely bloke with a microphone talking about jesus. He was fighting a losing battle.


Pet shop? Is that a good pun? Either way there was a cat chilling in this shop I went into. I think I liked it, the cat wasn't offensive.

You know Max is a weirdo innit. He was the only person on this whole street with his umbrella up. A bit embarrassing. It was not raining.

I went for a meal with my family the other night. We all ended up having pie. Im not using a massive fan of pies, or pastry in general but these were really nice. They were from the Red Cow on Hinckley road, and I had a slow cooked beef and red wine one. It was lovely, I really enjoyed it.

The veteran birdman was just mobbing the other day. I seen him again today. The sun with not dictate this mans dress code, its a lot of layers all season no matter what.


Thursday, 25 April 2013


Myself, Bradley Andrews, Max Barton and Francisco Suarez are back discussing current events for another wicked-land podcast. Bradley critiques the Boston bombers work, we touch on eating paint, an attempted suicide in Italy, a brain-damaged gym show off, worst fears, Rolf Harris and the awful news about the JLS break up. Enjoy online or download by clicking the little black arrow on the right of the soundcloud player!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013



I love the colours in this.

This dazzled me. Just an email send out for St. Patricks day from Revs, but isn't the design beautiful. The colours and typography make for a lovely piece. I love the stamped texture on the 'join the party' badge too.

Lovely little bit from a blog.

I saw this photo on one of those 'amazing photos' twitter feeds that seem to be all the rage at the minute. I really liked it. A great one of those that I would recommend is @SciencePorn. Some truly fascinating stuff. Already though, it has started tweeting the generic shit without any source that you can get anywhere else so I dont think it's going to last much longer.

These are respective photos of the new pope and the old pope becoming pope in 2005 and 2013. Don't they illustrate the growth in technology amazingly.

This popped up on Facebook the other day. What a cool idea haha


The Serbian U17 team scored this goal a while back. I had this Gif but forgot to upload it. Cool hey?

Ok and finally I watched this at the weekend and I really enjoyed it. I'd recommend it to anybody who visits wicked-land and is involved in creative Industry, especially music. The whole documentary is about how technology is changing music, film and art. There are really interesting arguments raised for and against the availability of home equipment, and a great discussion on the loss of craft and abundance of mediocrity that comes with the 'do it yourself' culture creative field currently finds itself in.

It's in full length right here, get in touch if you enjoyed it. I'd love to talk about it.

Friday, 19 April 2013



I'm just helping out by reposting this. I've never seen a stolen guitar sign before, I thought it was quite remarkable, so here I am remarking on it.

These two young lads had hats that said 'I (heart) haters!' Loooool it pissed me off because my initial thought was who the fuck hates these pair of teenage twats? But then like a forcefield my very thought was stumped by their hats, addressed to idiots like me. They've done me. They won. It's kind of ironic that my problem with them lies in that are wearing those hats.

YES! A rare voyage to the Haymarket shown me that it does better for old indian loiterers than the Highcross does. What a formation. This is my new FB cover photo.

I went with Aaron to Goonism's exhibition at Leicester HQ. It was really good. I'm pretty sure it's still running now so get yourself down there!

I got this wicked little bit of cardboard with my new printer. It was in the box to hold the cables, but once opened one side of it looked like a ghost with little arms up in the air to scare you, and the other side looked like a cool ucha lucha wrestling mask with horns.

I didn't really get this. Like Race For Life is a huge company, who no doubt pay somebody a lot of money to help out with branding and whatever else. As, I'm sure are Cancer Research UK. Surely something gets lost in translation when they say 'Hey Cancer, Leicester is coming to get you.'

I bet Cancer is like '...The people of Leicester are going to get cancer? By your own free will. Okaaaay then...'

I had a bunch of problems with my old printer, (which lead me to buying the new one mentioned above) so I decided to destroy it. Even though I have literally never ever used the printer (I only ever use the scanner) it was moaning saying about a paper jam. There had never been paper in this printer. I wanted to bypass the error message and just use the scanner, but the printer won't let you.

After reading pages and pages about Epson printers and people having a similar problem to me it because clear there was no way around it. Basically, with Epson all in ones, if something goes wrong with the printer (or even if you don't have ink in your printer) the perfectly good scanner is rendered completely useless. Can you believe that? Myself, Max, Brad and Frank smashed the absolute shit out of it and it felt so so good.

Natalie made a proper nice dinner on Sunday. She did curried goat, Rice and peas and Jerk chicken. Jamaican food never photographs well but I guarantee you it was absolutely delicious despite what it looks like!

Myself, Natalie, Ros, Max, Brad and Frank all enjoyed the dinner. This is us putting our spoons together like power rangers or some shit. We had spoons because she made this real nice dessert too but I forgot to get a picture!

I loved this font for some poster in Polish, in the Polish shop window. I wonder how much nightlife in Leicester goes on that is marketed to Polish people that we just don't know about.

The Highcross general was about, just mobbing in town. Again, unsure if I'm supposed to have the upmost respect for this decorated officer of war, or if he is just a mental in fancy dress.

This sneaky little photographer was getting a #Naughty #Cheeky #Sneaky #Naughty little photograph of these blokes on the sly. They were here because they're installing a big new TV thing in the Highcross. It was bright and flickering (obviously not the finished article) and these guys had a laptop and were changing settings. I turned to the guy in the yellow as we walked past and said 'It's a bit bright mate, and it's hurting my eyes' and he looked at me with a face of thunder, he didn't find it funny at all hahaha.

This head is pretty cool isn't it? In the window of some sunglasses shop. Bleeeeeeeergghhhhhh

Two work vans parked side by side literally blocking the whole of this pedestrianised street. good work, van drivers. genius as ever.

Well that wraps up another post. I hope you lot enjoyed it, if not tweet me or comment on FB and I'll delete my blog. Thanks for popping over!

Thursday, 18 April 2013


A bunch of my friend are starting up a company making and selling skateboard bits and bobs, and are putting out a fanzine of skateboarding related artwork to celebrate the launch of the company. They got in touched and asked me to do a piece for them, this was what I drew.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Monday, 15 April 2013


Myself, Max Barton, Bradley Andrews and Francisco Suarez are back with another podcast discussing Maggie Thatchers life and death, Breast feeding, Dogs up to no good in America, good times for Mexicans and Jay-Z and Obama being friends. Theme music by myself and Darryl Reid!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013


Yoooooo sorry I've not posted anything all week, it's just been one of those weeks. I've got a few bits to put up and I've got the guys coming over in the week to do a podcast so we should be back on it in no time! Anyway, on with the Wickedlanding.

The sun was out on Narborough road the other day, I really liked all the colours of all of this fruit and veg.

You know these Huf socks with the weed leafs on? do people just get them to show them off? Like is the only reason people buy them to post pictures of them on the internet saying they've got them? It's like sushi. Nobody can eat sushi without mentioning they are eating it. Nobody just has sushi on their own and doesn't talk about it, they'll always let you know.

Had to spin Dan quickly on the new Tiger Woods the other day. It's dead cool, I'm deffo gonna get it. The gameplay is a bit harder and the graphics are so good.

Went to the Loaded Dog the other night with TP and Olly and that and played pool for a hot minute. I'm fucking dogshit at pool and I had the game of my life against Teeps. For about 5 minutes I looked almost average.

Me and Olly went on to Republic where Brad came to meet us. It was a cool night, I've not been there in so long.

This girl was showing off for Wicked-Land. I'm preeeetty sure the guy in the background is Ed Sheeran too, man just got a quick trim and colour nothing long.

Guess who's back? The dargy John Burke is, for a couple of weeks between seasons. Caught him in maryland just mobbing.

I did an EA game face thing for my character on Tiger Woods. It's basically a service where you upload a front on picture and a side on one, position some markers and then it renders a digital version of your face to use for your custom character in any EA sports title. Pretty cool, right? I was really into this.

I sunk to new depths on youtube. Not in terms of what I was viewing, but more how I was viewing it. I didn't even know that 144p existed, it was like watching a video filmed on a samsung D500.

I went to Tesco with Frank and we went iiiiiin getting some snacks to watch Wrestlemania with. I'm so glad I got a stream and didn't pay for it, I'd be pissed off. It was a boring, boring event, I came out the other end feeling so sorry for kids these days. I know they all have iPads and whatever so they can look at hardcore porn as and when they like, but that is besides the point, I still feel bad for them. The matches lacked imagination, they were all just straight 1 on 1's apart from 1 match, with no tables, ladders, chairs, acrobatics, cages or cells in site. It seems like WWE has become a boring routine of churned out shit being dragged along by some 90's / 00's nostalgia.

This woman had a little terrier in a push chair and the dog had some beads and little jewels for decoration in its fur. Use that as you wish.

I went to TK Maxx with Tazmyn and i was fucking about in their homes section. I came across this little baby. It was to be fixed on to a door to hang coats from but I think it might be the best things I've ever fiddled with. It had so many moving parts, it became mine for about 5 minutes. I owned it. I wore it out. Whoever eventually buys it will be none the wiser that it was once a metallic bitch made purely for my satisfaction.

I really, really like this photo. The way both these guys are worthy of their own picture, but ended up in the same photo, walking the same way, I was dead happy with it. I can't work out who I like more.

Yoooooooooo man's still about. I met John for lunch this day, he asked me if there were any new mentals knocking about, I told him about this guy and sure enough about 10 minutes later he cycles by our window. It was poetic.

Kama came through and copped that new flavour Ribena, pineapple and passion fruit. As unreal as you would expect it to be, it was actually rubbish. It was almost sour and left a rank aftertaste. Such a shame  because it looks sick. While we are here as well, I would like to put it on record that blackcurrent Ribena is better than strawberry ribena. It's not a matter of taste, it's a matter of fact.

Natalie made a delicious little bit of vegetable rice, chicken thighs and naan bread. It was bloody wonderful. I should do a compendium of all the photos of plates of food nat has cooked, that would be cool wouldn't it?

I'm busy busy busy working on some cover art for the new Juniors release. They're working on an EP at the minute and have asked me to do the artwork for them again. I love getting set up like this at home.

 Miles was on to a winner yesterday, me, him and Bradley went to the Burger King drive through. It was the first one I had had in so long and it was every bit as good as it could have been. We sat in his car pumping out electric eighties jams and scoffed our faces.

 Finally, this guys little bike made me laugh. I don't think I will ever be able to look at these and not see them as clown bikes, truly amazing stuff.

That's all! thanks for coming through, I hope you've learnt something about yourself today. Do you like  strawberry Ribena more than blackcurrent?