Friday, 29 June 2012


DUPPY! how have you all been? what an exciting week it has been. wimbledon has started, i fucking hate it. I've never been into tennis and when wimbledon is on there is no escaping it, its just fucking everywhere. you cannot get away from it. It is the tennis equivalent of the world cup in football in a sense that people who otherwise wouldn't give a fuck about tennis pretend they enjoy it to be involved with what everyone is talking about.

this is upsetting. obviously, we know that the burger king on grandby street has vanished. Also, the one at meridian is all boarded up and closed down. why oh why would they put this advert in the city centre? i love burger king but it is very upsetting when they do things like this.

the sign reads 'Guitar for sale - please ask' oh my god, can my man not think of a better way to spend his time? is this real? he was stood outside topman in the highcross on a saturday. from when I seen him I got a text off a friend saying that he was still there 2 hours later. what a life.

that evening was the Leicester University Summer Festiball. myself and bradley went along as the company that I work for had put the night on. a band called cover drive headlined the main stage, and dj fresh did a dj set in the O2 later that night.

I saw this well funny bloke supervising the hot food stands in the building. his face/head pure made me laugh.

This is how the night ended. me and bradley both got soaked. fuck this weather.

sunday i went round to nats and she cooked me and sarah dinner. Chicken breasts wrapped in smoke streaky bacon, stuffed with homemade pesto, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes, roast potatoes, grilled asparagus and green beans with a tomato and red pepper sauce. oh my god. I'm not even gassing when I say that this was one of the most beautiful things natalie has ever cooked for me. I could have ate it twice, but aside from the portions (which realistically, i think is just me being greedy) it was perfection.

all the maryland windows were smashed and have been for a good few weeks now. it makes me laugh how they just get battered all the time. its funny. pissed people should realise maryland provide a service, staying open late and serving really cheap food, its not an obligation. I can imagine drunk people being so pissed off when they get to maryland at like 4am and its shut that they want to smash it up haha

chinese people will take photos of literally anything. me, max and dan went for a nandos on lunch the other day and during the course of our meal these chinese people didn't stop taking pictures. group shots, individuals headshots for the portfolio, limits or rules.

this dippy little bitch was being mental and planking in the highcross. what a mad head. how crazy. I wanted to upload this photo and lie and say i saw someone fall over. I can't lie to my wickedlanders like that.

So like I said I've been craving burger king so so bad recently, that advert at the start of the week and this post was the final straw. I finally got some when we drove out to the welcome break on the motorway, which sadly is our closest branch. It tasted like my mouth had been possessed by heaven. I had done it, I was so so so happy.

yesterday was the day the weather was RAMPING! full on floods across Leicester, the sky was the deepest grey I've ever ever seen it. it went so dark. for about 20 minutes before the rain actually broke the lightning and massive cracks of thunder boomed, it was amazing.

when it came, it came hard. no fucking around. the rain flooded everything, roads everywhere were fucked. I don't think I've ever seen rain like that in this country before, it was incredible. I seen some amazing photographs people took of massive hailstones and how bad the puddles were where they were.

but then after a couple of hours of it it fully slowed down and eventually stopped. in fact after that it turned into a nice day. the sky was really, really blue and clear and it was so warm in the air. The rain all dried up. I loved the whole day as a whole, fantastic work by god on that one. really into it. a little more exciting than our average bog standard semi-grey day (see today).

I saw one little thing that said 'Heavy rainfall and highs of 24 degrees c' looooool big up global warming because you are breaking rules left, right and centre.

sadly Millsy is leaving Leicester having finished uni. Dent has gone too! my two favourite geordie birds snatched from our city, what bullshit! Im sure they will both be back soon wickedlanding and going mental after they get back into their geordie ways but for now its a very very sad occasion.

thats all that has been going on with me this week, quick round up style. enjoy your weekend and make sure you don't make any big mistakes. very easy with the weekend, you can get over excited and have too much fun. careful. (thanks for reading)

Thursday, 28 June 2012


This was the brief

these are the entries...


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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


here is the second part of me gassing about that spanish chicks work. if you missed the first part, it is below this, with a little more detail about her.

what a great talent she has hey?


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


So I stumbled across this wonderful illustrator and design called Amaia Arrazola, a spanish young lady living in barcelona. I love her style so much, her line work is fantastic and intricate, he subject matter is beautiful and witty and the way she seamlessly switches between different media is a rare and wonderful thing. check out her blog here, absolutely steeped in fun illustrations, design commissions and print work. Im so gassed over her I'm doing a two parter, i don't give a fuck haha 

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hey everyone. the weather is breaking me. It's none stop isn't it? I know its such a mundane obvious thing to talk about but it is really killing me, i want to emigrate so badly. how can our country be so sick and developed and civilised and yet we have not found a way to manipulate the weather?

It was d-reid-a-trons birthday last thursday so a few of us went to 'more', a world buffet restaurant near the train station.

there was some absolutely appalling fajita technique on display by Darryl and Will.

Will went for the double wrap and it didn't really come off.

Bradley shown that you have to get two plates, one for your wraps and meat and one for your extras. he talked Will through the order in which to apply different fillings to the wrap.

after the meal me and bradley went to help run a bar crawl student night we had on at my work. there was a girl from the crawl in the gentleman's toilets in walkabout giving some guy some head. i got this photo over the top of the cubicle.

we met up with Kama, Bon and Swifty (lol at nicknames, right?) along the way and went to chilli white for a bit with them, the venue where the bar crawl ended up.

it was fishbowl season.

looooool leave it

yet again the rain was fucking us up. me and frank came out of the gym and get absolutely fucking soaked. it makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. we went for peri peri and had to sit there soaking wet and freezing. fucking bullshit, shit fucking country.

you know the cursed plot on narborough road, next door to ladbrokes near the co op and wilkinsons and that? sure enough after like a month or so it has closed down once again. in the last 12 months I've documented about 4/5 businesses coming and going in that plot. its haunted.

R.I.P meat master, you didn't last long at all.

I drew this a few pages in on the order pad in the chinese takeaway the other day when the guy wasn't looking. don't worry, i made sure that the carbon copy sheet was underneath so it printed through onto all the other pages.

so natalie brought me round a load of cupcakes she made for a photoshoot for her website. check out the photos and the cupcake menu here. honestly, they were fucking unreal. you know how like a soundtrack is all the music that sums up a series of events over a course of time? this has kind of been the taste track to my last week. carrot cake, cherry bakewell, nutella OMDZ OMDZ OMDZ

jamie came back over the weekend. i think frank misses him a bit innit. we were 6 man up in peri peri on sunday. chill

whilst jamie was packing up the last of his stuff to take to london he was rifling through this bag of photos and stuff he used to have on his walls. there was some funny shit in there, photos of horrible stuff cut out of newspapers. he gave me and bradley a weird lecture over it as if we had done something wrong.

over the last couple of weeks whilst the European Championships have been on the TV I've been in regular correspondence with our dutch friend Tom, who we met with his girlfriend (far right) in poland earlier this year. we have been talking about almost every game and that, its been really fun. he sent me over this picture for my blog of the dutch ladies enjoying the football. (holland went out of the competition last week losing all three of their group stage games. totes awks.)

me and brad went along to the westwood show at rockafellas. he played a bit of a boring set, the same tunes you hear there every week except for about 30 minutes of basement and soca which was real fun. i couldn't really enjoy my night because of the amount of dippy bimbos inside though. the night is sort of getting lost and i feel what started off as a out and out hip hop night with a lot of hip hop heads has turned into the usual leicester thing full of chino wankers and bimbo girls who are not really into hip hop, but more into being where everyone else is.

and this fucking div. it is the hottest room in leicester by a mile, and she turns up wearing a leather jacket. she spent her night monging around bumping into people on the dance floor, and biting her tongue to try and look cute or some shit. she looked so fucking idiotic, like a real airhead. just nothing going on behind her eyes. fake eyelashes, an industrial size application of foundation, long extensions everywhere and a standard nose piercing as that seems to be one of the things these cunts have taken from people recently.

at one point she tried to take a sip of my drink, i don't know the bitch at all. what the fuck makes her think she is on some next godly level where she can just swan over to any lad in the room and take some of his drink? no bitch is that fine. i'd get pissed off if beyonce walked past me in mcdonalds and took one of my chips, and thats a woman who i would definitely buy an extra value meal, large, with a flake mcflurry. 

i don't know why it pisses me off so much. i suppose the vast amount of people who read my blog and the company i keep are of a similar mind frame as me, and have genuine hobbies, tastes and interests. I can't help but feel that when i see a group of 10 BANTER LADS, all with their bowl hair cuts, fake tans, meaningless sleeve tattoos, scoop neck vests, chinos pin rolled half way up their shins and toms without socks that we have lost the battle because of things like jersey shore and the only way is essex.

I go around hating on demographics, not understanding why they make certain choices when you can live your life any possible way. but the one i fail to understand the most is how its suddenly become cool to be as tasteless as possible, follow whatever the in things are and look the same as every other cunt. its very upsetting and it has bred a generation of fucking morons, oblivious to what stress they cause normal people.

* * * * *

sorry, I'm back now. check out this guys hair on narborough road. how fucking mental do you have to be to get your hair shaped into a fucking lizard? pretty cool, right?

the other night I shot a little live version video for 'one day' (a song with Kamakaze) taken from Shoebox Money, my last mixtape for Hub TV and the guys from 151 films. here is the song if you wanna have a listen, keep an eye out for it in about a month.

man like lewdon essex then. do you know about him? he is the king of the chino wankers in leicester, he wears literally a full face of make up and then some, draws on his eyebrows and wears all that same old shit. I've never seen him in the flesh before, only on Facebook. a mate pointed out that i should have asked for a photo with him for some top wicked-land stuff. if you want a giggle and you are on twitter, search the word 'lewdon' and see what people are saying. Its used as a cutting slew by the people of leicester. a bizarre local celebrity for all the wrong reasons.

moving on to my man. natalie whatsapp'd me this picture of this bloke. she said 'wigger alert!' my man is as white as you or me (if you are a white person) and has a full on corn row situation. i just don't know what is real anymore.

thanks for reading wicked-land. I'm sorry i had a little break down halfway through the post, Im so depressed because of this shit weather and all the cunts i am constantly surrounded by. K THNX BI