Thursday, 27 November 2014


Two man up with Brad as my partner this week discussing I'm a Celeb, someone giving birth in Asda, a kid who sells sweets, service and waiters, a guy who's slept with 500+ plus woman because he looks a little like Mick Hucknall, a Nigerian who marries his daughter and a human magnet. All on this weeks podcast!


Monday, 24 November 2014


Graff HQ have moved to a new home in the city centre. After loads of hard work the place looks great and last weekend they had a party to celebrate the opening. I caught up with the owner Izzy about what's new at the HQ and went along to get some photos.

Address: Graff HQ, Basement Unit, 44 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 3PJ
Opening Hours: Tues - Fri: 11:00 - 18:00 / Sat: 10:00 - 17:00

HQ sell a wide range of graffiti supplies and general art supplies. They're selling even more of a range than they were at the old place now, including just about every kind of spray paint you can think of, paint pens, markers and everything you would need to refill or customise a marker, inks and tools for printing as well as high end art markers and graphic pens. They sell clothing and all sorts of graffiti accessories you can imagine, from caps and nozzles to sketchbooks, gloves and masks to books and DVDs. Also if they don't happen to have what you need in store they can order in whatever you need with fast turn around times. I've used them for this service personally and they were great, they had exactly what I needed within a few days. As if that isn't enough in itself they now match internet prices, so there is no excuse not to pop in for what you need.

Also they sort out legal walls for graffiti in and around the city centre. They had a number of different spots (including a huge mural outside the actual shop) being painted on the day of the opening by graffiti writers from all over. I've followed the graffiti scene in this city for over ten years, and I've never seen a single vehicle work so hard to grow the scene and breath life into it. It's great that the HQ are really taking the initiative and putting Leicester on the map as far as graffiti culture in this country goes.

They're also a super friendly bunch of guys who work there and they're always happy to see people, so even if you are in town, pop in and say hello. I'm sure they would be glad to make your acquaintance. Graffiti shops have a reputation for being cliquey and particularly unwelcoming. Growing up I especially noticed that with a few graffiti shops out of town, HQ is the complete opposite. 

Here are some snaps from last Saturday, the official opening of the new store.

The murals of the trainlines and the train in the shop were done by Mono

Izzy shown me a bunch of photos of them working hard on renovating the space

The mural on the outside of the shop in progress

graffiti murals at a legal spot on Church Gate

More artwork in progress on Humberstone Gate

Long live Graff HQ, the dawning of a new era.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014



How are you all? I'm really not sure how I am at the minute. Anyway, I had some lovely food at my mums for my sisters belated birthday party. I love party food. The main problem with eating a big portion of something isn't getting full, it's getting bored of the same taste. With party food you can pile a plate as high as you like and not get bored of it because its all small bites. Delightful.

I went of Demon FM with Nico and Teeps the other day, just discussing some music and upcoming events and stuff. After we finished this one yat came in and tried to spin us, saying we called Sophbeck a 'drug den' when we didn't haha. It was weird man. She was trying to talk to me like I owed her something, I can only think she thought I was a student. It was hilarious, she literally tried to tell me off. Imagine that.

Found this little gem when trying to do a reverse image search for a picture. I was pretty happy with that. Look at them, they look so chuffed.

Items piled high all over each other, not even bagged. As if that isn't enough she was fishing through a dog eared M&S bag to try and find her purse. So fucking annoying. It's like when you're walking up to someones door with them and they don't get their keys out of their bag before they're at their door. What are they thinking?

This made me laugh. Definitely looks like it says Smoker Sex It. That makes nooooo sense. Very poor branding.

I went to see Dave Gorman again in the week with Max at DeMontfort hall. I enjoyed it thoroughly because I enjoy what he does but it wasn't nearly as good as the last time I saw him. I guess that's the way it goes with this sort of stuff isn't it.

He came in the crowd to take this blokes phone off of him and it was so weird him being metres away from me. I first got into him 12 years ago when he did his Astrology Experiment and I've been a big fan of him for so long. It was weird, he was a couple of metres away from me.

I'll tell you one thing that is crap. That's being stuck behind slow people on stairs. Old or not, I can't live with this stuff. I've got no patience. This guy wasn't sticking to one side either, he was nearly taking up the entire stair well.

You'd think if someone was going to have the audacity to stop people during their working day and lecture them on moral beliefs they would have the decency to cut their fucking hair and leave the tie dye at home for one day. Dream on, Britain.

Am I mental for thinking that she should have probably rolled both legs up?

Look at this appalling shit. I spend half my waking hours trying to stick up for the dumb McDonalds staff and this is how they re pay me. They think this is acceptable. Shocking isn't it, it's all over the place.

Look at this girl hahahaha asleep in Mcdonalds, feet up. It's weird when you're sober and everyone else is drunk and you kind of wonder why anybody enjoys being drunk at all innit

Bumped into the spice girls on the way to Canvas the other night haha look at me, having a great laugh.

I don't get this. I can't imagine being so so into something that it makes me want to dress up as it and just walk around the streets. It's not even halloween. These people love this shit don't they.

I saw this guy with his ham like calves and his short shorts clinging onto his curly hair as it thins out and I figured this is so me in 5 years.

That's your lot! OOOOOO no it's not. I'm in talks with my printer at the minute over getting short runs of some WickedLand T-shirts done. It's looking like there are going to be 3 different designs, I'll keep you posted once I've got more details.