Friday, 23 May 2008


i aint done any drawings this week because i just havent so fuck you. im going skegness with sammy next week so that should be nice. ive been doing a bit more work too, at that other job. there was alot of football this week too, its been a pretty good week.

thank god, cause your tits are crap. this is a clipping from the metro regarding rangers fans in manchester before the UEFA cup final, i meant to stick it in last week but i forgot. it says there is three fan sleeping, so they can make a little hattrick joke...but i can see at least four in the for-ground, and more in the background. what a load of shite.

joel now works single bottles at work and look at all these fucking boxes, there is loads mate!

the sky was good on sunday night. "rock band is good, but its not the one...john, your back in play"


on my way to work on tuesday i seen this chuchee boy on his bike, and i was well deep in thought about him. he was wearing his carki hiking shit, and i was thinking that he must have his work clothes in his bag. so he gets work (on his super, taking it well to far mounting bike with a expensive helmet and hiking boots) and gets changed into it, image what a scruff he would look like, all creased and that. plus he must stink. he was waiting at the lights, not fucking ziping in and out of all the car's pissing em off....what a good boy.

ive been on reception at that job this week.
i met natalie to go for a croques sandwhich on my lunch. all the posh, private school fresh faced thick, kook or natural hair cunts piss the shit out me. looking you up and down, getting their prawn jacket potato. you are all cunts.

all this week, loads of job-ends have been on my front, being well loud til well late. its really been doing my head in.

i went to the quay to watch the football with bradley, dan and john burke. obviously, manchester united won, either team winning is gay. its good that terry and ronaldo both missed there penalties, twats.

dan was loving manchester united winning.


i hate nemi nemi nemi, she is a twat. she is a silly, annoying goth bitch, who is like a less good version of pandora, who used to be in kerrang! she is a right copy bitch. i read the 60 second interview with the women who draws it (and its obvious that nemi is her) and she was like "well i write the comic in norweigen (or whatever) so sometimes, the jokes dont translate and work so well"...oh is that your excuse? write it in fucking english then you fucking feminist, un-funny, shit cartoon shit. fuck off, and get out of my life. nemi is quiet possibly the cunt of all cunts. fuck off.

thats it then, see you next week. im about to have chips and pizza with kyle then go up billys. you might not get an update for a while, cause im going to skeggy, but i will do a monster one when i get back.

Friday, 16 May 2008


Hello again, its that time of the week. this week ive jumped into the canal, for the first time in a couple of years! had a BBQ and went zanzibar with the lads from work, ive had a good week. my mum and dad are back off there holiday too.

so ill start you off with some drawings, i drew the coloured in aarons back garden, mid week.

this is a drawing of aaron watching t.v in his living room...i drew it ages ago, and coloured it in earlier today.

this is the day we went down canal...what kyle photographing? AARON

what aaron so happy that he swiped a snap of?
DUCKS AND THAT. they look well nice. they will probably walk over a drain later. here is a little video of me, billy and kyle going in the canal, and a madhead dancer cool-o at aarons.

this is a bit of my bbq that night, it was ok man, nice food.
we met up round aarons the next day and chilled out, the sun came out and it was lovely.

kyle was feeling the night before coming out of his throat.

on saturday i collected all these trollies in the sun, it was fucking mental hot heat.
this is me and dave from work larging it down zanzi's... it was a really funny night, we were both considerabley drunk.
i seen this wickedlandman in shavi on tuesday. he was killing people.

wednesday, i went to town a bit with billy and kyle. we sat on nelsons mad-nelorzzz park for a bit, it was sunny, so me and kyle opted for the shades.
when i got back to billy's we watched some Hogan knows best...its actually quiet funny, not on a fresh prince level, or even a prasier level....more on a the osbournes, or runs house level.
i seen these little lighter things on the bus with liam, i thought they were wicked, and they reminded me of school a bit.

me and kyle made a face out of 1 and a half plastic spoons in KFC, he looks like he is going GRAGGH RAAAGH

i went to the pub with kyle and we spoke about how it is shit nearly being 20. i remember my 15th birthday thinking that was bad.
today, friday...i woke up to this, the sunny weather has officially gone for a bit i reckon. my mum says it is meant to be nice sunday, i told her she is meant to be nice to me.
me and billy went out for a breakfast at was big boy, we sat outside, and it was dead fresh and nice.

when we got back to mine, we watched the motorcycle diaries. it was really quiet good and made me want to go on a good road trip. it was really nice about two mates, being mates.


YOU FUCKING WASTEJUNIOR NICK HOGAN! he is a wasteman because all he does is licks his dad's arse, and tries to be him. look at this photo. he wants to be some bare wrestler like his dad and it just aint happening. hoganater went mad because he didnt look after brook and nick was proper stropey like a little baby. also, big show picked him up by his neck, as if to choke slam him, and even though they had already arranged that he wasnt going to get slammed, he was like "please, no no no!"

also, when i googled his name to find a picture, it came up with bare flicks of him when he crashed his car or something. haha, nick, you are a wasteman

thats it then! right now, its twenty past one int he morning, ive got work soon. im going to go upstairs and get into bed. i hope you enjoyed

Thursday, 8 May 2008


so yeah man, its been a real long time, because ive been slaving away doing alot of uni work, which ive more or less fucked anyway, but i feel ok about it, because the sun is shining. my mum and dad have gone to Madrid, so me and my little sister have got the house to ourselves, its good man!

ill kick off with some drawings, the first few are drawings towards some uni work, that i just quiet liked.

these ones are from work last saturday. this is some dickhead sercurity guy at my tuesday concil job. fucking arsehole. ive been drawing ninja's, guys with massive hand hats, and motorbike killers.

these are the two drawings that i lost a couple weeks ago! they turned up, in a box of creme eggs.
drawings out of the way, we go back a bit to the 29th of april, i went to sheffield to see sam and go to see roots manuva and toddla T.

they both smacked it, it was a big big big night.

who knows about litterally the loudest sing along ever? "break neck speeds we down ten pints of bitter!"

nottingham station the next day.. when i was browsing some shops in nottingham i bumped into me old mate joe. we went to look at shoes in TKMAXXX joe felt these nikes.

also, the video is of a bloke i seen walking around notts, pretending to shoot people in the head.

i like commuting, you get little windows into everyones lifes. this bloke who looks like a 40 something business career man, sat reading his broadsheet in his suit, upon the announcment of the opening of the bar, went up and got a can of john smiths, loosened his tie, and pulled a copy of the daily star out of his bag. it was very good.

the video is of a trolly lady who was on a mad one. it was like she has joking with her friend, who wasnt actually there.

these are the booker bad boys on thursday night. L-R anand, vinesh, ticklesh, joel, baz, and nimit.
this was a lovely hot hot day, and all the boys got a nice cold drink! thanks for the photo cauld macalele

B&S have got these big boy wasabi sweets! i licked one and my tongue was on fire! kyle and billy boshed big mouthfuls.

billy can stand the pressure.

i dont know why this is upside down, but look at the size of it.

the other night i went around sam's house to chill with liam and chris. i slept over, it was good. sam was very impressive on his trampoline, as pictured.

how clever is a photo of my girlfriend stood next to a sign in topshop that says "SAM BOYFRIEND" apparently, im a new style of skinnyleg jeans.

when the suns out, you can bet your bottom dollar so is bird-mans skinny torso doing his shit on vicky park.


this week it is joss stone. ive never really liked her, because she is good at singing and she knows it. a new age fucking hippie,a nd NOBODY likes a hippie. but why is she the wastegash of this week i hear you cry? well she was the 60 second interview in metro one day last week, and she was so fucking arrogant. sorry a aint got a clipping for you, but basically, she was swearing loads, id imagine it was to come across all cool and hard, and the interviewer asked her "why do you spend so much time in the states?" and her answer was "i dont really, just cause im not at home, it doesnt mean im in the states, ive got the whole world to cater for..." also, that fucking ridiculous flake advert where she is sort of singing about the flake under her breath, like she doesnt even know when she is singing. JOSS, you are a fucking dickhead mate.

well thats about it really, im going to see aaron and billy today, and im having a lovely bbq tonight. you are welcome to come, just bring some food and beer.