Friday, 29 October 2010


so johns moved in, in some respects ive had a busy week, in others its been pretty chilling. john bought a massive tv for the living room as you can see below, but we still cant get tv to work on it, we reckon something with the ariel.


i love greetings card sense of humour. this really made me crack up. it was in a WHSmiths in victoria station, london. i was on my way to Bournemouth last saturday to play the o2 arena with darryl!

this was how mental it was downstairs, pure big names were on, we were on upstairs, and it wasnt so busy.

slept at a flat darryls band are sharing in london for a couple of weeks working on recording an album. these are nialls and daz's feet keeping warm overnight.

mandatory 'trip to london' underground photograph.

i saw this lad. for anyone who cant quiet make it out, its one of those "the man, the legend" t-shirts. if i was him, i would stick to buying 'my chemical romance' t-shirts, because he really doesn't have enough clout to pull this off does he? do you really think he could possibly begin to describe his dick as a 'legend' in actuality? im just going to hazard a guess, but i think fucking him would be like getting fucked by a 12 year old girl.

max had a really nice looking chicken kebab and chips from tj's the other night too. i saw night, it was nearer midday, max's life slips in and out of being un control and just going mental. in other fast food news royal chicken remains closed for the time being. :( i think its dead.

john who left x factor is a cross between d-double and p money facially.

nat had a rank can of coca cola. even though its the same liquid inside, i would rather drink from a can with our script on. am i a racist for that?

double team was brilliant by the way, thanks for asking.

seen this bellend too. it was a miserable, cold day, as the top half of his body suggests. seeing a woolly hat teamed with shorts is on par with woolly hat t-shirt combo. fuck off, get practical.

gazza is a twat for a curry aint he? remember when he got involved with raul moat? he had a curry on the go then. i sent this picture to john when i saw it, and john messaged me back saying 'its such a shit gimmick' and thats what it is. he wants to be known as some curry guy.

speaking of curry guys, here is john in peri peri.

i had peanut butter and jam on toast for breakfast yesterday morning. it was perfect.

dave, sasi and keiran came over last night. dave had a little surprise, he pulled out the old booker top, much to the approval of the present current colleagues. we got a few drinks, (including russian power, pictured), went dominoes pizza and watch last weekends UFC 120, which i illegally downloaded from the internet. it was another good night in my life.
thats the lot really. also, i had a lovely night midweek with valena, where we sandwiched a nice chinese meal between 2 films, the social network and paranormal activity 2. both films were good fun, i really enjoyed the pair of them. it was our two years, so i just felt it a bit tasteless to be snapping away all night.
ill post a 'good innit' when i can be bothered. im off the watch a louie theroux documentary. cheers!!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


here are some drawings from the last couple days. thankyou for looking, ill do a weekly post tommorow. cheeeers guuuuys!

gallas signing for west ham.

also, look at this.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


i mocked up a page of what the wickedland fanzine might look like for my lesson yesterday, im well looking forward to getting it finished. here it is.

and just for good measure

Friday, 22 October 2010


out of 7 syllables in the title of this post 6 of them rhyme. i was happy with that.

afternoon! its proper cold in my flat, ive got the heating on but im still freezing. ive got so much uni work to do its embarrassing. i need to get my priorities in order. anyway, here are photos of whats been going on.

kyle was furious about something last week, i cant remember what, but he was fucking fuuuuuuming.

i had a bird eye microwave lasagna for lunch on saturday. on the box it looked unreal, a thing of beauty. the actual product was far from that in fact. still tasted pretty good though. im going to die of a heart attack at around 25.

chilling style at work, dont worry about it.

saturday evening a few of us went round max's to chill and watch the football. we ordered from the pizza hut that has just opened on hinckley road, it was a joke, they fucked up the order, but my pizza was perfect. it was half price and delicious too, look at it. look at the colours involved. wonderful.

sunday morning was ridiculously cold, first frost (to my knowledge) this side of last winter. wednesday was a hype too, pure freezing shit.

we have got a good little crew of booker biker boys now. roll home after work all wearing the booker blues, cutting up traffic and robbing grandmas handbags. think of a cross between the warriors and stand by me and your getting close.

DMU street law society? really? are you not more into just doing real things in your spare time? what the fuck is street law anyway? what does it mean? i dont think it will catch on like street dance did. fucking uni student, they have to try and make everything boring cool somehow dont they.

* embarrassing side note:

as you can tell by the look of the picture, my camera flash went off in the middle of the library and the girl in the photo turned around. i felt her eyes burning through me, and i was aimlessly stood walking right behind her. i didnt look at her, i just pulled a chair up to the computer next to her, failed a log in attempt and walked off.

this was a lunch i had in the week. good innit. ive moved up to big man portions now, two tesco pasta pots aint a game. i take this so so seriously.

also in consumption news, i spent £5 on a double sailors and coke. the one redeeming factor was that it was the old kind, and it tasted so so good. there were all kinds of £1 drink offers, i was balling though, no rules.

tuesday night darryl was doing some innovation shit. exporting tracks from logic as we played out, risking a complete crash of his laptop and a cut out in the music. luckily enough everything went fine and he played the exported tune out as i kept shouting "world exclusive!" "world premier!"

black jack bars are very cunning how they only fill two thirds of the wrapper. i was not best pleased.

greggs is a rip off too innit? i remember i used to go greggs on lunch from college and spend 2 pounds, and be so full and happy. now, you simply wouldnt get away with it. 59p for a sausage roll? they are half the size they used to be too. some baked bullshit.

me and dan were laughing at these shit shoes in irish yesterday too. i hate hippie shit like this. ive been thinking about it recently, and i think hippies and new age hippies are my worst demographic. closely followed by students and then people who live on the dole.

on the packaging for this footwear it said "these are not shoes, they are sandals" like as if that is proving something or achieving something. jog on.

kyle turned 22 yesterday too, so a few of us went to the pub for a drink. to celebrate we balanced a glass just inside the rim of another pint glass with a bottle sitting on top. happy birthday.

poor old wayne rooney. always getting battered by the media innit? "thick yob". some would argue he is a very clever man seen that he has managed to a mass a fortune from doing what is essentially a hobby everyday. in my eyes, this in a sense makes him a lot smarter than a shirt and tie with 10 GSCE's stuck in a dead end office job who hates his life but always scores highly on pub quizzes.

danny dyer stars in sin city 2. oh wait, no he doesnt.

i rented this piece of cinematic genius too. i look forward to watching this.
i hate going in video box, all the workers are so drippy and crap. they never have the films you want. i always spend ages picking then when i make my selection i take the display case to the counter and they reply "we dont have that, sorry". i cant help but think if i was working there, rather than just standing there, i would pop around the counter and pull off the display cases that are out for films we didnt have.

co op is a shit company too. 63p for the new shite dairy milk bar 'bliss'? maybe it should be called 'shit'. i bought one and it was fucking rubbish.

royal chicken has had its shutter down for around 4 or 5 days now, im getting more and more worried. i hope everything is ok, i cant imagine if it shut down.

also on narborough road, the weather belonged to january today. it was proper bright and sunny, but very sharp and cold with no wind. i like this kind of weather.
thankyou for reading, ill be posting some stuff soon, maybe over the weekend. cheerio!

Monday, 18 October 2010


a couple you tube football joints ive found and enjoyed.

^this guy is fucking mental, look at how good his close control is.

apparently his behaviour off the pitch was what stopped him being renowned as one of the best players ever. he used to do shit like just not turn up to matches for being on a bender.

also, in a friendly against a team of presidential candidates, the bolivian president took out his anger of a harsh tackle on a team mate on the nearest member of the opposing team. BOOM

Sunday, 17 October 2010