Monday, 31 March 2014


I've just had a little root about in a pile of doodles that I had and found these few bits. I'm still working on nailing these cats, I wanna get there.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Back again with Bradley, Max and Tom talking about #NoMakeUpSelfie's, an update on the missing plane, the new pound coin, an odd lawsuit and condensed containers and concentrated products. All on this weeks podcast!

Friday, 28 March 2014


And it's time for the weekend. Just like that. It's here. Hasn't this week shot by? Pretty good. I always think of this and try to work out wether I will genuinely regret wishing weeks away when I am old. If I get old. Who knows or cares, that's not why you come here is it.

Bradley and Tom had fun trying to take a photo for the podcast last week. Bradley couldn't get his arm around Tom so he was pure trying to squeeze him. It sounds like the shittest thing ever but it was actually very funny.

Why would you buy a brown car? Like yeah maybe back in the 70s but fuck me how shit does this look? Like this is a pretty new car, and the bloke said yes to getting it in brown? I don't get that. No human can think this looks the best out of all the colours a car can be.

I saw this amazing little goblin bloke the other day. He looked really like someone I would draw, he was so funny, just screwing looking through a shop window.

I fucking love these granola flapjack things they sell at tesco. They're so sporadic, I think they are baked in house and I can never rely on them being there. They are kind of enigmatic. Some days I see them, other days I don't. One day earlier this week I had my heart set on some and they didnt have any, then the next day I went back and they had 3 bags! Not only did they have 3 bags, they were on special offer at a pound each. I snatched them up and went home and eat the lot within 24 hours. They are the fucking best. I fear I'm becoming one of those people who likes to eat seeds and shit, but fuck it, these are my shit, man.

Followed! I spotted my man again in Wilkos about 3 days later! haha. This day I spent £14 on lightbulbs and as if that alone isn't depressing enough they were all the wrong size so I've got to take them back this weekend. Is this what adulthood is? Is this your idea of fun? A fun way for me to live as an adult?

This made me laugh. Why the little face in the O? It's not needly and frankly he looks a bit sarcastic haha. It really got me like the person has made the sign isn't sorry in the slightest. The little disabled sign bloke is furious, literally lost his head over it.

I was on facetime to my mum and sister the other day when I told them I was drawing a picture of them. I had them sitting pure still for about 5 minutes hahaha patiently waiting for it. Look at my mums face, this picture of her is cracking me up haha

GREAT MOVE BY TESCO! They're moved all the sick tropical fun drinks into a fridge, a real game changer. No longer are they worthlessly sat on a shelf at room temperature, they're perfectly displayed here. This is great news for my life. 

I watched the Great Gatsby the other night and genuinely couldn't believe how shit it was. I can't understand how people were raving about it, it was so over directed and theatrical, it was so so not to my taste. Like all the sickening vibrant colours and the massive swooping shots, I really, really hated it. I thought it looked like that kids cartoon Crazy Town or whatever it was called, so over the top. I don't remember Romeo and Juliet being that theatrical and over the top even though it was an adaptation of a play. Seriously, it was hideous and I can't believe it received the acclaim it did.

I met up with Zac from Booker to watch a nervy game between Liverpool and Sunderland the other night. It was really good to see him and have a good catch up. We had these insane burgers from the pub. You know those scream burgers where you can add anything in the world for 85p? We had two of those. They were massive and great.

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. All around me people had umbrellas up, the floor was all speckled and I could see like a mist or something in front of me, but it wasn't raining. It was like all the attributes of it raining but without actual rain, I've never seen anything like it. 

Well enjoy your weekend and don't forget it's mothers day on Sunday! Get your mum some flowers or something. Enjoy your life!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


As if we needed reminding that he was the best Skepta dropped 'That's Not Me' this week, an absolute time capsule that literally defines the word 'nostalgia'. Fuck 1080p big budget videos shot abroad somewhere, just do this. This is grime all over. Incredible stuff.

ANYWAY! I've have a very limited run of my Skepta Jesus illustration printed off at A3, and I'm selling them for £10. Get at me on Facebook, Twitter, by smoke signal or email at if you would like to buy one!

Friday, 21 March 2014


Yooooooooooo we back, we back, we back. We been away for a minute but we back like that. What can I say? it's been a quiet couple of weeks. I haven't had a lot of stuff to take photos of, talk about recluse season. Here is what's been happening.

Nat cooked some base on the weekend a couple of weeks ago. We had this beef and Guinness stew with dumplings and roasties and veg, it was completely show.   

Last Sunday was a pure stress and due to a car breaking down and some other bad timing I had to kiss goodbye to these cakes. Look at the size of them. I was gutted. I parted ways without tasting any of them.

They were at some pub in Leicestershire, I'll go and conquer them some day.

I cooked some nice stuff last sunday. I made these quarter pounder bagel burgers with cheese, onion rings, gherkins and sour cream on, and some homemade cheese with homemade blue cheese sauce. It was so nice, I followed the recipe for the chips and sauce from this article I clipped from a magazine months ago. It was great.

Students take the piss don't they? They think they can just rock up to a tesco express and treat it like a tesco superstore buying bags and bags worth of stuff. Mental behaviour. These two were in the self service lane (obviously) and they mounted so much stuff up without bagging as they went.

The machine broke and the manager had to come open it up and reset the scale. Look at her bored face, like she didn't create this situation. I wish she could feel what I was feeling at the time, then she would have license to pull a face, dumb yat.

Do you ever cook something so nice that you are just thinking about it until you cook it again? I did that with that burger and chips. It was still fresh enough that I corrected the little things that was wrong with it, it was perfect. That dollop of sauce looks like such an unattractive blob but it was so so delicious. Man, I want this again now. 

I saw Drake in Sheffield on Friday with Tom. It was a sick show, I really enjoyed it but he fucked around so so much. You know Jay Z started that thing of shouting out random people in the crowd over a broken down instrumental? Then you know how everyone started doing it? Drake did it the other night but fuck me it went on for so so so long.

He did that, and kept doing drawn out versions of his songs, like with Hold on, Were Going Home he spent about 6/7 minutes singing 'Hold on, we're going Sheffield.' It was really weird. He kept cutting good songs short to favour trying to do some amazing singing thing. It doesn't really work when he isn't that much of an amazing singer, it was lost on the crowd, and the audience fully disengaged.

Also, loads of the songs off his newer album didn't really work live. I dunno. I know it's slower and whatever but he spent ages doing all the dead ones and cut the lively ones short. It was a bizarre show all in all. 

Does anybody else find the smell of Auntie Annes pretzels in the Highcross really overwhelming and offensive? I think the smell of frying butter is so thick and sickening, and it seems to linger forever. I don't know how people can queue up to buy that shit.

This has to be the best beg for attention that we live around right? Like all our lives we are told to be careful of fire and whatever and these guys literally use it to catch our eye. You know the goth losers from Bede Island who do it and play with the diablos and whatever? They're the worst. So 

You know those Louis V wing mirrors there? 100% sho life. Imagine getting these haha so so gassed

Eddie had his party the other night. It was one of those twitter parties, I met a lot of people I only know in 140 characters. I met Tinroy, he left because it was getting bait and people were working out who he was haha.

It was cool, I like these parties because I get to see a lot of friends I don't see so often.

Two soundcloud dons. It was nice to talk to Aspect properly, everytime I see him he is fucked but we had a proper good chat. Turns out he is a wickedlander from long so salute that guy.

That's everything. Thanks for popping by, I'll post some stuff in a couple of days. STAY WOKE

Monday, 17 March 2014


Back for another podcast with Bradley and Tom talking about St Patricks Day, Lady Gaga showing off again, DJ Logan Samas departure from Kiss FM, Vybz Kartel's life sentence, A bloke who lost his knob on the motorway and the debut of our new game; Celebrity in Hysterics. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Recently I've become very aware of people spreading the idea of positivity. It's very fashionable. I have no problem with the idea of being a positive person. I buy into the whole thing Roald Dahl wrote in the Twits, saying 'If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face.' People who know me well will know I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about things I love. Very positive indeed, but as a working class adult human living on planet earth there are undoubtably times to be negative.

I enjoy negativity. I enjoy people being negative when they have something to be negative about. For me, negativity is so closely linked to intelligence, as I respect the brains of all the people I know who speak out against things and don't just accept mediocrity. I like people having a good old moan, and I like when I hear other people moaning about stuff that annoys me. By the same token that the positivity brigade like to be around positive people, I enjoy being around negative people. Especially when they are being vocal about something that annoys me.

It's with this in mind I present you with my gripe with the people who preach positivity. These people who post their positive message pictures on Instagram preachy about surrounding yourself with positive people, or smiling no matter what. These people love to make things that don't concern them their concern. They love to see one of us, pissed off about something and tell us to cheer up! They're cheery, so why can't you be, right? Bear that in mind if ever you see a father crying because his children burnt to death in a house fire. You feel happy inside your body, so why can't he? 'Cheer up buddy!' It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it doesn't really work like that. It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the single worst thing you can do to someone who is already annoyed over something is trivialise it.

If I'm moaning just leave me to it. Fair game if I'm moaning at you, but if I'm not, don't butt in and tell me to cheer up. At this single moment I am mad over something, and having some dickhead member of the positivity police tell me it's not so bad isn't going to make me realise it's not so bad. That's what time is for, right now, I'm furious. It's like if you are in a rush and someone who is not in a rush tells you to slow down. Just because they are not personally in a rush they don't understand that you are. You would think they might be able to scrape together the intelligence to cast their minds back to the last time they were in a rush and just leave you to it. But instead they will happily tell you to slow down, as if they somehow hold some kind of higher intellect you cannot perceive. Like they are going to tell you to slow down and you hadn't thought of that.

I think about this so much and I've reach two conclusions. One is that whenever a member of the positivity police tells you to be positive, or stop with the negativity or whatever it's often because they can't imagine why you are negative. The single thing that is causing the negativity isn't in their life. They are not a slave to that particular stress. You'll notice a lot of the free-money rich kids are members of the positivity police because anytime you mention a financial stress they will have something to say, because they cannot imagine what it is to be stressed financially. The types that can just up and go travelling whenever they like, living a care free life because they are showered with free money. How could you possibly be anything other than extremely positive about everything all the time?

Secondly, the whole positive/negative thing is closely linked to my theory on love/hate. My theory is this: I love things. I really love a lot of things so much. And I feel because I love these things, I hate things in equal measure. I am passionate, and people who are passionate about things hate certain things. They are capable of feeling both extremes of appreciation and depreciation of something. A simple way to distinguish who these people are are look for the people who say 'hate is a strong word.' Yes it fucking is, and I'm using it because I fucking hate this particular thing. I can't ignore dogshit TV programmes that are churned out to numb the minds of the general public because I really love good TV. I love well made programmes and it's borderline disgraceful that these things have to be consumed via the same digital picture frame as things like gogglebox and X Factor. I can't ignore the Fast and the Furious because things like The Godfather exist. Things like Pulp Fiction exist. How could I just ignore it? How could I feel at peace with the existence of the idea of a christmas number one when people like Sam Cooke have lived and made music?

The same people telling you not to hate things are the same people telling you to be positive when it is the time to be upset or pissed off over something. I've used my brain and my experience of being alive to judge that the right way to feel in this moment is negative, I don't need someone who hasn't lived through the situation I just have to tell me to be positive. If I sit and watch you eat 5 courses whilst I eat nothing I'm not going to tell you not to feel full up just because I'm not am I?

I fucking hate the positivity police.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Yooooo we are back after a couple of weeks away with Frank and Brad talking about the missing plane, Oscar Pistorius and how the trial is going, BBC 3, a burglar with morals and Cambodia. All on this weeks Wickedland podcast

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Yooooo so SPT hit me up a couple of week ago about another project he was putting together for The brief was deliberately vague, just to do a portrait of one of your favourite musical acts. You can check out the full final collection here.

I uploaded a work in progress picture and Skepta replied to it on twitter. I was pretty happy with that haha.

So anyway, a little while back I got blocked by Skepta on twitter. I tweeted saying that I didn't like the single (Badman in Tivoli) and that I wouldn't be copping the mixtape when it dropped. I was wrong, I did cop it, it's great, we all make mistakes but that's not the point. I figured if I'm doing a drawing of him as jesus I'd try and send it him and try to get unblocked.

When it first happened I tweeted JME asking why Skepta had blocked me. It wasn't a direct tweet, it was just a comment about the new body of work. If it's an issue of loyalty from fans then I don't know why I was getting blocked, I've supported him from the first time I ever heard him and have introduced dozens of people to him. Jme said there isn't much he could do and so on. When I finished the illustration I tweeted it to JME with the following tweets:

He quote RT'd them all so that they would show up on Skeptas timeline. Skepta replied and unblocked me haha. I was pretty buzzing. He didnt reply to me asking for a postal address to send him a print. I'm guessing he thinks I'm some weird Stan now.

Either way, that's what happened.