Friday, 26 November 2010


easy, here is the third podcast, only me, jamie and max in attendance. talking our way through collected newspaper clippings from the last week, i hope you enjoy listening and enjoy your weekend.


this it my 300th post. thanks a lot, its been a ride.

this is valena in a chip shop. we had chips last saturday night.

jake dropped the shutter in goods in on my head on saturday. he caught the moment on camera.

i always love fucking about with these sweetie snakes. sometimes i put them on my shoulders and just act like i dont know they are there, then go mental when i realise.

what a headline.

i went for breakfast with ben the other morning. i thought this photo illustrated the conversation very well. i kept saying shit like 'oh mate, did you see wagner on sunday night? survived the x factor chop again didnt he?' and he would reply "foreign investors have expressed interest in buying into russian state-owned companies, the head of russia's state-owned development bank has said". silence followed.

this is the view from the uni studio over looking town. i love looking out of these windows, i can stare for ages. you can see everything.

valena brought in little oranges as a snack. i dont like oranges too much, but they looked and smelled fucking unreal.

there was a nice sunset too. this was tuesday i believe. this is the view from the other side, over looking the quay.

i went for a peri peri with max and it was really nice. the top boy was buzzing when he seen me, because he had cheesecake in. i always ask and he never has it, but he had it in that day. i got a slice of each, one strawberry and one lemon. they were both wicked and i will be getting them again.

this was on max's floor. odd innit. i dont know what the hell it is.

i dont know if i mentioned but max is driving now. after watching youtube for a bit at his we drove to asda. i love going asda, i think it is literally one of the best things i can do with my time. its nothing on the mad mile, dont worry about it.

this bullshit is out on dvd just in time for christmas. a really embarrassing woman who worked there came up and asked why i was taking a picture. i told her for a friend because he didnt believe me it was out yet, and she said not to take anymore pictures, for 'copyright reasons'. stupid old prat.

click here for a download of the "this is england 86" dvd sleeve in full high resolution. i found this on google after about 20 seconds. i hate people who dont understand how the world works now.

i thought video was completely obsolete now? i didnt know they still excised, or at least were still being sold. seriously.

this made me laugh. "stressless bath", because typically baths are a really stressful situation and if only imperial leather produced something i could put in my bath so that i could just relax. imagine getting in the bath, and instead of settling in and relaxing, you just wriggle and fidget, huffing and puffing because its so stressful. ha ha this shit made me really really laugh.

we enjoyed this. we were saying its a plausible present for someone you dont really like but you have to buy them a present. everyone loves cookies. its easy innit? manageable.

loads of smirnoff was broke at work on wednesday. they were all 1 litre bottles. it made a refreshing change for people to be getting the smirnoff smashed. loooooooooooool

john always talks to me when adverts for mens razors come on and says why dont they just make the best one they can and stop fucking around. its the same with batteries really. i dont believe that they are constantly making developments, i know they are deliberately holding back so they can sell more units but seriously, in that tesco's near work they had a new stand with "ultra power" duracell in. fuck off, just be a fucking battery. its so annoying.

made a little moustache the other night. looking good innit!

went to see jackass 3D with max and john also. it was really funny, i like that shit. some really hard slapstick in it and some good practical jokes.

spotted a sticker on a bin that read "DOG WASTE ACCEPTED IN THIS BIN" i thought since when have bins been picky? fussy eaters? fuck off. ill put whatever the fuck i like in any bin and im not having any sticker tell me different. ill just drink a can of pop and put the empty can in a recycling bin for paper only and not be bothered one bit.

and this made me laugh on the peri peri menu. lemon and herb flavour is for beginners. haha like its not a matter of preference, you gradually progress. until you are eating extra hot.
thats all really, gonna record another podcast tonight and host it tomorrow, im really busy with uni work at the minute but im going to try to put some stuff up. thanks for reading guys!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


incase you dont know, kyle has a god given gift of pulling the most brilliant faces. i wanted to photograph him for a uni project, but i will probably only end up using a couple of the pictures. from a load i picked out these as my favourites, im genuinely really proud of these photographs!

imagine how good he will be when he is old and his skin is really supple and stretchy. oh my laaard

Friday, 19 November 2010



jimlad came in as a guest this week for a little podcast. we brush over pictures on the blog, current events and this and that, i hope you enjoy.


balling queen.