Friday, 27 May 2016



now there are a few things to consider here, I'm going to break it down. 3 primary offences I can think of. Firstly, fuck anyone who buys a ticket for something to announce it on social media only to sell the ticket at a later date. One of my greatest pet peeves. Incredible begging. Begging of the highest order. You'd rather have that instant gratification than actually live out the moment and go to the show. I've never ever bought a ticket for anything and not gone, and I never intend to. That's because I actually like the things I like and want to go and see them. concerts, festivals, sports events, stand up, you name it. Nothing, and I never will. It's so offensive. People will worm it and act like they've got somewhere else they need to be and cannot make it. Don't fall for their fucking lies. Simple fact is they wanted to be part of the hype and then when nobody really gave a shit, or they finished rolling round and enjoying all the likes they tried to get their money back.

Second point. Buying show tickets to resell them is one of the shittiest things you can do. I mean make your money illegally, I'm all for that. Buy and sell. Mark up. Do what you need to because at the end of the day the world is expensive and it isn't free to live. However, buying in demand tickets to go and see any event and re-selling them is a false economy. You have nothing to do with the art or event and you're just making money off of them. It's a shit thing to do. Luckily it looks like Kasabian don't have the fan-ship to sell out two days, so these tickets are easy to get, but the people who bought them to re sell them are as bigger arseholes as the people actually going to the gig.

Third and final point is Kasabian are tragically shit. It's a crime buying a ticket, let alone selling it on. It's infuriating that we are supposed to like them just because they're from Leicester. Why is that? I like grime music, so if there is a sick grime MC from Leicester I'm going to like them. I like soul, so if there is an awesome soul band from Leicester I'm going to like them. Why is it nobody listens to that boozy, laddish, anthemic guitar rock yet everyone from here feels the need to pretend they like Kasabian? Do these cunts who rushed out to buy their tickets spend their days listening to other similar bands? It's honestly such a sad facade. I know about 3 people who actually genuinely like them, everyone else just goes along with it because they don't want to be left out. That's what this mad rush was to buy tickets, now everyone is selling them on. Same with the show in the park they did last time. Just a day out, nobody gives a fuck about their shit music. Girls tagging along desperate to dress like they're at Coachella and upload a picture. Sub in any band and imagine they're from Leicester and it would be the same thing.

Thankfully the Sunday show isn't a sell out, so fingers crossed everyone who bought one will have to just swallow it and pay for their begging wether they choose to go or not. It's kind of nice seeing that sort of divine justice happen on such a large scale.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I swear I go time without doing these posts thinking that I'm not snapping pictures and then when it comes to doing them I've got 50,000 photos from the last few weeks I need to edit and recall why they're in my camera roll. So annoying haha, I'll try and do them a little more often.

Pretty remarkable stuff from this pissed bloke in town. tissue on not 1 but both of his shoes. I wonder what the odds on that are.

Is that good? I don't know who put it there. When I got those stickers done I didn't envision them being stuck in a urinal in Sophbeck. Dedication from whoever put it there though.

The whole city garn mad. This really is the best time I can remember in Leicester, I've never seen anything like it. This was outside the stadium about 3/4 hours before the Everton game. Sick atmosphere.

That day was insane. After the game finished the parties started, it was like a bank holiday or something. That night I went to see Kano shutdown Blueprint. Walking through town to the club it literally didn't look like Leicester at all. Pissed up blokes stumbling about eating burgers, shot girls outside bars trying to drag you in. Litter everywhere. It looked like a strip in Malia or Zante or something.

Have you ever ever seen McDonalds queuing out the door? This was easily the busiest night I've ever seen in Leicester. There were videos of High Street and it was wall to wall with people just partying and going mad. So much fun to be around.

Big up all the sloppers quick 5 minutes rest and them ones

That weekend I also went to play footgolf with Dan and Tom. You basically play golf with a football, kicking it around the course. It's really good fun the way it's done, like the way you have to drive and have an approach shot and so on. It's really cool. They're doing it at Humberstone Heights now, and it's a tenner for a round. I thoroughly recommend it. We lucked in, it was the hottest day. I've still got a twat tan on my arm from my sleeve.

couple mandem inside

I made some big boy pasta again. This shit kind of makes me feel gross. I'll feel the weight of this container, and consider that I'll ingest all of that food in the next couple of weeks. It weighs so much haha. This had everything in it. It just takes aaaages because I have an electric hob. I hate it. I cannot wait until I live somewhere else and I don't have to wait ages for shit to cook.

At some point I must've mentioned I work with this girl who is allergic to being alive? The main things are she is coeliac (allergic to gluten) and lactose intolerant. We all went to Slug and Lettuce to eat and she had to ask for this 'allergy book'. It was a folder with the nutritional information of everything on the menu. It was all so unclear and complicated. I feel so sorry for her having to bother with this shit every single time she needs to eat somewhere new. I think it depressed me more than it did her.

I had the most delicious Peri Peri the other night. It was so succulent and fulfilling. A true staple of my diet. I feel like this chicken sandwich here is one of my absolute favourite things to eat in the world. It reminds me of so many good times.

About a week after I had this peri I went to go again. There was a whole new team of bosses at the Peri. I didn't know any of them and none of them knew me. I ordered the same thing I do every single time, in the same way I do every time. 'A large breast burger meal, hot, with cheese and all salad'. You should have seen this guy flapping about. Told me I didn't tell him how hot it was, then he told me I didn't want it as a meal, it didn't have any salad in it. It was shambolic. I told him I've probably eaten here 2000 times, and every time I order the same thing, in the same way. I've not forgot to tell you anything. To top it off the actual food was crap. I could have cried. The one I had in the picture below was the best one I had had in so so long and now some new idiot has taken over and he doesn't know where to start. The food had no personality. Gutting.

Remember when I said I was gonna stop eating crap? The other night I had a blow out of monumental proportions. I keep wandering to Tesco and just going mad, picking up whatever I can. It's so bad, I need to stop. In other news I wish fruit juice wasn't bad for you because there are so many delicious flavours. Imagine that.

I sweat that's Little Sebastian

That's your lot for this week! I'll have more of this stuff very soon indeed. Cheers for popping by

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


This week I was joined by an old regular Frank, and briefly for a cameo from his girlfriend Bronte. We talk about Harvey Price, Karma, Britain First, celebrity sex tapes, HIV, the new cigarette laws and how we would like to die given the choice.

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Friday, 20 May 2016



She's always been a dickhead hasn't she, but there is one particular strand of her personality that really grates on me. This week it's maybe been a little more apparent than usual. It's the way she parades Harvey Price around and then whinges when 'trolls' take the piss out of him. This week they've been in the entertainment news again because Harvey goes on Loose Women and says 'Hello you cunts' live on air.

So this whole discussion on Loose Women was around internet trolls taking the piss out of Harvey. Harvey isn't really in the public eye himself making for new content, his mum is solely responsible for putting him in the limelight. I can't imagine Loose Women got on the phone to him and he ran it by his Mum. Given the speed the internet and entertainment news moves at the minute, he is only ever really in the headlines for a day at a time. Everyone moves on, but his mum, wether it be Instagram-ing a photo of him with a boner, or uploading a clip of him falling on his arse and getting drowned by a wave on the seaside will always find a way to get him back between the crosshairs again.

It's really nothing new, we all know that Katie Price has always been desperate for attention, and it's almost oxymoronic the way she goes about it these days, using Harvey as her battering ram. Taking him on live TV and whinging that trolls take the piss out of Harvey is like importing a big shipment of cocaine off the boat, breaking it up and giving it out and then moaning about drug problems in the community. She is always the one providing the fuel for the fire and if you step outside of the stupid little bubble the cunts that subscribe to her dribble are trapped in, it really is plain as day.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


This week I'm joined by Nico to discuss the LCFC celebrations, getting old, Azealia Banks, Eurovision, sexism and a bunch of other stuff. Nico is a DJ and a promoter who runs a night in Leicester called 'Beastwang'.

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Friday, 13 May 2016



She's had a bit of a shocker this week hasn't she. It all started when she was sending shots via Instagram and Twitter at Zayn Malik accusing him of copying the look of one of her videos. She went on to call Zayn a 'curry scented bitch' among other things. Not only this, but she was sticking the boot in on some Disney child star, calling her a 'little black bitch'.

I've always liked Azealia Banks. She's so mental and fun, and I love those NY ratchet as fuck girls with their fast talking and their sexy accents. But this week she has took it to another level. She must be so bitter and jealous to have fell from the heights of releasing 212 to just becoming some irrelevant nobody. After upsetting people on Twitter she decided to take to Periscope, and put out a live feed of her responding to comments and just talking away. She went on to talk about UK rap, saying it's a disgrace to the genre and a bunch of other shit. She went back and hammered that Disney kid again. All this controversy was enough for Rinse to pull her from her headline slot at their Born and Bred festival this Summer, swiftly releasing a statement distancing themselves from her.

Mad isn't it? I wonder if she hates herself for letting her mouth stop all these amazing opportunities, or if she feels completely liberated because what lives in her mind is always out in the real world. Must be very freeing. A final blow was dealt earlier this morning when Twitter locked off her twitter account. I imagine this hurt because nobody has given her a column inch in years based off of her musical merits. She is literally just a twitter celebrity these days, so stripping her of her voice surely will hit home.

Monday, 9 May 2016


My guest this week is one of my best boys, Tom Evans. We sat down to discuss his beloved Leicester City and their recent triumphs, Tevosport, the sports blog he runs and writes, Skeptas new album, my new EP, John Berkavitch's new show 'Wrong' and much more!

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Friday, 6 May 2016


Yoooooo I finally dropped my new EP today. 9 brand new tracks with a bag of vocal and production features. 100% grime. I've got some fun stuff planned over the next couple a months for this.

It's up now on soundcloud. I've got a load of hard copies too so if you want one let me know

Thursday, 5 May 2016


This sun is giving me life.

Check this guy haha. I wonder why he was wearing this. To go to the international food market too. Screaming about being British haha.

There's a european graffiti crew in Leicester who write CNB's, and I saw this tag. I love that, making the acronym into the word 'CANIBALS'

I painted this the other week. I really struggle now I don't draw all the time to progress my letters. I feel like every piece I do is the same these days.

yung polo tho soooo

Here's the girls giving me a little Wickedland W from Benidorm. They were out there for a hen do. Apparently this local pizzeria had a pizza called 'The Muslim" haha.

I kind of like the faceswaps where they fuck up a bit. Look at how fucking funny my mum looks. Imagine him. What a weird little bloke hahaha

Have you ever seen that show called The Almost Impossible Gameshow? It's vibers. This lad won part of it, and did this to the camera saying 'Wicked' haha. He better be a fucking reader, I'm not having that if he's not.

I spent my whole Friday blowing up balloons for some night we were doing at work. it was so repetitive and mindless, I really enjoyed it. i always think with that kind of work it's fun to do for a bit, like one day now and again, but doing it all the time must be soul destroying.

I saw Owen Ross at Handmade Festival on the Friday. I've known Owen foreverrrrr and he's read Wickedland even longer. Look at us proper giving it some. I think if Leicester was fucked and I somehow got the job of getting all the good guys onto a life raft, Owen would be bang up there. Long before we first met properly and he used to work at a printers he sorted me out a really good deal on some print and I've never forgot about it haha.

I was at the festival to see headliners We Are Scientists. I like most of their music, but their second album With Love and Squalor is one of my absolute favourite albums. Top 5. They played plenty of songs from it and it was just perfect. I was very drunk.

I'm smiling but inside I'm dead. I woke up to bright sunshine so I went for the new white AMs. Sure enough England was still England and I didn't get to enjoy the sun too much before it started to rain.

Is that fun then? Is that a good way to live your life? Fuck this bullshit

This is incredible. You know that little kiosk to the side of the entrance to the Haymarket near Burger King that sells chips? It's from there. Absolutely superb.

I linked up with a bag of guys in town on Saturday to film the video for 'Fearless', a tune celebrating Leicester's win featuring Kama, Rezz, Skeez and G Tek. It's going to be absolutely huge, I'm sure you've already seen the attention It's getting from the media. When it drops and Soccer AM and LadBible get hold of it I think it will clock millions of views.

Pete still doing them thangs. Now rocking the retro Tigers shirt.

My Cds landed! I've just got the fun task now of putting the sleeves into the wallets. Absolutely cannot wait.

Thanks for popping by! See you soon.


My guest this week is Luke Kennedy of Just Live Records. We sat down to discuss Leicester music and have a big Drake love in in the wake of him dropping Views.

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