Tuesday, 29 September 2009


back with another nice little video. this guy has built a replica of the leaning tower of pizza out of 12,000 jenga blocks, and alos says that he has got the guiness world record boyo's coming down next week to check it out.

gonna do a post tommorow i reckon, until then, check out this video.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


loads of different numbers in this weeks post, just noticed as i was scrolling through the pictures.

started the week with a bbq at bens. his bird was down, and she is dead nice. gus was being a slobbery chops beast, and we watched liverpool beat some nobodies 1-0.bens still got big fish in his garden.elsa came down that night, but i only got a chance to chill with him the next evening. he was well.the next day i mooched into town with billy, had a couple of uni bits to sort out. YOU AINT BIG PETE!!!!!! saw this fake guy near the charlotte.that evening, me, valena, ben and rebecca went to see funny people with adam sandler and seth rogan. (notice the chrostmas mini cheddar tub in morrisons, its begining.) the film was shit, with a weirdf had to follow plot and for a comedy, the laugh were very thin on the ground. half way through, the projector was knocked, or something and for about ten minutes every shot was upto the actors shoulders. shocking.had work the next day and after that me, blake, george, bonham, jamie and briefly jimlad went to play football tennis up vicky park on the courts. shit was fun, and the weather was fucking sick.after a quick scrub up at home, we got back together to go to georges and watch match of the day. remember when bargain booze was a bargain? not anymore!!!! £8 for 8 cans of breaker!? fucking hell. some right gruff tramp was on one of them t.v phone in things. look at her fucking makeup, bastaaard. shit was very very golden. we went to life that night, got there at about half past midnight. we got straight on it with sambuca and everything, and it wasnt long before we are getting photos of bowls of sweets and aftershave bottles. bradley was fucking killing it dead, he was a legend this night.after life, we went to firefly for one, and met joe and josh for a bit. joe accused me of being a theif because i live in braunstone, and he thought i stole a tenner off him. josh was just giggling and chilling. joe was fucked, so george took the opportunity to use him as a bench. big up mutah the taxi driver encorporating gun fingers into a wickedland W. pretty gooood.got home and i found hof and dan asleep, with TMF on the tv, pizza boxes, rizla and empty strongbow cans everywhere. good times man, who said staying in was under-rated.this was what time i got in, no joke man. i had to be up at 7.45, shit was ok though, ive been having alot of veg and bananas and orange juice recently, so i felt pretty good considering. dan got to play football this week, and good news: the goals are back up!!!! we has one match where the pitch was too big, and one where it was too small, but they were both good fun matches. jamie is going back to sheffield this week, so that was his last match of the summer. bummer.hof is more into bejewelled 2, and chilling it out on dans xbox. dan comes close, but i think hof has the current highscore.

ive just tried to check the twin galaxies high score and the closest thing i could find was the highest submitted score for the game on ps2, and that is 383,400 by a guy called tom duncan.


not really madonna, because that makes the think of a young, lucky star, borderline singing sex symbol. classic, brilliant pop music. WOTW is more all about madge. you know, too old, muscley arms, just cant seem to grasp the idea of bowing out gracefully; even though we all know she has fucked up her chances of that now.

she has gone and released yet another shite electro dance song, where she is crazy dancing in the video and beggining to look mad old man. MAD old. also, as if that isnt enough, there is another greatest hits album coming out, with fuck knows what on it. thats after immacualte collection 1 and 2.

back in the day she was wicked, but since the times of beautiful stranger its all been so steeply down hill. fuck of now madge, youve long since had your time.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


fuck me, as i just loaded up the photos for this weeks wickedland photo post extravaganzaaaa i noticed alot of the pictures involved food and drink. i need to remind myself that this isnt delia smiths blog, let alone jamie olivers. its mine. and im not a chef.

seen this deal at tesco near work? that makes them 84p each, and thats reduced. i thought that multipack cans were not for re-sale too. TOO BE SOLD AS PART OF A MULTIPACK. i see no pack, just a sticker.

went polar bear for one on thursday night after work. dan and bradley love that two at a time shit.
some nice sunset and a strangley square cloud near upperton road bridge. the weather is still pretty glorious. me and jamie had a grime night at mine, temporarily crashed by george and blake, and then they went out. i also found out that the indian supermarket near royal chicken has been selling black grapes the whole time. i got a bottle of that thing innit. gonna get another one in a bit.man, we got the oldies out. i also heard that they are making lord of the mics 3, and that ghetto is gonna clash p money. its funny, because just that night me and jamie were on about how there is no good clashes these days.

here's what we were watching, crazy titch vs bruza (lotm1) and skepta vs devilman (lotm2)

at work i noticed that jack daniels have made a spelling mistake on 250,000 boxes sent out to all over the u.k. sqaure instead of square. milli and hof were telling me that night that they might be worth a bit, and then we spoke about buying a boat. (i spent a little while just now trying to spell yahct, or yatch or whatever.)

i was walking with kyle, hof, milli and valena to go to nat's house warming party/ nat's housemates birthday. it was a sitting down affair, but the drinks were flowing, so it beat staying in, (although there was a good programme on match of the day that night.) nat and her house mates made a bowl of tropical fruit punch and valena was chomping the fruit like nobodies business. she was fucked that night.
ever pretencious jamie campbell got some sushi from tesco garage on the way to football this week. when we got to the feild, he made sure everyone saw it. football was still good this week, great turn out. dan is playing this weekend and as it is jamies last weekend in lesta, he wants to do olders vs youngers again. yeah boy. that night valena made stuffed peppers, stuffed with pork mince and rice. they were fucking lovely. she has got virgin, so we watched some on demand tv and chilled.hat-trick tonight orrrrrthis is the contempt look of two young men ready to embark on a journey. thats right, i bit the bullet and went to do my asda shopping. i got some nice things, but nothing quiet as nice as....cremy! the banana flavour wheat cereal. i hate it how rascist these kind of old style designs can be. just because it has a young black lad on the box, it means it has to be banana flavour. i couldnt find stawberry or any other flavour for the life of me.this is a nice portrait of how the world is chaging, dont you reckon? SAT NAV? FUCKING SAT NAV? when you think of a typical car booter, do you think of a ayo-technology head? me neither. how modern.ergh!!!!! waaaaay too much. i know what you are thinking. surely just brother and sister, out on a little walk. no way, or atleast i hope not thought me and hof when we saw the lad grope the arse of the girl. awful. they were both so pale and pastie looking. that evening, fresh with shopping from asda, i made that chicken and rice dinner for valena. i think it was the best one i ever done. i used red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, brown rice, chicken breasts (he he) peas, some jamaican seasoning, salt and lemon juice (pictured). fuck me it was delicious.when i went to the bank yesterday, i saw drogba in town. this was the best photo i could get seen as he was a massive bloke, and was looking at me like he could eat me for a snack. deffo him though, ask no questions.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


bad news guys, patrick swayze died of cancer in the small hours last night. 

be carful that your not thinking of david hasslehof. i put in a picture of him in his younger, happier days, and also a embedded youtube video of "she's like the wind" from dirty dancing. as ever with the death of celebrities, john broke the news, and ironically, today is the anniversary of johns birthday.

happy birthday john, RIP patrick.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


fuck that place, and fuck fat little children. i love youtube though.


oh how i love mozilla and its silly games it plays. you know like when your busy blogging and it underlines everything you write, just to be like "fuck your rules, actually."

anyway. you know its supposed to be a good post when it opens with a photo of Dwayne wearing a top that says "mountaintop motel massacre". you wrong i reckon. its been ok, normal usual shit has been happening.

me and dan went to court, i did stock take at work, and saw inglorious basterds.

i saw a really dead bird. oh, see how it has stopped now? what a funny thing ay. fuck off.
yeah deadout on the pavement.
went to see inglorious basterds with valena, seb and dani (they are on my course and are sharing a house with valena this year.) it was fucking brilliant with a really good story and twists and turns and i wasnt even sure what was going to happen in the end. loads of good violence too.

speaking of good violence, we saw loads of runescape, level 20 swordsman zelda fucking lord of the rings bitches walking into town in costume for some fantasy bullshit. two kindly posed, throwing up a W.
went to a bit shit house party for about an hour on saturday. loads of posh indy lads there well too drunk. the strobe was the best thing about it.
bonham wore another smashing top to football this sunday. nice bears. we drove around thinking of different clothes for a bit after he took me home. football was really good, like the week before.
do we look tired? yes we do. thats because we were brought before the magistrates court of law an nine in the morning. not knowing our fate, we trecked into town only to find out that we had turned up on the wrong day. we went the day after and everything was fine.

we were there for evation of coucil tax payments, and i dont have to pay it because ive got an exemption form. such that, world.
the narbs co-op is getting a massive refurb. still an overpriced shit-hole with fucking nothing good in it.
YOU AINT JR! hof is always grilling jr alikes stood in town who cast iregular shadows. this guys ticks all the boxes of the above statement.
valenas sink was blocked at her new house, so hof, scoring man points in the process got right stuck into it and finger the solidified fats out from the pipe under the sink. it stunk and there was chunks of fuck knows what coming out too.
stock take all day yesterday at work, were we literally count every single thing in the store, and then re-count it off the read we got back. i spent most of my day yesterday looking at this little machine, we were there until gone 9.
however!!! that evening i was recording with darryl and a really nice guy called perry. we got two vocals down for my next mixtape and darryl is mixing them today. this is a picture of him showing me a video that i have kindly embedded below. check the mental out.

valena got some pretty wicked royal chicken earlier, that shit is so good man. she had a strips burger with cheese and chilli sauce for one pound. thats your value right there.

wait... thats a bit tiny for one pound and five pence...there must be a mistake...
have a closer look dan, oh no, hang on... they are all that size. which brings me to this cunt...

WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - KEN McMEIKAN (Chief Executive of Greggs Bakery)

remember the glory days when it used to go so hard? you could be looking at two sausages rolls for a pound, and they were a damn site longer, and when you got a steak bake, it wasnt just some pussyhole gravy based sauce between two luke warm peices of pastry, no. it actually had steak inside it. when you got a sausage and bean melt, it wasnt a beans and sausage melt. pizza bread seemed to last for hours, and you got some fucking change back.

now, all of a sudden the fucking whole place has become a joke, no longer the glorious pastry based all you can eat that once had a firm grasp on my regular diet. an excuse, a limp, half hearted attempt to fill the boots of the greggs we all know and love from yester year.
this is the fucking prick stood at the top of the pile. bossman. top boy. incharge of trebling prices and halfing sizes (and slices) at greggs.

listen, ken. i couldnt give two fucks if the service of your staff is always second to none (including the crackhead bird who works in the tramp one next to argos). we, and i feel i speak on behalf of everyone when i say, want greggs to be decent again, you smooth headed twat.

SORT THE FUCKER OUT!!!! some new drawings just below this post, get stuck in.