Tuesday, 28 March 2017



I've took to talking about movies every week during mine and Nico's radio show as we broadcast on Facebook live. A friend of mine commented on the feed and recommended this to me. I don't know how it had gone under my radar previously, but it completely had. Andrew Garfield was cast as the lead. He's been good value for a while now, one of Hollywoods brighter new stars. Mel Gibson also directed the movie.

The film is pretty much a biopic of Desmond Doss's early life and service to the Army during WWII. His wikipedia page explains his heroics best: After distinguishing himself in the Battle of Okinawa, he became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honour for actions above and beyond the call of duty. He is also the only conscientious objector to receive the medal during World War II.

Now I didn't know what a 'conscientious objector' was. Apparently it is 'an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion.' In this case Doss exercised his right not to have anything to do with firearms, from basic training right through to holding one on the battle field. He aspired to be a medic with the ethos that he was going to serve his country but aim to save his countrymen's lives rather than take others. As you can imagine that didn't go down so smoothly with fellow servicemen and superiors in the 1940s and the film shows his struggle during his training. It's safe to say his platoon and superiors make it very clear how they felt about his defiance.

The film was completely gripping. Not only was it fascinating to look at the life of this interesting man, but it had all the elements a good war film should have. In places it was brutal, bleak and heavy looking at the role of a medic on the front line, as well as thought provoking and dark when exploring Desmond's complex relationship with his abusive father and which incidents in his younger life lead up to him refusing to bear arms. His father features heavily through out as a drunk, abusive ex serviceman. An interesting look into the mindset of your typical American 920s/40s husband and father. All of the main characters were thick with dimensions and seemed real. They were not in the story to serve one purpose, you seen a few different sides of each of them.

When the soldiers arrive on the front line around halfway through the movie they're met with the bleak reality of war. They're heading into the fog stepping over rotting bodies and limbs as rats scuttle about. Stuff I've never really seen in a war movie before but stuff that obviously gets seen on the front line. It was gory and didn't hide anything. The battle scenes are harrowing and intense, fast and frantic. As ever with the best war movies mind is paid to the mental health and the mindset of the platoon making for some really interesting scenes. There are scenes of complete chaos when Japanese soldiers appear through the smoke and a hand to hand battle takes place. It looked fucking scary.

The crunch gets crunchier when Desmond stays behind alone after an air strike and the withdrawal of what's left of his platoon. with what his wife describes best as 'pride and stubbornness' he works through the night tirelessly rescuing wounded soldiers and lowering them to safety down a cliff to the barracks. This really happened, he saved 75 men that night. This guys spirit is insane and they did a real good job translating it on the big screen.

The film was flawless up until the final battle scene where it all gets a bit action-movie-esque for my taste. Halfway through a scene Doss is swatting away a grenade with one hand as he volleys another back at the Japanese. I guess when making a WWII movie you have to tickle the bollocks of the veterans who will inevitably watch it, but in that instance it went from a far fetched but true tale of one mans heroics for his fellow man to a vapid Hollywood action movie that happens to be based on a true story. While I wish they never put that scene in I couldn't help but think it might be a nod to the traditional war movie style. Cinematically the film was superb, but the (surely intentionally) obvious use of green screen at times struck me as another nod to the traditional style. I'm left undecided but given how good the rest of the film was I can't see that there would be this one stinking scene in there for no reason.

All in all it was a great watch that I didn't know much about going in but thoroughly enjoyed. Hacksaw Ridge is a welcome late edition to the never ending 'greatest war movie of all time' royal rumble style discussion. It covered all the aspects you'd expect it to and still told a really remarkable story. A nice touch was a cut to archive footage of interviews and tributes of and to Desmond Doss. If you've not watched the movie, do. If you have, read his wikipedia page here.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Sally Nixon is an illustrator from Arkansas, US. I stumbled across her Instagram page the other day and fell in love with her style. Nice and graphic but she's got a real knack for pattern making. Her attention to detail is awesome too, every single little thing she draws is so full of detail. I hope you can enjoy her work too!

These are just a few of my favourite bits she's done but there's so many more to view on her Instagram and buy from her Etsy.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Yoooooo a little long time off, been a busy boy recently but here is some new Wickedland for you lot. I hope you're all well!

So Cadbury's are doing two flavours of the Egg & Spoon. Choco and Oreo. I think it's safe to say which one the public prefer haha. Rightly so, the Oreo ones are fucking divine.

I bought these hat strap things for my door, they have like little hooks on that you hang hats on. Pretty fucking nifty right? They work a treat, v happy with the purchase.

Mad stuff. London for the weekend.

I kind of envy this bloke having his little tupperware tub of nuts for the commute. Nice simple little snack for himself, healthy, light, lovely. Same way I think that's such a dead snack man. That's just dead. Rubbish. Shit.

This crep is a lot of effort isn't it. I slip my trainers off at the end of some days and think boy, my feet hurt, that's an uncomfortable days worth of wearing shoes. I think the commitment towards being a goth is unparalleled. Like you have to put so much into it, there's really no days off. it's like when you'll see the blokes in the big leather jackets in the summer. I wonder if they're thinking yeaaah yeah fucking everyone knows I'm a proper goth.

Won £20 in the casino with Jamie on Roulette. 20 big ones. 20 sheets. A purple note. Big money baby, don't look directly at it, you might get blinded. Very serious gambling going on here mate, get out of here. Don't worry about it just know we getting big money on this side baby.

Went out boozing round Soho with this rabble

Chin up mate. Look at my amazing car. Sorry your life is shit and you've not got nice things like my flash fucking car but chin up mate

We went to watch Dulwich Hamlet FC against Macclesfield Town in the FA Trophy on the Saturday.

The ground was pretty cool. We'd heard it was meant to be a right laugh down there and it really was. Despite it being the coldest place on earth.

Jamie got himself a little Dulwich Hamlet hat.

They went 2-0 after about 10 minutes but brought it back to 2-2 in what ended up being a really sick game. Tickets were only a tenner as well haha.

That's us lot at the back. Like you care. Like you can even see us anyway. I could literally just say anything here.

Jamie's glasses make him look like that mental surgeon bloke who used to dissect dead people on Channel 4. Looking back that was all a bit weird wasn't it.

We went to this grill place in Brixton Village to eat. I got this half chicken as I always do. I've never been more pissed off I didn't get ribs in my life.

Jamie's girlfriend Rosie and her friend Natalie cooked us this mexican feast on the Sunday. It was so unreal. Enchiladas and Fajitas and all sorts of other good bits.

I returned to misery, paying good money to watch Liverpool throw their season away at the King Power. It was my first match day down there since working there on a commission over summer. It was amazing to see it buzzing full of people thinking loads of them would have seen my work.

It was the first game after Ranieri had been sacked and everyone lit up their phones in tribute to him. It was a real nice touch.

I dream of a place called Pasta Shake. Pasta Shake is going to be a subway style lunchtime £5 bite, where you select what pasta you'd like, what sauce, what veg and meat and so on. 5 different size boxes and tray baked pasta. Seen as the pasta game is on ten anyway I thought lemme flip the script on them and try my hand at a pasta bake. Basically long story short Pasta Shack is gonna be nuts.

Tazmyn's laptop fit perfectly into this little bit in the bottom of this upside down chair. What a beautiful sight.

Oiiii there's a laundrette in the block I live in and there's beef haha. I love a note, especially a printed out one. I wanna write on it. Might write on it.

More time if I'm with Teeps I'm creeping, staying low

Had a nice little commissioned bit of work in Sophbeck aka Sub8Ten. It really got on my lungs down there haha.

Thanks for reading, come back again

Friday, 10 March 2017



It pains me to do this because this is my guy. I love Drake and I’ve defended him since before it was cool to like Drake. I’ve shown people old music of his over and over again when people chime up with lazy shouts about his writing ability but I’ve had it with him.

I had tickets to see Drake in Dam in January. This was the third time I had tickets to see him. I was excited because his last album Views was a triumphant return to form. I couldn’t wait. The time before when I saw him he tours Nothing Was The Same, largely an underwhelming body of work. It was a good show but the setlist wasn’t stacked with many of my favourite drizzy joints.

The time after that I had tickets to see him at Wireless and he pulled out. This pained me because he was a massive part of why I was going and obviously he was going to do a festival setlist with alllll the bangers on. That never happened. Fast forward to a WEEK before I fly out to Amsterdam and he cancels again. Some bullshit reason saying the production team have pushed it back because they want extra special effects. He didn’t push the date back a couple of months and make it financially viable to go, he pushed it back a week. There was no way I could make it.

It really pissed me off. He has a rep for cancelling and pulling out of shit, and for someone who gives it so much about how much he loves his fans and the shit he does for his fans a 33% conversion rate is piss poor. I launched an unofficial Drake strike in my head. I was simply not in the mood to listen to him. He’s one of my favourite artists and I’ve not listened to him in over 2 months now.

Add to that the fact that he announced an album that’s now 3 months late, he pouts and he’s made it ok for soft lads to buy and wear Stone Islands and he’s not really in my good books right now. I wonder if I’ll listen to him the way I did ever again.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017



So one of my New Years resolutions was to try and watch every episode of The Simpsons this year. That’s 607 over 28 series making it the longest running prime time animated series ever. You don’t need me to tell you how good The Simpsons is, but I will anyway. I was thinking about it whilst watching some of season 2 today just thinking about how it’s such an institution. I feel like I know the characters better than real people I know, they’ve been constants in my life for as long as I can remember. Another wonderful thing about the show is how it’s still fun to watch at any age. It’s been years since I’ve watched it with any great sense of regularity, and there are so many subtle jokes aimed at adults. Even a lot of the themes seem very adult now I’ve grown up. The first ever episode is about Homer struggling to scrape together the funds for his families Christmas. Man, it’s just so good. Jamie put it perfectly one time when he said to me he feels a strong sense of comfort through familiarity whenever he watches The Simpsons.


I wish glitter died in 2016. I think water aside it might be the most invasive inanimate object on earth. Actually, fuck that, it’s way more invasive than water. You can just dry water and it’s gone. Glitter will stick around. You don’t even know you’ve come into direct contact with it and you’ll be picking it off yourself 3 days later. I felt like it had a massive year, fucking EVERYTHING is glittered now. Girls have selfishly took to putting glitter in their hair. That’s mad to me, why ever would you want to do that? I have one little fleck on me and I struggle to get it off, how do you go about completely getting it out go your hair? Mad stuff that glitter.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


A little while back I started to pay mind to the difference between hearing music and listening to it. With the rise of streaming services and how easy it is to constantly be plugged in, I never really put time aside to focus all my attention on the music. I used to lie down and put a CD on, and that doesn’t happen so much anymore.

About a week ago The Orator announced a listening session for his new album 'Vernacular' and with this in mind I knew I had to attend. For this reason listening parties fascinate me. It was a very intimate affair held at the African Caribbean Centre in Highfields. This is the home of Leicester Community Radio where The Orator and Marcus Joseph host ‘Ital Lounge’, their own radio show with music and chat. The plan was to broadcast the album live and get into a discussion about it afterwards. I attended with my camera in hand and tried to capture the mood in the room. I knew it would be something special.

The project ran for 34 minutes and the room was practically silent through out. Because of this every word and note had our full concentration. If you know The Orator you’d know what to expect with this project. These rich, thought provoking, afrocentric, stirring poems intertwined with wonderful soundscapes and with that came something really original. I’ve never really heard anything like it before. He’s calling it a spoken word album, I don’t think that really does it justice. That limits it. The themes in the album are not trendy themes, they’re not contemporary. They’re themes that we’ve been discussing for generations and generations. All I can urge you to do is just listen to it for yourself and see what you think.I’m glad I gave it all my attention upon first listen.