Wednesday, 31 May 2017


I've been cooking sooooo much recently. Been trying to get loads of fresh veg from the market and make like a drunken ratatouille. Such a bloke-ish recipe, I looked at the recipe, figured I could do something similar and chucked this together. Lovely with a bit of chicken.

When I bought my laptop I envisioned this, but convinced myself I'd work away on it getting shit done while the football was on. They shouldn't put two important games on at the same time. I want to at least stand a chance.


My mate Fuchs. He was coming out of Papa Johns at the time.

I like my Fanta with no hice

Here's a poster I made for a surprise party for my friend James that his girlfriend Emma threw for him. The concept was such a cool brief, the party was centred around all the music he likes and was going to be played at the party, hence the festival line up poster.


Man I love peppers. I'm sure I've confessed my love for peppers here before, but I really fucking love them. All peppers. I've never had a bad pepper. All peppers are welcome to my pepper party. I can't believe something doesn't need to be made, it just grows, and it is so delicious as is.

Why is it always the blokes you don't particularly want to hug that do the whole FREE HUGS thing? I wonder how much weed you have to smoke to reach this level of alienation and loneliness.

Ice cream is a fucker isn't it. It was never one of those things I kept in the house and then Nico came to mine one time with two of those Ben and Jerrys pots and I got absolutely hooked. I don't need Cadburys getting in on the act. I managed to kick my dirty habit. This was like seeing an ex and she's looking really, really well.

From St Pancras to Heathrow they charge you £22. Can you believe that? Give a fuck if it's privatised or whatever, I do not care, that is insane for a 5 minute train. It cost me less for a taxi to the Leicester train station and then from the station to St Pancras together than it did to go 5 minutes to Heathrow. What a racket, fleecing people all day every day who are in a rush to get to the airport.

The Bring the Paint festival came to Leicester, what a wonderful wonderful thing to see in the city. Some of the best artists from Leicester, around the country and the world have come and plastered massive murals and pieces all around Leicester, mainly in the Cultural Quarter. It's hard to explain this to people, but some of the names really are the biggest guys in the world when it comes to graffiti. Guys who have been so important in defining what graffiti is over the last 20 or so years. Names I never ever in my life thought would come to little old Leicester, let alone leave us with something wonderful to remember them by.

All this is largely down to Izzy and GraffHQ. She's worked so hard to organise the festival coming to Leicester and after a week of running around constantly the city has changed forever. Leicester, to me, now feels like one of those normal UK cities that embraces graffiti and is awash with colour. I think if you went back and told my 14 year old self that this was going to happen in Leicester I would have laughed in disbelief.


For the few days the festival was on I was working on a mural for the Curve, where Breakin Convention had come to Leicester. A project that aims to get the public to embrace hip hop arts.

All week I've seen bits from writers I follow on Instagram that I didn't even know were in Leicester haha. It's crazy. I'm gonna collect a load more pictures from the Bring the Paint festival and post up over the next week or so.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 7 May 2017


On Friday I travelled to Nottingham with Nico. We were there to check out a new spot that had opened up, Nottingham Street Food Club. The idea is pretty simple; the space opens each weekend and invites a handful of street food vendors in to serve their signature dishes. No set theme to the cuisine so there's a nice variation each week. We tried everything, purely for research purposes of course. Here's how it was.

NAME: Nottingham Street Food Club

LOCATION:Victoria Centre, Clocktower Dining,
2nd Floor NG1 3QP Nottingham, United Kingdom 

On the menu when we went was a series of Nottingham food spots. a sourdough pizza place, a jerk chicken place, a falafel place and an Asian street food place.

The more I thought about the idea the more I liked it. I love the food halls on Brick Lane and this isn't so dissimilar to that. I like the idea that you can come to this place and you know the food is going to be of a certain standard, and if you really like something then you can go get it again from the spot they usually trade from. An awesome win-win for the Street Food Club and the independent traders. Also, it had the appeal of a food court but on a smaller scale. You and your date can sit and eat completely different things while still enjoying the same settings, ambience and conversation.

The place itself was cool. A few nice little quirks, a lovely island bar in the middle of the space but largely there were no frills. The floor was mainly occupied by long benches like a canteen, and it was down to the vendors occupying the kitchen spaces to decorate their space as they please. It kind of had that feel of a market place. It was bright and open. They just had a Soulection mix playing away. It was a nice environment to do some eating.

The bar served a range of cocktails they felt complimented this weeks menu.

First up was Death By Pizza, an in-house pizza restaurant that lives in Nottingham's Suede Bar. We paid £6 for a chorizo and pepperoni w/ jalapeños. upon asking for the optional jalapeños the woman who was taking our order made some weird remark, say yes, obviously the jalapeños would come on the pizza... as they're part of the pizza. I reminded her that her menu said optional. She stopped ramping and started making our pizza.

The pizza was just pizza. This was one of the more expensive things we ate while we were there. I don't know if it's because we are spoilt for sourdough pizza with Peter Pizza in Leicester, but it just didn't tickle our bollocks. All pizza is nice, and this was just nice pizza, but largely a bit average. We were not off to a flyer.

As we ordered the pizza we also ordered 2 portions of jerk chicken with rice and peas from The Chef's Cottage next door.

We got chatting away to the woman who I assume was the owner and she told us where they were located and as she was giving us directions she told us just to follow the smell and the music, that's how people usually find them.

This box absolutely packed with chicken, rice, peas, salad, chutney and sauce was £4! This was a small, and it was so packed and weighty, it definitely made up for paying £6 for the pizza.

Pound for pound this was probably the most delicious thing on the menu while we visited. It was everything jerk should be, all sticky and sweet and tender. You could taste the smoke. It was the real deal. If this food van was in Leicester and posted in town serving little boxes like this for £4 a pop I would definitely be a regular.

Next up was Numinums, the veggie and vegan option for this weekend. We took a portion of their spicy fried cauliflower with garlic mayo (£3.50) and their falafel mezze (£6).

The spicy cauliflower was really nice, I could definitely see myself getting a portion of this if it was available in Leicester on road. The falafel mezze was pretty nice too for what it was. It's hard for me to judge as this really isn't my favourite food. The actual falafel was light and crispy, but in terms of the rest of the stuff that was in the box with it it left something to be desired. Grated carrots and a dollop of humus. It's almost like white people with dreadlocks want their food to be bland.

Last up was Homeboys, the kitchen that seemed to be doing the most business during the time we were there. They were making and moving baos, those little asian steamed buns. I'd had these once before from Wagamamas and they were really good then, I couldn't wait to see how these were from a place that specialises in them.

They had two kinds, a pork belly one with a relish and soy reduction, and a Korean battered chicken one with gochujang mayo and radish.

Oh god they were really something. If you're into interesting textures with your food you should try and find these steamed buns somewhere. Like nothing else I've ever put in my mouth. They were made with such care and they were so delicate and presented beautifully. Apparently Homeboys is the baby of a guy who was a masterchef contestant. All the ingredients were perfect and they were a nice change from the usual sloppy asian street food or takeaway.

The cured pork belly and the battered chicken were both so light and delicious, I think the meat they used was of a nice quality. They were £3.50 each, or two for £6, a really nice price for something really delicious and unique.

Finally the desserts were supplied by Doughnotts, an independent doughnut bakery in Nottingham. I'd heard about these before and meant to check them when I went to Notts but had forgotten.

They had a selection of doughnuts they'd dropped in priced at £3.50 each. We got a glazed classic raspberry jam and a red velvet. as you can imagine we were completely stuffed but still forced them down as they were so good. The guy who served us the doughnuts told us that it's a really sick spot and that they sell out by mid afternoon every day. After finding their Facebook page it looks like they've got maaaad maaaad different flavours, I definitely need to find their spot next time I'm in Notts.

Death By Pizza also had a stack of brownies so I had to grab a little leaving gift. They had Nutella, Bueno and Reeses brownies all priced at £2.80 each. I had it when I got in and it was of a way better standard than the pizza, a really good brownie!

In conclusion it was a great place! The food was hit and miss, with two good two bad, but ultimately that's the fun of a place like this right? The whole point is that there's a selection and naturally some things on sale are going to pull away from the pack. Also, the fact that next time you go there will be a completely different menu, that to me is really exciting. All the staff were really chatty and helpful and clearly excited by the project, from the actual vendors selling their own product to the lads working the bar who said they've tried everything both weeks the place has been open. We spoke to Simba, one of the two guys who came up with the idea and he said to us he has had 150 enquires from food spots trying to get in. It doesn't surprise me really, it's a cool idea. I can't wait to travel back and see what they're serving next time.

The Nottingham Street Food Club was simple, affordable and it let the food do the talking. The food wouldn't shut up, we left waddling away, completely stuffed.

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Friday, 5 May 2017



You may have seen the video of Joe Budden sitting down with Lil Yatchy and DJ Akademiks floating around this week. The interview is largely Joe Budden grilling Lil Yatchy over not really giving a fuck about hip hop, over a couple of disrespectful things he's said about pillars of hip hop and so on. Fair game, any bloke with beads in his hair is a dickhead anyway, but Budden really really steals the show.

For the distain I have for Yatchy and his type of rapper or whatever you wanna call them, he handles himself so well in the interview. He's 19 and is so composed, well spoken and calm. Budden, almost twice his age and ten fold his experience is completely lost. The physical embodiment of bitter. I understand his negativity and agree with a lot of what he is saying but he completely loses it and once again comes over like a complete tosser.

If you've not watched it it does make for some interesting viewing. He must feel so washed and irrelevant and be pissed that this joker with red hair is the new hot shit despite the fact he can't rap. It's like Budden is really, really good at this one thing and cannot get it in his head that not everyone who makes hip hop music is OBSESSED with being the best with the bars. Yatchy has said from early he only gives a fuck about the money and I kind of like that

Budden is such a herb, I couldn't name you one song of his or spit you one line, but I know of multiple times he's come over like a bitter, washed up, boring old bald fuck. He needs to crawl into a cave.