Thursday, 27 October 2011


i drew ten little chaps in ten minutes. i hope you like some of them.

ten in ten. i liked doing this in the end.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, here is some stuff from when i went london. some lovely, lovely handstyles from east and central. CHEKITAAAHT

YO, ill post some stuff up soon. cheers!

Monday, 24 October 2011


Yo, I love Rick Ross so so much.

I went for lunch with bradley last monday. we went to the slug and lettuce for a half price thing that they do. they serve a fajita platter for 2; we got one each. it was a delicious ridiculous highlight to the week. i'm going to text him in a bit and see if he is on it again, i'll let you know.

i've got a clicker on my desk that i fiddle with. over a couple of days i clicked it up to 9999 as i was doing my work. it felt so good to reach the end of the cycle. i clicked it back over to 0000 at felt a pure sense of completion.

we shot a video tuesday night. its posted below!

everyone was rolling g'ed up.

i edited it the following evening. there were some genius still shots.

i swear down i fucking hate young mums. I'm busy on my lunch. I've got an hour. I've not fucking got time for you to try and play british bulldog and get in my fucking when I'm trying to get somewhere. work your day around people who actually need to be in town at around 1pm.

I had to dash across town to meet brad, get food, eat and get back in an hour and wherever i turned there was a fucking pushchair slowing me down. shit really, really pisses me off.

i met jamie for bar b.q. base the other day. he got the showerist meal. half chicken, hot with salad and chips. its so show they don't even put it on a plate or in a bag, its just on a tray. go there, its on narborough road. they have a ridiculously good cheap menu.

james corden was signing his book in waterstones. all the people in the queue had bought his book. they were all queuing up to meet him and get their copies signed. i find that mind blowing. why would you want to meet him? what would you say?

i loved this. harvey nick's gets pride of place. the baby has to go elsewhere.

me, jamie, jimlad and frank went handmade burger for lunch. it was really really impressive. i had a barbecue chicken burger, and they tenderised the breast so it was thin and long and folded it over in the bun, with all the salad, bacon and cheese in the middle.

i love it when jimlad pulls this face, like a little perplexed cartoon duck. it makes me giggle. haha

this rolled through leicester. nice innit?

wheeeeeey!!!! it was kyles birthday. we all went to the pub for a bit.

and then went and let a load of fireworks off and fucked around.

kyle was posing off in front of one to get a picture and it suddenly proper exploded and went well loud! you can just make him out in this picture about 2 yards away from it on one knee!

it was a really good, fun night.

i saw a bloke with a pony tail and a bald patch. I'm not saying its wrong, but I'm pretty sure if i has a pony tail rocker and i started balding i would just adapt rather than look like this. OR! take the hair bobble out and brush it all forward and over the top like a cool kind of under cut.

he suddenly turned around just after i took this picture and i just acted like i was taking a photo of something else. looking back at the photo it must have been so blatant because of my shadow.

it was a very, very delightful day on saturday. the sky was very nice.

i had a cracking big mac yesterday. i don't have them that often, but when i do i really enjoy them.

this made me smile this morning. i flipped over the washing basket to get a shirt out and they all held their form and shape. looooll like a lasagne made from clothes.

thats all really. looking back through this post I'm realising why I'm so fucking skint all the time. all my money goes on dining, constantly eating in restaurants like I'm some balling city guy. i need to start taking a packed lunch to work.

thanks for reading guys!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


heyyyoooo! we filmed a music video in the week for a song that we did. big up callun and darryl for filming and directing it. myself, twisted pennys and skitza have all got a whole load of other stuff on youtube to have a look around for some more and feel free to share this link!


Friday, 21 October 2011


yo, yo, yo, yo.

I've been looking at things with my eyes, here are some wicked things i've seen and enjoyed recently, and now i want you to see them and enjoy them.

i can't even credit these illustrations and photographs because when i saved them to my computer i didn't think to save who they were by.

i think this photo of rick ross is so sick. the lighting and that.

here are a few adverts also. i don't watch a load of tv, so there is a good chance that a lot of you have already seen these a bazillion times. to me, they are relatively new, and if you have not seen them then please take a couple of minutes to enjoy them as I'm sure you will not regret it.


eskimo dance. happy birthday to my good friend kyle, he is 23 today. enjoy your weekend everyone.

Monday, 17 October 2011


i always pull the same horrible face so i worked on a few new different ones the other day. here is some stuff i come up with, i hope you like it.