Tuesday, 27 April 2010


this is my hand made book for my book making class. more dogs coming up soon.


Monday, 26 April 2010


for a start dani is dressed as a power ranger hating on russel howard. she nommed him for wasteman of the week, and i said i cant play my occasionally cod-eyed boy like that.

we were going to mosh, and valena was fuuuucked! thats a snakebite and black she is on with, so no wonder really!

some of the guys were out too.

it was still buzz out over 5-1 time. we drew tonight, i forgot to get a picture, but it was bradleys match. we started off with an own goal, the early into the second half he tackled one of there players bad, and took him out. i think he went to the hospital. bradley scored our equaliser and it stayed level until the whistle.

someone lost a shoe.

also a phone, me and valena found this on the way home. it was a right laugh being really drunk, pretending to take calls on it and throwing it as hard as i could at the wall.

the next day i was out on deliveries all day with ash merriman. it was brilliant, we worked proper hard because there was loads to do, but it was really fun. lovely day too. ash showed me his right arm, which is really tanned in comparison to his left because it is in the window all day.

we went to the middle of nowhere too.

hip hop night at hub on thursday. it was pretty good fun, made a welcome change.

saw google at their head office on the way home sorting out some business shit.

a nice dog.

seen these two lads on the way into town with valena on friday. there were, besides the bag, wearing exactly the same thing. a ribbed tight t-shirt, adidas wooly trackies and black vans. i wonder who got there clothes first and who is the biter? what a pair of divs.

saw this in mcdonalds too. she got a huge order, and i just wanted to scream at her. as we went to get seated she was sat down and looked at me as if she had given up and that i should help her if you know how i mean? like a facial cry for help.

another matrix guy on an overly hot day.

quay chillers.

bumped into an extremely pissed kyle on the way home from valenas that night. he had been to see his dads punk band at a night on at sumo. when i came across him he was walking up narborough road with both his arms in the air shouting "im pissed!" i took him back to mine.

the following morning he couldnt remember a thing. he couldnt figure out how he got to my house. he didnt know if he saw me or dan.

he walked me to work, it was really good fun.

clamping bastards. wounder innit? UNTAXED

that night we i went out for a work doo. it was paid for by the company too which was amazing! round one was chiquitos for some nice mexican food. everyone started buzzing out because i got some well carried fajitas. they came out on a hot plate. there was loads of chicken and veg.

emma drew teams for bowling, and we ended up with a wicked team. we won, really really well. there were free drinks all night on the company, so we were getting steadily smashed.
L-R: jake, me, zac, sasi and dave.

wickedland bowling. dave was saying he was a pure badboy at bowling, and he was more like a pure average boy.

this amrit. every time it came his time to bowl, he was like mad psyching himself up. smacking his head and standing there for time looking down the lane. he was shit too.

seem this lad too. literally a little boy. his t-shirt bares no relation to his life, it read "i dont need sex because the government fucks me everyday".

always read your instructions first. dont worry. me and sasi went down to football on sunday and had a little bbq. it was really nice, we had sausages, burgers and red pepper!!!

the sky was a mad colour too. we played a game were he took in turns to paste penalties at everyone on the line. if it hit you, you take the next one.

little feet marked out by ronnies having a right laugh at the new cashpoint near tesco. wanna know a buzz out? i bought a cinnamon roll and left it at valenas, going to have it later tonight!

thats me done. drawings of dogs tomorrow, CHEEEEEERS.

Friday, 23 April 2010


YOOOOOOO, ive been sitting on a few bits, decided to put them together.

the following illustrations are from a guy called dean beattie. we had a lecture with some woman who did really nice illustrations, and amongst all her stuff that shit brought in, she had a little portfolio book with contact information of all the people who worked for the same illustration agency as her. in the little booklet was this guy. see more of his stuff here.

this was an illustration by the woman who came in, more here.

a little bit old now, but one i keep going back to, p money doing a p.a of left the room. its filmed in really nice quality, which makes a welcome change.

as i shown in my weekly post, i cleared out my locker. with doing so i found these two clipping from my works inside magazine. the first one was the launch of coke zero (and coke orange, which bombed horrifically). as you can see on the table, the normal bottle of coke is in proportion, with light hitting it, and at the right angle, unlike the other three that have been poorly photoshopped in.
and the standing woman is remarkably ugly.

another one of a son being told by his dad that he can do it! and look at the dads arms, reminds me of when you win at an arcade game.

a hench dog i found on google.

facebook clipping. there is a group called "i know a little place in leicester..." and the idea is people post up about places to eat, and advice people. croques is bad, dont get me wrong, but what fucked up, rich part of leicestershire do you have to be from to say £5.40 for a toasted sandwich and a can of coke "cheap"?
also, the portions are small. very small. granted, this is a girl talking, but surely she understands that you do not get "a ton of food."
i feel like a want to walk her up the block to maryland, and blow her fucking brains. she would be going mental at the prices and portions.
the presenter of channel 4's embarrassing bodies. as a person, not really that irritating. but what the fuck is going on with his hair? its like a gimmick thats got out of control, and its too far gone to switch it up, because everyone would make a massive thing out of it. and what sort of weirdo tramp wants to go around seeking poor hygiene and looking at pictures of peoples shit?? he pisses me off. he must be unreal, like so perfectly imacculate, nothing ever wrong with his body, except for his fucking mop.

ive been in the library all day drawing dogs, so ill post some of them soon. going bed now.