Monday, 31 January 2011


ah, still no internet at home. im in the library keeping one eye on the transfer day deadline stuff. torres is meant to be on his way to chelsea anytime soon, apparently liverpool have agreed a bid for andy carroll.

i was sat next to this in a lecture last tuesday afternoon. it was far too tempting.


working in provisions at work, and put out a president brie wheel. i was imagining it was a cheese pizza, with each slice individually wrapped. imagine hammering most of this whilst watching a DVD and chilling? oh, the delicious calories.

i saw this in the paper too. it was a doll, an expensive one at that (£86 IN INSTALLMENTS.)

from what i could gather it is for adults. i read the bit of blurb and it said that it is almost lifelike.

from the website:

"Emily's Celebration Of Life

She's won the hearts of the world! Linda Webb's Baby Emily doll is so amazingly true to life you just won't believe she's not a real baby! Emily is a very special So Truly Real™ collectable lifelike baby girl doll, crafted of RealTouch™ vinyl with tiny folds and creases in her skin just like a real baby! From her hand-applied baby-fine hair, wondrous eyes and delicate eyelashes to her tiny finger and toenails, she's simply perfect!

Linda Webb dolls are highly prized among collectors, and this realistic baby girl doll is available only from Ashton-Drake. She's dressed in a pink knit jumper, delicately embroidered and decorated with tiny "pearls" and ribbons, matching panties and socks, and a tiny pink bow in her hair. She even has her own pink dummy, for those quiet moments when she's snuggled in your arms! Be prepared to lose your heart to Emily's charms - order now!"

i just dont understand it. all i can think is that its for people who cannot have a baby, but surely they would not want this?

wayne rooney.


i went to the post office place up meridian and finally got my two parcels. last time i went, the bloke scheduled them for re delivery, marking it out in the book and giving me a date to expect them on. and in his own words he 'just forgot'. i was fucking fuming. honestly, who hires these incompetent pricks? say i took the day off work and lost out on money to get that delivery? then what? he couldn't have gave less of a shit.

i did loads of uni work the day after. one of the parcels was the toy story 1,2 and 3 boxset. i watched all three back to back and really enjoyed it.

jimlad and john played a street fighter best of three, with £2 down each. the first round was choose your own player, the second was random and the third was choose your opponents player. jimlad won the first match, john won the second and the third, by the skin of his teeth scooping a cool £4 cash.


some mad bit of the market has been knocked down. me and max stood looking at it for a while and then realised that it was only more stalls that were there. still it looked really weird, it will be interesting to see what they build there.

big tasty enjoying a max.

i did something a bit immoral. basically, to put up a heart shaped piece of paper in the window of a charity shop on silver street it costs two pounds. the money goes to charity, i just thought to use the space effectively instead of writing a soppy message. charitable? yes. immoral? also yes.

careful! dont get this confused with your eggs and oil mayonnaise.

just as me and sasi finished our lunch break, keiran and jake started there's. we had a photo to note this moment in time.

booker saturday line-up 2011.

tiklesh is the blur behind trav (top right) and jason wasn't about. other than that this is everyone! we were presenting the safe boss who is leaving with a bottle of jagermeister in some presentation case as he was leaving. it was #MOASH

i had a hairy chip in peri peri last night too. this was the first one of the week. almost went a whole week without having one! (a peri peri, not a hairy chip).

i hope you have enjoyed, i will have fish for you tomorrow. cheers!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


ive set myself a very loose fmp project which consists of me drawing people and places for now. the idea is that the brief will become more refined as time draws on. fmp stands for final major project. thanks for looking, back with some stuff soon.

Monday, 24 January 2011


bloogwe. bluewg. bloo-g. are you getting the sound that im thinking of? whenever i see it wrote out it doesn't look how i want it to sound. blewg. thats it maybe. how's things everyone? ive been busy with doing loads of uni work trying to get a first degree and be successful in an irrelevant field.

seen some horrible shoes in peri peri. maybe its one of those things where i dont get it because its too stylish or something.

some big boy queue in sub way the other day. i think subway is shit and over rated. it has its place, but its too expensive for how little food you get.

valena is more on about sushi. she has been making this a lot recently. with soy sauce, a little wasabi. when i showed her this photo, she replied "ooh, look; im even sat like one." ...careful.

and that's the black community, so imagine what the chinese are thinking.

i was doing that thing where you whip your head from side to side and take a picture. this was during my last wicked-land weekly post when leicester played man city.

ricky gervais in the paper looking pretty trim. he is 49 now. i think that's mad when i think of him as david brent. apparently he is cameo-ing in the american version of the office playing brent.

this shit got me pissed off on wednesday. looking through the paper and saw an artical. basically this bitch inherited a fair bit of money, and spent £8,000 on loosing 14 stone through a load of surgery. she came down to 10 stone. so the moral of that story is go fucking mental, microwave lard for a tasty pasta sauce and then just wait for someone rich to die and your winning again. fucking disgusting.

i was in an awful mood for about 2 pages, then saw this. it cheered me up. hardly a pressing problem is it? who gives a fuck seriously?

valena comes over, reads the paper and eats a mixed platter of crisps. all three of these are brilliant flavours and kinds of crisps.

saw this champion of men on narborough road and had to follow him into a shop to get a picture of him. i have no idea what this is all about. he wasn't with anyone or anything, it was mad. when he left the shop i was left there, looking really suspicious. only me and the shop keeper in the shop. i asked him for some shampoo, he didn't have it so i left.

a few of the guys went out for valena's birthday on thursday to terracotta. im going to stick my neck out and call it the best chinese buffet in leicester. there. i said it.

something funny happened while we were their. two tigers players were eating (see very blurry not-wanting-to-get-snapped-in-half-by-a-6-foot-5-300-pound-rugby-bastard photo). also, on the other side of the room was a bloke wearing one of those cotton traders leicester tigers polo tops.
i was having a good laugh with seb, a lad off our course that the fan cant take his eyes off the players, and keeps wandering over to make convo and say hello, but bottles it every time. he keeps standing near there table next to the buffet and kind of sighing, trying to get their attention to show them his top.

dani gave this cheesecake a seal of approval. i wasn't mad on it. the red tongue in the middle is jam.

went to hof's gym in town with him friday morning. these are the space doors. no hype, probably in the top 10 doors ive ever walked through, and i spend my life walking through fucking doors.

here he is. this mug knew this day was coming since day one, and now he is going to ride it out pulling the fucking cauliflower ear wasteman faces like this giving it all the heartbroken shit. jordan got finished with the prick and dumped him on us. now we have to see him more than we would of if she didn't give him a life.

representing cafe two ten with jamie cammers. we were talking about a possible review for it, but obviously, you know its top bumbaclaaaarted ranking 10/10 every single time.

melting pot.

valena bought a purple "paring" knife. its a metal blade, but coated with purple plastic. i didnt respect the sharpness of it at all for being a different colour. i cut the seal on a bottle of southern comfort with my thumb on the bottle neck, and the blade pointing down towards it like it was nothing.

me and jake were break dancing and singing romeo's verse from 21 seconds to jason at work on sunday and when i dipped low the arse ripped out of my work trousers. so glad i had long johns on. the rip was about 10 inches long, and made the most incredible sound ever.

valena made a birthday cake for herself because nobody else did. this was before a load of us went out on saturday for her birthday.

got to republic and went in. saw a guy who looked pretty smart.
you know what? im trying to put on more weight just by eating whatever, going mental. full cheesecakes before bed just because i want to and until this weekend i didnt think i have been. i looked through some pictures from this night, and this one and i keep thinking my chin is getting full and my face is getting rounder by the day. give me a month and i want to be a jowly mess.

all the girls on a wicked-land hype.

me and some of valena's bulgarian mates went on from the club to the casino.

i got a free bet on the door which lead me to the roulette table. i didn't win with my free bet, but then this guy gave me some money in chips for free. i spread the chips out, and won £18 quid. cashed in, won the guy a bit of money, pissed out my face telling him i was his lucky charm. he chucked me another fiver and said we half the winnings.
i spread it out again, won, and he sent me off to cash up and 'bring him back half'. while i was on the other side of the room cashing up one of valena's mates said that we were leaving. i just won the guy £170, i wasnt taking his half back over. looked over, he wasnt watching. i'm not proud of my actions, but i was £45 up, for free.

these gypsies were riding dead slow down the road blocking all the traffic.
and thats my week. ill post some new drawings tomorrow i think, cheers for reading!