Tuesday, 28 April 2009


been listening to this pair baaaare recently, their debut album just dropped and its been proper awaited, and its pretty good! d double e is a big boy mc from back in the day, and footsie has been on it for time too, they used to have more members but they were not as sick as this pair.

check out the third video down for some big boy d double e bars about cars, and the fourth one up from the bottom is a wicked track by d double from the album generally speaking called bell dem slags. if you only watch one thing, watch the bottom clip, where they are on kiss fm on logan sama's show: syncronised!

Monday, 27 April 2009


had quiet a nice, chilling week this week. heres the things that have been going on.

i saw this on a car in town, it made me laugh because it was written really small, and the cock was quiet acurately drawn.i never knew zanzibar was an actual place before seeing this, so it made me piss. ha hawe played poker at georges thursday. john won, and i went out first! phhht! before we went to play though, we went to the tesco garage round the corner and this bloke came out with all blood on his head, and has all scratched up and stood a few feet away from the car, and just staired at john who was sat shotgun. this went on for about 2 minutes, until george came out the garage and said that the bloke was argueing with his bird in their. the bloke still staired at john as we drove off. i went for croques with valena on friday. remember how i said that eating out has gone down hill? (or at least grabbing quick food) well we went croques, ordered at the same time, and valena didnt get hers for about 40 minutes. its a fucking toasted sandwhich. even after about 20, when we had been sat down and told the waiter that we were still waiting on one sandwhich, he assured us it would be straight out. this was bollocks. when it finally come i asked him for a free slice of cake for waiting and he just sort of laughed, smug cunt. ah well, worth a go.if you put one sign up, why would you put another, that says exactly the same thing right next to it, but spelt differently?i really need to get a camera phone with a flash on it. when me, aaron and jr met john and blake and that on friday night to walk into town, they were already talking to some bare old boy about he was telling them how some polish bloke done him over for a ten-bag. it was well funny, he was describing one of the polish blokes girlfriends who was "a little ready-to-go slut in some tight white jeans." he bought her a little bar of galaxy. next time you see blake, ask to see it on his phone, he recorded more or less the full story.john just gets bare sailor jerry's and coke at £1.50 before midnight and pours them all into a pint glass. MIXER BASTARD!i cant find flicks anywhere, but when i do, ill put them up. me and daryl played a show on friday for SMASH THIS @ sophbeck, it went really well, was dead good fun! i sweated so much i lost about a stone i reckon.

the next day, i was walking back home through the quay and i saw jimlad, blake, george, dwayne and beaver playing heads and volleys, chilled with them for a bit, absolutely took apart jimlad and blake at W-A-S (short for W-A-S-T-E, similar to skate) and we played a good header game, where you boot it so high up, and try to head it. jimlad won bare.size of that fucker ay?football on sunday yesterday, it was good fun, this was the hiateus between the two matches, your boy john burke scored a stonker of an own goal with a finish the would have done any paid of defender proud, well done mate.GABBBBBBEHWASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - NOEL EDMONDS

i was watching deal or no deal the other day, and i thought think how fucking good it could be, if it was only 15 minutes long? its so fucking stretched out, and long winded, listening to him joke about with the banker, and just make a general twat of himself. why are cunts like this offered a second chance in the limelight of television? we should have just been thrown aside after doing house party and made to get a job at kwiksave or currys. instead, he is back, stretching out things, when he knows full well its all a fix anyway, and doing a couple of other shows on sky one. i think its safe to say he is back on top of his game, and i cant fucking stand the wanker. shown here being a twat on a fruit machine at panic, and well done for the 2 finger salute aaron.
when i get round to it, ive got a few little drawings knocking about, ill post up soon, until then, see you later safe safe safe safe safe

Tuesday, 21 April 2009








YOU KNOW THE SUN HAS BEEN DOING ITS THING, JUST JAMMING OUT IN THE SKY LIKE YES MAAAATE. its been such nice nice weather. everything is good in my life except for uni, ive got all my assesments next week, and its just well hard to do work when the sun is so nice, ive been chilling too much!

i took my bike to get fixed, and its well good, been too chilling on it, kroggie, chill out.
after work on thursday, instead of poker a few of us went to pound a pint at polar bear. it was a real good laugh, me and dan were holding up fiver's because you need little over that for a real good night. ha ha.me, john and dan went on to superfly for one, and dan changed his facebook status to some mad shit. "daniel curtis is liverpool are the wickedist duck man u" REAL TALK FROM HIMbreakfast the next day, me and dan had to hit town, then go and see our boy about another flat he had. it was fucking unreal, in some pure crack head block of flats, it was fucked.we seen some fucking deadout wasteman singing bob marley songs in town. look at how white his socks are, pure not homeless. he was eyeing up some girls at the cashpoint and they were proper screwing him, it was well funny.a nice swan.saturday, and i was looking at the pages they try and sell you stuff in the tv guide in the sun. they are brilliantly shite. aside from a faberge egg inspired ornament of a baby in a pram they had these strapless watches with prints of paintings of different dogs on. they were £65's each.we have this new thing at work on sunday where we have to take it in turns to do the pots, even though the weekend lads only dirty a few pots, and the bosses use about a billion coffee cups. i think its a sort of drive to get us thinking maybe we should wash our plates up when we are done, even though we have a cleaner who is paid to do it.

no beef anyway, it is the wickedest job, i was just chilling with my ipod on for the best part of an hour. i even fucking wiped the tables down and mopped the floor, beats being cunted up by customers on the shop floor.
football on sunday, and the weather was still fucking beautiful. jimlad drinks lucozade sport, because it gives top athletes just that little bit more.it was a really good turn out, and after we all spent a bit of time chilling and soaking up a few rays. we kicked balls at max loads, it was well funny.BILLY'S BALLING!!!!!!!! he got his student loan through, so he is living the crazy life up! fags, pub, football, new air max, he is top of the pops at the minute. he treated me, aaron, kim, kyle and jr to a drink on the balcony at the quay, it was fucking wonderful, cheers mate.WHEEEEY! kyle was so chuffed, we kept talking about how happy the sun makes you, its just so good, and puts you in a wicked mood (provided your out in it) and kyle had his subway, and a pint, things are looking pretty good for the lads.SUB OF THE DAYsoarpoint last night, and it was nice. we were all chilling and having a little drink, drawing some funny pictures.marios chippy and billy and kyle were enjoying chips and cheese. fucking marios has gone down hill, shite service, the food is fucking wank and the prices are up.

eating out is just not what it used to be is it? zarconi's are sill pretty consistant with theyre food, but that fucking scowl you get when you go in is a bit of a deal breaker for alot of people.i cut uni open access today because the lads were getting together for another kick about. i thought, you know what, the sun aint out for long, so im not going to miss it, lets have it. and it was brilliant. tom evans passed his driving test today too.

we played a bit of a made up game that was like a really stripped back version of american football, it was dead good.


britians got talent is back on the tv, and so is this blubbering waste of fucking space. didnt get her tits out properly in her prime, and still thinks she can be classed as talented? i know, almost enough to cry about. so we have simon cowell; obviously top boy at picking people who are good at singing and dancing and that, but then our top two "british" ambassidors for talent? peirs morgan and this peice of shit. STOP FUCKING CRYING, ITS LOST ITS EFFECT!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


FINALLY got my new phone sorted yesterday, so i can get back on this blogger shiiiit. i lost a fair few photos from the week before, but im going to peice together a post from what i have!

zues is always chilling lying on the floor or doing some other dog shit. we are gonna walk alfie in a bit up the park.

we went on the most horrible mission (this seems like so so long ago now) and we went up asda, and got all kyles shopping and went back to his with it, it just took forever. it was the beggining on the nice weather though, and its still going strong. check out these canal guys!
i dont know why they have done this? its usually just fine when it says on screen that its not working, why stick a box over it? funny looking though ay.
im sure ive already put this up, we had bare onion bharji's and spring rolls and samosa's at work on trade day. since then, we had free trials of steak and homemade burgers, so this last week when ive been working full time ive been hammering the freebies. i also took blow by blow photos of my drive-thru shit with keo and kfc with paul at work, but lost it all, fucking phone.
i had a good day yesterday, got my phone, went and got my bike sorted, so i was chilling on that, and then got a couple of tops from town with dan. had a little kick about in the afternoon too.
me and dan fucked the shit out of a royal chicken on the way into town. dan eating chicken is something to be seen and matched by any man. its the worst.
me and aaron had the longest, most wickedman game of cuppies that went on for about 15 minutes (first to two). aaron won in the end!

then it got alot worse. liverpool had the tall task of going to stamford bridge and scoring atleast 3 goals without reply and after they were 2-0 up with only 29 minutes gone, the match was looking well tastey! chelsea came out and levelled things off pretty quickly second half making it 2-2 and pretty much burying it.

it chilled for a bit, then lampard scored and it was all over until lucas and kuyt scored two in abouts as many minutes making it 4-3 to liverpool. it meant it was 6-5 on aggregate and that if liverpool could score one goal in about 10 minutes then they would go through on the away goal rule, it was madness!

that cunt lampard buried us in the 89th. another fruitless season for liverpool football club.
hof came round this morning, and ive been playing san andreas loads, its so wickedman. whatever missioned ryder, big smoke or OG loc set me and i cant do, hof is a bit like my hired muscle and just does them, and then is like "oh, by the way, there is a shotgun on that roof."


this guy is the top top boy at sony erricson. and only right that he should be the wasteman of this week, fucking arsehole. how many people have got sony erricsons that do that standard crash or just run slow or whatever. when did fucking phones become shit? his nickname is dick, and i for one dont think that is just a coincidence. i hate this man for all the things he has done to my life to make it worse, fucking prick. this week, even though i got my phone sorted in the end, and ive got my new one set up, i somehow lost about a dozen photos, even though they were on my memory card. FUCK OFF YOU RICH, HANDHELD TELECOMUNICATIONS DEVICE WASTEMAN

see you soon wickedmen and women.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


my phone just suddenly broke the other day, and stopped working all together. its fucked.i sent it off for repair, and it came back three days later saying because one button is broke, they cannot fix it, because it is not under warentee. so ive been using my old phone. i was talking on the helpline earlier to some fucking foreigner and my replacement phone just cut out. i threw it so hard at my wall, and it was one of the most satisfying things ive done in so long. anyway, ive had to buy a new phone, and it can only be delivered on tuesday earliest, because everyone is busy having half days and not working to celebrate jesus's dying. another way that religion is shit, and simply a hinderance on modern life. so ill be with out a phone (and the pictures to update this that are trapped on my memory card) until tuesday next week.

when my new phone comes, im going to film a video of me smashing my old phone into peices in so many different ways.

dan just rang me to take the piss about 3-1 chelsea (cheers george) and i took his call fine, so you can ring me, i just cant use the screen or call out.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009



a little mistake from the last post, i forgot to put this flick in. i went for a maryland with dave from work, his bird laura and my bird valena. it was nice, but the maryland was a bit dry and shit. you get what you pay for right?
two seat covers in this car...the other drivers side one was a women dog with sunglasses on saying "ill drive" and then the bloke in the passenger side is like "i cant watch". i dont really get it. good turn out for football on sunday! we played some good games, tom evans even came later, because now daylight savings is mental we can play later. L-R: jr, john, jamie, ryan, dan, ben, sam, aaron, billy, bonham and george.
look at this little funny lorry.

GOLD! GOLD! ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GOLD BARS!!!! ive been going out of my head boshing these recently. i went upto asda with hof to get some and we had a right laugh.
vinnie (hofs sisters boyfriend) gave us a lift up after we worked out together, and hof was thumbing through a copy of FLEX magazine. this is how he wants to look in 6 weeks.
all the trollies were stacked up nice outside. and we saw my sister in there at like midnight for no reason. kyle has just got here too. now. not at asda.
we got some gold bars, and sat and boshed em. we watched CKY2K it was proper reminding me of bare things. right, time to go, speak to you at the weekend mate. ok, alright...will do. alright, bye. bye.