Monday, 25 August 2008


im going there for two weeks with my family and im gonna find Maddy McCann and get rich. so i wont be posting for a fortnight, but when i get back i should have a nice big post of drawings and photographs. here are some drawings and there is a picture post below this of new things to give you something to look at and ill be back in 14 days.

cheers mates.


yo! its a pretty big photo post today, ive been upto a fair bit. bowling, jr's house warming, alton towers and that!

so yeah, as spoke of previously, i went bowling with my little cousin. a cained him, he was rubbish, he took this picture. later that day, i went to the dentist to get one massive filling, one small filling and two x-rays, costing me about £160!
and at night it was jr's house warming party. his new flat is across the road from rickys old one, so pop over sometime. everyone was throwing up the W's.
jr has this massive ddie murphy cardboard cutout, so we all took a lot of photos with it. this is me, john burke and ezoworld.
soul brothers.
billy and kyle played a punching game. click the video for a watch, its well worth it!

also, aaron over heard eddie talking some shit about aaron, he went a bit mad. in town the next day it was one of them days where it rains and it was well well sunny too. it smelt well nice!
birdman just chilling out side mcdonalds.
inside however, the writing on the wall had to been cut off by seats, and on our table it read "G unit." you like that?
natalie doesnt work at that agency anymore, and all her turkish sandwich packer temp workers brought her in last day presents. one guy brought in three cartons of this stuff, on the back it read "turkish youguht and water drink with added salt." it tasted like salty rotten milk.
i seen this lad, who had a massive patch of his hair gelled up and the rest proper down.
at alton towers yesterday, it was well well to packed to get on many rides, i only went on about four. you know how everyone is wearing them new mister men t-shirts? mr lazy, mr. peedo, mr.racism? well i seen a women wearing a really old fashioned mr.grumpy one, it was wicked.

i tried to get a photo of me and sammy going through the loop on the corkscrew, but this is the best i got. the worker put his hand in the way and simply said "you cant take pictures mate"
the mental queues.
i went on oblivion with sammys sister lauren. it was fucking horrible.
and there was a massive chair too.
today, me and sammy went to tesco garage and she brought us loads of stuff to take back to mine and eat all up. a feel sick now!
channel 4 used to be really good for comedy in its prime and still is now and again. we all know on a friday night the slot between big brother evictions is what they consider gold. well recently you will find me turning over to bbc2 for q.i because of this cunt. shitty, half arsed, completely unfunny impression sketches of celebrities compiled into a package the comedy twats at channel 4 called simply "the kevin bishop show". now as Will in those adverts, the guy comes across as an alright little blokey, pointing out the sence and that, but this is just plain old unfunny shite. i mean, your never gonna be able to make bo selecta mate, not with this or with "star stories", that was shit too. why do people keep making programmes taking the piss out of celebrities, nobody cares. the thing what gets me the most is it got alright reviews aswell, fuck knows how.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


because im taking my little cousin later, he is staying with us for a week or so. i also went to the football, played a good big match with loadsa people and done a show at the shed.

this is sammy on her way to the football, only one stand was open, but it was good! it was the tuesday night match in the cup against stockport county, we won 1-0.

after spitting at the carnival, i spoke to this bloke and he wants me to do some work with this youth bus thing, its basically a grime open mic and a dj thats draws in about 50 teenagers a session off the streets the watch, so i went down last wednesday to have a look and this was what it was like.

so i got a large mcdonalds, and you get these wicked free glasses, as modelled by sammy.
it was raining a bit this week too, and everyone was going mad, wearing massive jackets.
i turned into rat-faced-boy.
this was the said football match. our team (aaron, george, john burke, myself, ashley barton and beaver) beat the other team (blake, another lad who i cant remember the name of who was friends with john b and george and that, tom evo, dan, brad and kyle) 6-4. it was a good match. daniel really hurt his ankle, went to see the doctor and he isnt allowed to walk for days.

there is nothing in the world like getting in and watching hasslehoff singing, look at his face.
on monday night, i was supporting the www . generation. they were really really good man!
this is me doing 24/7 & illegal from don dilla two, get it from 2funky now!

i was sat in subway yesterday and there was this bell that just says "please ring for assistant". i looked and it just went up into the ceiling, and that was it. no clues. a pressed it and nothing happened.
my cousin Logan is staying with me for a bit, ive just been sitting watching kids cartoons with him, they turn my head to mush.
i cant stand this div man! if you watch hollyoaks at all and this fucking twat is in it, all he does is be proper sly and nasty to everyone. he is like one of those gay guys who thinks because he is gay he wont get punched, so he can say what he likes. i understand that this, annoying as it is is just his character, but there must be an element of truth in there somewhere, because he plays it so believeably. the most annoying thing though is his fucking ridiculous eamond-holmes-esc plastic paddy accent, thats really. his voice feels like getting slapped in the face so hard.

thats the lot for this week, ill get another drawing post up soon. inabitttttttttttt

Monday, 11 August 2008


not many drawings but hey hey! i might be doing some work from the coucil illustrating. ive got to take in a portfolio tommorow and then we can see how it goes.


Alright then? its been an ok week, ive been busy busy busy, doing extra working, sorting out more extra work and loads of other stuff!

i sat with natalie and made up all my cd's. my DON DILLA 2 mixtape is out now, either from 2funky for £3 or from me for £2. click here to go to my music myspace.

i think ill be doing a set on the 18th of august at the shed with the www dot generation, so come and see me!so yeah, go out and cop that! i seen this guys wicked paint coveed trousers and shoes in town. also, there was this bare-footed, sunglasses sporting, hawaii shirt clad badman checking out all the mature asain sari covered poomtang he could lay eyes on.
i got soaked the other night.
but sammy got me an irn bru to make it ok again.
in other news, i had a maryland for the first time in ages with rose and liam. natalie has moved back into my house too.

i watched a good film too "o brother, where art thou?" there is really good word play through out, and there is one particualr scene where george clooney turns to the middle bloke when having a moan about his wife and says "woman be the most fiendish instrumental of torture ever to be-devil the days of man" dont you think thats good?


its dragons den season, as there is fuck all else on, and this little slice does my head in. theo goes to her "ill pay you £1.50 for you to put a 70% share of my balls in your throat!" just before BANNATIME goes "im out." she has no money and never invests in anything. the only reason she is there is for sexual equality and all that bullshit.