Tuesday, 26 February 2008


how cute is this little guy? ricky made him for me about 2 years ago.

also, ive got my drum kit in my little room now, so i cant do anything in it.

recently, ive been playing enough football manager on psp. seen how good my team can play now? im about 6 seasons in and ive got bare new players. basically, when your players start the match, they are on 6/10 and if you go over 8/10, the number turns green, and if its below 6/10 it goes red. this is me, against dortmund winning 6-0 in the second leg of my ufea cup match.

also, i got a nice new little sketchbook to drawing some wickedland things in.

i was sat opposite this guy on the train and he was the most shower faced man, ever. he wore sunglasses, big old ones, like in MIB when he didnt even need em, it was raining. he had the best suit on, but he sort of looked like it was nothing for him. massive beard too.

dwayne drew this in noodle bar. look at his little constipated face. HUUUUR

i wish i could draw wicked perverts like this.
kyle drew some killings too, CHECK EM OOOUT

this is aaron bumming billy. very graphic innit.


its like a rug, with a really nice illustration of a kitten on it.

all of the things we wrote

stuff like "live like your mum, die like your dad." "i wish your mum had a mis-carraige" then "i wish your mum was a mis carriage" also "i wish your mum would have an eternal period" not as in she would go through a stage of listening to the early 90's all girl group. i mean i wish her vagina would never, ever stop bleeding, purely because it would be well inconvinient for you and her. "i wish your dad died at birth",

the other day, me and dave found out about these wicked hats at work.

here is how you can too!

step 1) get yourself some nice bread. a bit of terrorist baguette will do just fine, the second you move away from already sliced bread, you are into interesting territory.

step 2) cut it open with a saw and butter dat.

step 3) work out if the silly info on the butter has anything to do with you. personally, i dont have to worry about this right now, because only really-fat-horrible-scum-of-the-earth people have to worry about fucking butter because they dont dare run about.

step 4) get some proper ham. lovely salty tasting ham from the fish market that your mum buys will do just fine.

step 5) then, slice up some nice crumbley osama cheddar cheese. i reckon the stronger the cheese the better. this one tastes like piss, so its pretty strong.

step 6) get some lettuce. not no wet, all green lettuce from macdonalds, im talking about real crunchy lettuce thats all purple and tropical and shit. dont forget to wash it, because apparently, when you buy it, its not clean already.

step 7) put some mayo on it. again, use low fat or half fat mayo if you are double fat and you want to be normal fat.

step 8), with two hands, do the thing they do in subway, where everything stays in the sandwich, and they pull it and squash it a bit, using two hands, then admire the lovely sandwich.

step 9) eat it up.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


everyone who reads this already knows what happened on friday.

i was sick, wicked pink thick sick.

Friday, 8 February 2008


last night i had a right adventure. i met kyle at about 9.30 and we walked round to see billy at about half 10, then we sat and did some pictures.

billy drew this little dweebasorus rex who is always at the football with a long annoying head.

the above are my drawings, we were all drawing, and kyle made a comic with a story on, so that ok. read it, tis really fun.

erm, yeah then after we did some drawings we went upto asda at about 2 in the morning, we got nice sweets and that. kyle kicked in crisps, and we robbed some sweets on the auto scan thing too.

on the way home i spotted a dead fox, so we popped back to mine for a photoshoot, i got my camera and we came back out and they pissed about with the little critter. kyle droped it from about 3 floors up and it thudded as it hit the ground, then smelt so bad.

i dont want to have a blog where i literally takes photos of everything i do, i cant be arsed, and its hard and long, also, it never looks as fun.

we wanted to rob a milk float, and tried a couple of times, but they drove well quick (for a milk float) but then we chased one on narborough road, and kyle picked a bottle of the coldest nicest night, and the hench, young, hard driver goes "OI GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE FUCKER... ILL GET YOU YOU WANKER!" we ran off and he chased us a bit but gave up cause we are so fast. then we drank it on the way to subash's at about 6 in the morning.

we met the new team, they are three brothers, but we only met two of them, subash's had a certain smell that was really familiar. he said when the brothers go on holiday in july he is calling the allstars back on for one last gig.

then we went back to billys dead slow and slept top to tail to top for four hours. we went back to visit it this morning and its eyes were popping out its head, its a dead animal. there were loads of maggots.

so thats it really i hope you liked our night as much as we did.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


so this is my new blog, i hope you like it, i will write about my day, post drawings, photos and all off that. right now, i'm sat in the mac room at uni, its dead quiet, listening to a podcast about the tv series lost, its good. im really really hungry, so soon, im gonna bike back home, and make a massive sandwich.