Sunday, 29 April 2012


yoooooooooo, here is the video for the 3rd single off my mixtape Shoebox Money. Hope you enjoy it, here are some download links:

Click here for an Mp3 download of 'When I Ride up' and
Click here for the bassline remix.

For the Whole 'Shoebox Money' mixtape as a .zip file click here

Thanks a lot guys, feel free to share the link around so i get massive and famous and can walk into asda and spend £200 on juice and stuff without even thinking.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


SOOOOOO Granddad wicked-land had its 500th post. what a bench mark. To celebrate I drew a violent picture. I might start drawing again, i really enjoyed drawing this, its just setting time to one side to get it done.

I have never met any of these people before, none the less, the appropriate message is there.

Me and my friends celebrated in style, obviously on the champagne. good times.

ill be posting up soon!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


here are somethings that if i had a tumblr, they would be on it. nice design and the like.

Lucas Romano. His illustration work online is suprisingly scarce.

An igloo made from books soooo go fuck yourself.



AND AGAIN. seriously, how mental in the ocean? so big and scary and strong. bun going out to the middle of it. 


Monday, 23 April 2012


big up anyone. sorry its been so long since i did a post. one of those busy weeks and i missed my chance to write, and then fucked it by going away over the weekend.

this is in the KFC toilets. seriously, i don't know if it comes across in the photo but they are so so close. i was stood at the one on the right and a guy came and used the one next to me, and was so close he stood on my foot. its mental, if you are in there, get in the toilets and have a look.

It was city rooms 5th birthday party last friday. black tie ting. i attended with all the work guys, it was such a fun night. loads of champagne, canap├ęs and oysters and that. i felt so posh hahaha

they had these sick in the brain little cheesecake bite things, oh my god. the cheesecake was so hard, i love it when it is like that.

As ever though, regardless of how posh it all was, a night on the piss ended up in maryland.

i linked up with bradley, and randomly we bumped into chris and dan. they were talking about wicked-land, both regular readers. big up them two.

yeah, fucking right. its about time the message got sent out.

so coke are doing (effectively) a can sized bottle. this is the most pathetic thing i have ever heard of. cans are sick, everybody knows they are the best, most refreshing, coldest way to enjoy a fizzy drink. bottles are swag, but sometimes appropriate. why would you want a can sized bottle seriously?

I got caught in the rain on the way back to work so naturally i popped into any old shop to avoid the downpour for a few minutes. that shop happened to be clintons. love this kind of cards, some of them are really really funny, in a not-so-funny social comment way.

the drawings are phenomenal and minimal. look at the stroke work here on their faces. i really liked this one, it made me laugh.

that evening i went to the leicester vs burnley game that evening with george, jamie and brad. 0-0 draws can be good games, I've seen a few crackers in my time. this was not one of them. i will confidently say this was the most boring game of football i have ever attended.

me and bradley hit rockafellas later that evening. this random wickedlander gave me the W salute. i have no idea who he is, but a big big huge shout out to my man, these are the people i love.

i saw this and really liked it. if it was an instagram little square image with loads of bait effects on it it would probably do it more justice for all the little dippy girls to reblog on there tumblrs because it is cute and poetic!

big up my man, keeping me company on my desk at the minute.

i did this with my head not so long ago.

have you heard 'too many man' by wiley and skepta? yoooou knoooooow. that song that starts off with shorty? and frisco has the best verse in it? but it is by wiley and skepta. yoooou knooooow.

we were in london because me and darryl did a set at the UKF 3rd birthday party. it was a massive massive mental evening with shy fx and zane lowe on the bill as well as a load of other DNB and dubstep names.

there were pricks like this everywhere. oooooooh I've got a tattoo so why would i wear my t-shirt properly? imagine getting a tattoo and being this desperate to show it off to everyone. pathetic humans.

the dogs for the night. darryl (pulling this face he knows i hate), p0gman (sadly from wolverhampton) and max (jaffa cakes, diet coke and no salad on the burger.)

met valena the next day! we went for lunch at pizza express. it was really nice, i don't think i have ever been before. i bet i will probably end up in that one in the highcross i was slewing down now. still wish it was a TGI's or a Frankie and bennys. It was nice to see her, she gave me a lift back to the tube station in her car, we listened to some A$AP.

this bloke had a digital camera out and started talking pictures of different peoples feet. i love tube peeps.


AAOOOO! AAOOO! AAOOOO! (anything can be real these days by the way.)

the bow road 'house of nightmares and dreams' has been destroyed. max seemed to know something about it, i think sir james mentioned to him it was going. read up on the bow road 'house of nightmares and dreams' here, in a recent post about it.

this poor little bastard has no idea his idol is a cunt.

seen a nice panel at st. pancras. 'badcat' is a sick name to write too, don't you think?

back to leicester, and back to mystery. what the fuck could this be? by all means ring them and let me know what is going on.

bradley came round, we spoke about the week gone by, made a trapping gangster rap beat and made yolo glasses out of cardboard.

they are mental. you put them on for one second, you get #YOLOVISION and just think 'you know what? YOLO YOLO YOLO FUCK IT IM ON OOOONE!'

frank tried them on the next morning and within five minutes he was riding down narborough road on a segway, topless, singing the words to marvins room at the top of his lungs.

natalie cooked up a bastard of an indian feast last night, i couldn't move for ages. naan bread, with chillis and shit like that on the top, bombay potatoes, buttered chicken curry and pilau rice. ooooh god i wanted to change my name to sanjeet. life was bliss. 

the blossom on these trees looks really nice and i am not homosexual.

thats all from wicked-land. Again, apologies it took so long, i hope you enjoyed reading through. like the Facebook page and next time i see you i will get you a drink to say thank you*

*tap water

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


literally my most favourite thing on all the internet. i love watching these little looped beauties. here are a few favourites i collated recently. BENJOY