Tuesday, 30 December 2008


sam elliott in his college days. hof copus now.
elsa and kylehof (top) and elsa (bottom)and me by kyle.


MERRY CRIMBO YOU DICKHEAD. its been christmas, and its still cold and that. here is josh. we went orange tree christmas eve, with some crew i said "let me take a picture of your face for my blog" his is http://www.quayforever.blogspot.com/

hof claus was repping.when we went to firefly after, they had free mince pies on the top, i swiped what i thought was the last one and their was just the sign left on the top. jimlad walked in with the steez of a great man and just ordered one now, being that there is still a sign saying "free mince pies at the the bar". the bar staff realised who it was and russelled one up, jimlad took a bite and posed for a flick as astounded onlookers watched on. yeah mate you look wicked.i seen a man wearing one of them all in one jumper and skirt things that some religion wears, but it was like made out of rubber, like an all seasons, bad boy weather proof thing.do you know about maryland boxes? also, they have printed menu's in store now what you can take away with you.i love doing this.yesterday, bare lads got together for football, it was so wicked. TOP ROW L-R tom, ben, brad, eric, jr, dan, john b, jimlad, max, blake & ryan (behind everyone.) BOTTOM ROW L-R danny, jamie, potter, sam, george, jamie & bonham.sore as fucking anything, me, max and jr walked from riverside down to maryland, and had it biiiiig. everyone else got in cars and that, but we was like, you know what, we are gonna have bare full stomaches. we tackled the big subjects over a business lunch. jr chipped off and me and max walked to blakes.when we got their, feeling all smug and happy with our selves it was only about 10 minutes before blake headed out and got bare maryland for everyone. do you know about being killed? jamie got on some next burger, as we sat and watched some of the girls aloud top 10 & mankillers of africa.

WASTEGUYS OF THE WEEK - the cast of skins.

exciting new youth aimed, made by the youth for the youth drama (e4!) youth tv show starting (youth). did anyone ever wacth this shit? again, obviously the people in it are dickheads, but more so the people who liked this shit are waaaaste. how posh was everyone in it? and they all dress like right dickheads. about a boy has a face like a kiddy-fiddler and none of the fucking girls are fit. and then you have literally some of the worst acting ever seen, it was just dreadful. but still evryone thought it was so fucking round breaking, and bummed the shit out of it. you only like this if you are 1) posh or 2) lost. the thing is, it just wont fuck off. i went on my space a minute ago, and it fucking popped up that its starting again, i wanted to kill E4. YOUTH DEMOGRAPHIXXX APPEAL!!!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


YEAH YEAH. my computer has been all fixed now, so ive got internet at home again now, for how long i dunnnno! aol are dickheads, ive spent about a collective hour on the phone to helpline. they are cunts. this week has been sick, everyone is back in the bits, and chilling getting ready for christmas.

about a week ago, i was in somerfield and the most mental thing ive seen in ages happened. this woman infront of us was shopping and asked for another bag. she had about 12 things or so, and went to double bag them. the woman on the till turned to her and said "we dont allow double bagging" and pulled her bags apart. the shopper couldnt understand why she would give her another bag if not. the woman on the till said it was one of the supermarkets green policies, and they cannot double bag shopping. the shopper looked well hard, and was like "your not double bagging it, i am, if your gonna give me two bags, how does it matter how i carry my shopping" and started loading up the double bagged carrier bags with her shopping. as she did this, the till assistant was taking the shopping out going "we dont allow double bagging!" the shopper told the women to call her manager, and she did. the shopper was talking to the manager, and the till assistant went to talk over what she was saying like such a little kid, and the shopper turned round and said shut your fucking mouth, im talking. and the manager told the till operator that it was ok just this once. she turned round to another till assistant and said "why are we told to do one thing, but made to do another?" fucking little baby dickhead, then when she served us and had a proper attitude. DEEERKHEAD. we double bagged.

town was mad packed because of christmas shopping maaaani got that ps2 off nathan at work, and my mum got a kfc in, so i had a real good night with kyle playing a bit of fifa 2004 yes boy.remember the old liberty statue that used to be ontop of what is now liberty halls? they have rebuilt it into some statue down that sort of way. i was like wooooooooooah i remember you!in tesco garage with billy. speaking of this shit, this guy who works there sorted me old some free brownies last night, because he was just going to through them out. bare safe, as we put them straight into my bag he pointed at the other till assistant and said "dont tell him".you dont know about hellnight just hanging out at billys house in a dark corner with a bucket and spade.yes booooooooooooooooooooy, bare people chilling at blake and johns to watch the liverpool arsenal match. feeling dat dat datjimlad and jamie were all like "thats never a sending off" im like "it is, dreadful football"elsa boy and kyle come, so we got a madman bare people flick, eric was hidden behind me too.so for a fiver a head, bare people played poker later, it was right fun. elliott only learnt how to play about 10 minutes before we played and was laying on some biiiig bluffs earning mad chips i swearr.george couldnt look.W. i won man, 40 quid and my fiver back, sooo. all the lads wouldnt let me get a flick of my chips, this is like best one i got!yeah, last night i chilled with hof, kyle and bubbler. we were at mine when i was getting in a bare bad mood over AOL, we ate a nice dinner what my mum made for us, and then chipped to hof and logans house to chill. watched a couple films, drew pictures of each others faces, i will post them up next time im round hofs to get flicks.


what does that shit stand for anyway? fuck this dickhead bitch to the max. mad, out there original style of dressing, the bitch can go and live on the moon. the beat on paper planes is nice, but not mad nice. have you ever seen this dickhead live? her stage shows are stupid, just trying to be original and crazy. she is the modern version of the word random. you know at the end of paper planes when she is like "more records than KGB sooooo.....no funny businessssss" in some stupid voice? i seriously fucking hate this crankie. reminds me of dickhead drum and bass women who smoke weed and where combat trousers.

done done, ill put some nice drawings up soon, have a wicked christmas ay, and sign the guestbook!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


i got an A yesterday. im in the library at uni now still having to do it from here, because my computer is fucking wrecked. im backing up files this week, back to factory settings you fuckeer. so i came up to the library and i forgot my nus card to scan through, so i started signing in and this old boy was hating it. then he was asking me questions, he was like whats your p number? so i gave him it, he tapped it into the computer, asked me if i had any i.d, i obviously didnt because i had forgot my wallet, he just couldnt get this. now i know for fact that it brings up your full name and d.o.b on the screen, but that wasnt enough. i was like is there no way i can get in? and he was like no. i said to him that its a university, im here to study, i need to study and that by him not letting me in, he is hindering the very point of there being a student library. he was like "not my problem". fuck off. i just borrowed valenas card from class and walked straight past the goggle eyed cunt. watch him come up behind me and read all this shit.ok, so birdman was feeding all the birds. we (the uni crewdem and billy, kyle and jamie) went to soar point to get a bite to eat and that, it was shite by the way. while we were at it, we were watching the music videos and listening. then this next guy walks in, doesnt even buy a drink yet, and just starts fucking all that shit up, press alot on the jukebox, and look at what came on the screen.later, we went back to mine and me and kyle had a contest to see who could hide a banana deeper in there mouths (NO HOMO) kyle bit it off.even later that day, i went round to miller, cooper and dans flat about fubar on narbs. there was bare crew chilling, and we were just watching heroes and talking about lost and that. there was about 5 or 6 macbooks in the room.at about 2, me, chris and dan went down to the green kebab shop on the corner of narbs, near hinkley road. it was wicked. when they were like kebab yeah?? i was like not really feeling, but this was some next style. they make all the pitta and that from fresh, and cook the chicken and that over a charcoal fire. they put in some next special mayonaisse too. we played pro evo... i got a tanning, left at about 3.30am. next to the lift, they have this weird room, and this is what you can see through the door, its dead odd. i reckon you sit in the nice brown chair, and it sucks your brains out through your head using the big pipe. there is loads of warning signs and shit.wicked man in town. i finally met up with darryl to talk music. we are gonna make a mixtape together, using his beats and singing and my emceeing. we went down to this studio inside an old church hall. there was loads of really nice music stuff in there.this chucheebooy was in the studio we wanted to use, so we just sat and chatted about or ideas and shit, but it really come together man, we pure had the same idea. there was a really nice xylophone. i took some beats away to get used to, and just to listen to. we were talking about doing a show on staurday night too.friday night, and dene was back from the army. i met him and billy a bit later in yates, now i got well stuck into that bottle of sambuca at mine, and it was the beggining of a bit night. dave was in yates with his mates, so i got a flick of the coming together of my worlds. he recognised billy off here. L-R billy, dene, some little blonde girl who dave said had just had a baby so she got drunk well fast, sam barclay from school, coley, batu, and dave from work. shortly after this photo was taken, billy crashed out big style and dene put him in a taxi and just gave the driver £20 ( i know!) and said just take him home. we sent a couple of texts about, and went to meet jr and aaron in polar. dene got a round in, we downed em and went on to sophbeck.remember the badges in wardrobe?a bit after this dene ducked out, so then there was three. he had got a fair few drinks in, and we were all well well on the way. one of them ones where we were the first people in there, and when we looked around the corner it was rambo'd. i was so so fucked, we were just drinking bare. after a bit of dancing, i was sick all over the dancefloor, really really hard sick. aaron and jr was pissing themselves. we had some more drinks, and left at about 5.it was raining and freezing on the way home, we went into cyprus kebab house for some spicy potatoes, but they didnt have any. so we stayed in for a minute to warm up then trecked on. ive got a message in my sent messages to aaron i sent when i got in saying "ive just got in bed, its fucking wicked. see you tommorow mate". i havent been so drunk in years.when i got up late for work a couple of hours later, i was still so fucked. i biked up there and had a bare good day actually. someone had wrote BIN on the bin just incase you didnt know or something. this proper made me laugh trying to think what the person thought who wrote it.L-R vinny, me, keiran, dave, haydn and nathan. you can like up two psp's with one game of tekken so we had a little tournament didnt we. i held the title for a bit, until i met vinny, he gave me a whooping. then keiran banged him! then my battery went.saturday night, me and darryl met at the shed for the show we discussed, it went so unbelievably well. he has djing and signing some of the vocals on his own beats, and i was mcing and hyping the crowd. proper party vibes and we were both mad happy and buzzing off it after, check the sweat! the first of many hopefully. i was meant to go on and host this night at sophbeck whilst cooper dj'ed. kyle miller couldnt get hold of a mic on the night, so it didnt go ahead, i mooched about for a bit, then went bed, i didnt get much sleep at all this weekend.round the corner from uni these little roadsweep guys skive with the windows of the cabins facing each other so they can chat. they get the tea on in flasks, and have a read of the papers. just behind the two blokes in the background is a bollard, so cars cannot fit through, but these little vehicals can. through the arch above the bollard there is a dead end of the road, so its not like any bosses cars are going to come up and catch them at it. its really clever and nice innit?x factor is done. i sort of made myself a promise last time big brother was on to not put any of them as wasteman of the week, because 1) they are all twats, its a given, and 2) they were not in the public eye before they got on the show, but i feel i need to comment on this, did you watch x factor? alexander won (she looks so like bashy, see below) and she is just trying to be beyonce, all the actions and shit she does, the whole fan in the long wavy hair and that, and to see them next to each other was like a parody of beyonce, twaat. check out eghonasjk's song. the camera work and his face and everything from 1.37 to 1.43 looks well funny, like he has just won everything.

im not sure if he has been it before come to think about it? his little frog head, turtle neck arsehole face winds me up double. shit jokes and that. talking about JLS ages ago he said "your like fed-ex, you always deliver" which is stupidly shit anyway...like something off the internet about 5 years ago, but he wasnt happy with just saying it once, this week he fucked it up. he goes "you always deliver, like fed ex!" it was so dumb. im so glad its all finished, i dont have to listen to him saying 'guys' anymore. thats it all boy, ill probably put some drawings up soon sign the guestbook by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, or the big buttons just a bit down, saaafe