Sunday, 28 June 2009


yeah booooy. kyle has got a job, and starts next week, so thats gonna be cool seeing my man balling again. he has been doing some work with hof and kev in coventry, and they were both looking propler sunburnt one day. its been so hot still.MR SMOOTHIE! think about when he gave himself that title, its a bit of a claim innit. a name to live upto as such/ thats not gonna stop your boy setting up shop near the quay, hollering at as much pussy as he can lay eyes on, and yes; that is a straw sister had this little table in her back garden with this nicely painted design on it, she must think its shit if she is throwing it away.round the corner from my work there is a well presented warehouse, where there is only ever about 5 cars parked up. although now of the others in the area are, this one had barbed wire and a massive fence around the whole thing. every now and again, i see these blokes out the front with long, white, science coats on doing all sorts. one guy one time was dropping stones out of his hand, and his mate was watching him, writting on his clipboard. the other morning i saw a bloke litter picking, still wearing a white lab coat, and he came upto a little battered teddy, looked around and put it in his pocket. you can see it sticking out a little bit, innit weird?JACKSON DIED. and i dont care what any of you jive turkeys think, john knew before everyone. man was on that shit at about 7.30, and to think im hearing guys talking about 11.30. its so not that its unreal. look at john face. no messing.malibu are doing a promo edition for the summer where you get a free pair of flip flops. all good, and a wicked cheap idea for a promo item, but what size are they?royal! me, john and dan got a royal chicken delivered, and it was bad boy shit. when the bloke over the phone asked for my postcode he laughed, and told me it was just around the corner. when they delivered it, it was the main man who runs that shit, and some other bad boy in a suit. it was just delicious.dead. really, im not that bothered. gutted for all those people who paid thousands to see him, and thought he was god, but to me he was a strange looking paedophile. we put a poster up in the staff canteen as a tribute, ill report back if its still there when i go in next thursday. KING OF POPULAR MUSICfootball today, and a few of us turned up to play some polish lads.WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - GORDON RAMSAY

i used to think this guy was ok. fuck it, i even like his ideas on food, that it should be really nice versions of really simple dishes. but as the years have rolled on, and pressure to make good television has piled on from the board, he has turned into a cunt. the most self gratified cunt at that. you know when you see him shouting at someone who is actually really nice, and he is just being a prick for the sake of tv? dont you want to serve him? (get it?) i was watching a really early episode of his show and he hardly swears at all, let alone square upto really small, fat kitchen dudes. watch kitchen nigthmares or what ever, when he is doing the links he does that shit where he bobs on his heels like what some teachers used to do for no reason. what a prize arsehole.
ill be back next week, with more shit for your eyes and brain. thankyou and goodnight.


some other drawings and some drawings of the lads playing on xbox. i got the colouring pencils out, and it was a nice change of media.
i dont know who this guy is meant to be.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


yeah man, this week has been good. i aint really got alot for you, because it aint even been a full week has it? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this week, me, hof and billy made burgers. they were proper proper nice, we had lettuce, tomato and red pepper relish, salami, cheese and onions on them and they were lovely.

cutting onions doesnt make me cry, it makes me laugh.

we had these tomatos in at work, with a hilarous name. ha ha.i saw this and thought; how fucking dumb are the sun, picturing scottish andy murray as one of englands three lions? then when i shown my dad this picture and siad the same thing, he pointed out about the british lions, and i though, actually, im the thick mum was showing me her veg she is growning in her veg garden. she is growning bare things, but the most impressive looking is the lettuce. she has got some cucumbers too, and they are cool.went asda yesterday with hof, kyle and amy and saw this massive facing of asda's own seafood sauce. no need innit? if it was faced up over night, only 7 jars has been taken in the whole day, nobody needs this much. bisto was right next to it with only 2 facings in a tiny self. very normal: if you drive around in a land rover with a south africa flag on the roof, a painting of a bird on the bonnet and a wooden cross tied to the front, you feel like an ultimate fucking badman. that is until you park across from one of the new police jeeps in the asda car park. look at that fucking thing, its a right beast.


what a cock. this guy literally acts as a divider in my life, almost like you can completely assess somebody by finding out if they like jack black. remember this next time you are talking to new people at a house party, and use it as an ice breaker. just be like "do you like jack black?" and if you get the responce "yeah, tenecious d was the mst random and funny thing ever!!" throw your drink over the bitch, and turn straight round to hang around with the cool bastards in the corner who thought even though school of rock was a 3 star film, if coupled with the absence of this hairy, needs to grow up, loud, unfunny, can only play one role, arsehole could have possible pushed for four stars. when i went to the cinema last week i has posters for some new film he is in with the guy from juno and superbad. can you imagine how funny that shit is going to be? start killing yourselfs.....NOW

hope you enjoyed reading even though it was short, but there is some nice old photos and that below, check them out then sign the guestbook. saaaaafe



last night, i felt like i wanted something to do in my room before i went bed. i started looking for some old data discs and came across one with loads of gold on. check out how old some of these babies are!

this file was called "tom+aaron+billy at bens after school."a couple of drawings from stefan at college.this picture was from college, during the last world cup. they were doing an offer where if you got one meal, you got another sandwhich free, so a meal was fries+2 mc-chicken sandwiches+drink+free NUS cheeseburger. four of us cleared this lot in one sitting.
four hundred and thirty two empty cans.i dont know who did this drawing, i think it was jim wright. L-R: ris, jim, abe, ricky, tom (?), hof, tom and kyle.the boys at college: stefan, me, jon and sam.