Monday, 29 February 2016


My guest this week is Frank Suarez, a Wickedland podcast veteran. We talk about #BritsSoWhite, #FreeKesha, Drake signing to BBK, dentists, the EU referendum, Facebooks new 'reactions' feature and more.

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Friday, 26 February 2016



Do you know who this guy is? He's in a circle of comedians and podcasters that I'm plugged into. Josh 'The Fat Jew' Ostrovsky is a 34 year old from New York and he has a popping Instagram account with 7.8 million followers. He describes himself as an 'American pop culture commentator'. His whole persona is based off stealing other peoples tweets and memes and passing them off as his own. You scroll his Instagram account and each post is accompanied by a little caption. He'll take the time to crop out the original posters identity and pass off the tweets and memes as his own.

Some people think he is a sick social commentator, where as typically comedians tend to think he is a dick. There has been controversy before regarding him reposting and widely publicising material other comics had put out that was taken from their stand up routines. Since I've been aware of who he is I've seen countless people out him for this stuff and he literally doesn't care. Kind of admits to it in the media and still gets paid from his various revenue streams so he laughs it off.

In short, things are going pretty well for him. He's received a bunch of TV work, cameos in films and got a job as a reporter on E! all off the back of this curated content. Isn't that mad? Like he actually isn't at all humorous and is earning a living from stealing other peoples jokes. I read earlier that he receives $6,000 per sponsored post on his Instagram. After saying he wouldn't want to go into stand up comedy he spoke about how his Instagram is 'more like performance art than comedy'. Haha imagine that, what a cunt. Finally, just look at the bloke. Clearly a wasteman.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Yooooooo what's going on people? Even though it was bitterly cold today I feel like we are on the way up. Like it might be light when you leave work tomorrow. Hopefully we actually get a summer this year. Time will tell. Here's a few bits from either side of my trip to Amsterdam.

Did you see Zouma's made injury the other week? Fucking horrible. I can't imagine how mad that must feel

Seeing these pictures is making me realise how long it's been since I did one of these posts. I cooked this and it was fucking gorgeous. Mad how asparagus makes your piss stink though isn't it.

I went for food on my birthday with my mum and my little sister. Look at how fucking excited my mum is at the prospect of being on my blog hahaha big up mum, eeeeeearly wickedlander

I went to watch Kanyes Yeezy Season 3 launch party at MGS at the Showcase with Darryl. It was really weird, like he basically debuted his new album from a laptop, while models modelled his new range. It was sick, kind of iconic. The whole thing was shot really nicely.

Especially given it was my birthday and we were in the cinema getting pissed up I think I'll remember my first listen to this album for a long time. With new albums from my favourite artists I always try and dedicate some complete attention to them on first listen, and with this is was a cool way to first hear TLOP

Went for a birthday sloz at Orange Tree. Mitch made me the strongest long island. I was hammered by the time we left.

Darryl got us a couple of shots of this peanut liqueur and it was fucking blinding. It went down really nicely and just tasted a bit like a snickers you could drink and get pissed off it. Get some next time you see it.

I tweeted this photo of Brad when we linked up before our flight. Oz (the guy I work with) photoshopped the following versions haha. How much fun. Imagine being alive in an age where we didn't have the internet and photoshop. Load of rubbish.

I can't remember when this guys hat said, it was a few letters, but it was one of those fitted hats with the big metal bolted on letters like what footballers or Floyd Mayweather wear. Very mental

Still ouchea

There is this woman who sells the Big Issue near St Martins Square who occasionally plays the accordion. Considering how much I usually dislike buskers in the street she fucking shreds on this thing. I don't give a fuck about her Big Issue, but if she's on this thing I'll always chuck her a couple of quid. She doesn't like me to take photos of her regardless.

Croques are really taking the piss these days. I'd rather they just didn't bother giving me these, they look so pathetic and rubbish.

I fucking love Instanbul you know, I just wanna eat there every single day. I tell everyone to go here and there is literally no excuse if you haven't already been. Like you have to eat every single day of your life to stay alive so just go and eat the food from here. It's easy.

It was a right jolly old time.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


My guest this week is Rickie Belfield, a DJ and radio presenter from Leicester. We talk about Stephen Fry quitting twitter, The Grammys, Apples letter to the FBI, Chip v Yungun, Amazon, evangelic healers and much more.

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Friday, 19 February 2016



He's not had the best 12 months really has he. Finally got to face his arch rival, lost, and now this. Manny has been all over the news this week after a clip from an interview surfaced when he says 'If you have male on male or female on female relationships then humans are worse than animals'. This comes off the back of his explaining his beliefs are so because he is a christian. As you can imagine these comments have caused quite the media frenzy.

This also led to Nike dropping him after an 8 year deal. Kind of convenient on their part given they have overlooked similar comments before from him, and especially now he is on the scraphead. Smart move from them to distance themselves from this. It's a shame because Manny Pacquiao has always been seen as the smiling nice guy who come from absolutely nothing to world super stardom and insane riches. No wonder he had the backing of companies as big as Nike, I imagine the rags to riches rhetoric is a hugely marketable angle for a brand of that size.

As if it wasn't all enough of a mess he then came out in his own defence and said 'People are alarmed by the truth', and really put that fucking icing on the cake. He's at the level of stardom where even people who do not follow boxing know his name, and given the coverage his recent comments have had, I'm sure there's plenty of members of the general public who are going to remember him for the things he's said rather than his triumphs in the ring.

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Yoooo I flew off to Dam this weekend with a few real ones, here's a few things I bothered to take pictures of. On review I haven't got loads of amazing photos of everything I saw and did because we were all pretty fucked all weekend haha.

The flight is mental, like I knew it was short but you're hardly in the air. We spent longer sat waiting to go than in the air.

I'm 3 photos down already and I'm realising I'm not giving you much as far as commentary goes. I've gone back and wrote in some stuff so that won't make any sense. You don't really even need me here to tell you that this is a photo of me and the guys I went with out for dinner do you?

I took a load of Wickedland stickers and plastered them all over the place.

My sister told me about the street food and how it's an insane paradise for hungry stoners. She wasn't wrong.

More red light district WL stickers

This sandwich I had the next day was so nice. I never have salad at home but if ever I get it with shit like this I'm always buzzing.

This was some triple decker grilled sandwich with chicken, bacon and a load of other stuff. It was so nice.

Queers bar. Jamie and Max look like a firm or something, in their olive coats and adidas shoes hahaha. Queers away

The graffiti was ok. I guess there is such a high footfall everywhere all hours there isn't much room to get up in Dam central. I regret not taking more photos of the buildings.

This is such a weird blog post because it's not like I'm really lifting the lid on anything sensational is it, like everyone has been to Dam and knows what it's like

This made me laugh. Surely this would make pisshead brit abroad yobs wanna specifically piss on your door out of defiance.

Basically an easier way to think of me is as a tastemaker for Maxs instagram. Anything that's not cats you can bank on the fact I probably drew his attention to it.

This might be my favourite photo I took all weekend. I love the composition and with the owner pissing himself in the background. On Saturday when Brad, Tom and Dan went to the Heineken Experience myself, Max and Jamie went for a mooch around the city.

Everywhere was battered with stickers. The city had such a thick personality.

Can we get these everywhere please @McDonalds? Serious game changer.

This was the Maestro burger. I wish I kept some sort of log of all the different McDonalds I'd had in different countries. I guess I do, and this blog is it. So what, shut up, I can't be arsed to go back and compile it all. Check out those fries though. Weird right? Like proper chips with mayo.

It was very good.

They had these little places that vended individual burgers that were a couple of euros each. 

Loooooutish Briiiiiiits abroooooad, we are the looooooutish Briiiiiits abroaaaad

Bradley killed it, he ordered 3 McDonalds after this night out and sat and battered the lot. What a time to be alive

All those little street vendor places had these hotdogs with loads of toppings that were cooked and then they like recook them in this oven. This was a 'chicken and spicy' one. They were €5 and worth every cent.

I also had this pretty notable brownie cheesecake. I'd get so fucking fat if I lived there.

That's your lot! If you've been, I get it now, what a wonderful little place. If you've not, go! I'm already planning my second trip. Thanks for reading

Monday, 15 February 2016


My guest this week is Boston 'The Orator' Williams. Among many other things Boston is a spoken word artist from Leicester. We speak about my birthday weekend in Dam and smoking for the first time, Skepta's new single and direction, Kanye's album, the Leicester art scene and a load of other stuff.

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Friday, 12 February 2016



It's heartbreaking when I have to write this shit about someone I actually like. I usually sleep far less on weekends than during the week. Given the nature of the industry I work in I don't have to be at the office until 10am. However, on weekends I get far less sleep. I usually MC at a nightclub on Friday until about 5/6am, my bodyclock kindly wakes me up at 9am the following morning. Then if I decide to stay up and do anything Saturday night (like I did this Saturday) I have the pleasure of waking up at 8am to get ready to play football Sunday morning. It was no secret that this Sunday night (GMT) played host to Super Bowl 50, meaning I stayed up until 4am Monday morning.

So when I got to the office at 10am Monday on a collective 13(ish) hours sleep over the last 3 nights I wasn't best thrilled to remember that The Game was coming to Blueprint (formerly Liquid & Envy) to perform a PA. I sucked it up, got on with it and figured if he is on stage around 1/1:30 I could be back in bed by 2:30, and get a solid 6 and a half hours in, drink a lot of Lucozade all day Tuesday. I got to the club as planned at 12:45, spoke to a friend who was photographing the event who told me the planned stage time was 1:30, everything was running smoothly.

So The Game eventually shows up. He had been at a tour date in Birmingham that night and this was the official after party. A club appearance and PA were promised. It got to 1:30 ...It got to 2:30. People grew restless. The Game was in a roped off area drinking and chilling. People were gathered watching him drink and chill (a bit weird but whatever). Next thing you know it's 3:15 and you look over and there is no big crowd of people there anymore. He had moved up to another VIP area out of sight. A friend of mine who had VIP access told me he saw him exit through the back and go back on his tourbus. I found a promotor and confirmed that he was not performing anymore. I guess the incident was someone kicking off with him or his team for allowing it to get to 3am and there being no live performance.

I walked home VERY tired and very upset. I love The Game, I end up listening to him in some degree most days and have done for the last however many years. But to think he came to a different city, came to a club to perform, sat about drinking and procrastinating and then found a reason to exit in a huff makes me think he's a dickhead. Not the best start to my week, he's been nailed on since Monday.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016