Tuesday, 26 May 2009


valena is still away, so all this week ive just kotching at the flat with all the boys and that, playing too much fifa and dat dat dat. jamie is back, jr is hungry and my sister made a bbq.

me (liverpool), kyle (chelsea), dan (dan united) and jr (arsenal) played in a fifa 99 league of just those four teams. i had dan ironically 4-1 down, and ole gunnar soulja boy brought it back to four all. in a limp draw with kyle on the home straight of the league, i gave the title to dan, who only had to draw with me in the return fixture. he whooped me 5-2 and the fifa 99 title was his.
aaron was later flossing showing his silkies with inter milan.

jimlad and bradley were over, slugging it out of fifa 09.

on my lunch at booker, i couldnt believe that i had seen makosi from big brother 6. i pure got caught taking this picture of her though, when after hearing the shutter sound, she turned round and demanded to see the picture! i shown here into my pictures folder (not camera album) and i was like WAAAAAAAAAH.

we had poker night at our flat and it was cool. john won again.

dan has been getting his munch on too, if you aint having chocolate digestives, you cannot 079 dan, normal.

me and darryl played at superfly and the lads came out. we never knew that bosingwa (far right) owned a fruit shop on narborough road. alos, you boy lee page was on it with his camera, so when he puts the flicks up ill grab a couple and put em on here.

eric couldnt come out, because he was working.
L-R: jr, john, me, sam elliott (who made the most wicked FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY style come back), hof, dan, bradlex (throwing up a sort of abstract wickedland W gang sign), blake and darryl.

this womens dress was amazing, i wish i had a better picture of it. it had like a cartoon of an african lady smilling and then the nicest cartoon bowl of fruit.

crew again, and we set up a fifa lounge. im dead bottom. we also watched lowblow, great as ever, and was making this rat sound. WEEEEEEEEEGH smoking has had a rough old time in the media recently, what with zoot being put up to class B, everyone talking about factory sweeping, sawdust and rat dropping beno's, and cancer making it pretty big. but thanks to one man; kyle buswell, im sure im not the only one thinking that smoking is about to make a big come back.i forgot to get a photo of football on sunday, so i got this instead.BBQ!!!! nat got a lovely little barbie from the auctions with my mum, and i went round to chill it. kuljit (sp?) was cooking the whole thing out, and aside from a distinct lack of condements and potato salad, this barbeque was pretty tip top. ask dan about my sisters chilli chicken legs.WICKED LAND WICKED LAND WICKED LAND. jamie is back for the summer, with hair and was getting to know the raver heads in superfly. check your random strangers throwing up the big W.i walked back partially with jimlad and george, most of the way with john and almost all of the way with jamie. we spoke about grime stood on the corner of winchester and fosse road for about an hour. he thought i didnt like ghetto, we talked about D Double E saying things like "nissan sunny, make you look stupid" and "back of the land rover, bang her over!" very normal. it was so light, and i didnt get in bed until about 6.fucking inflation. anybody else remember when this used to be 49p? fucking bastards. tastes shite now anyway.


its a given that ronaldo in real life is far to bigger star to appear as wasteman of the week, as the title would not do the portugeezer justice, and he is simply incomparable to the other members of the half of shame. shiiit, i even felt bad putting jemery kyle in there. also its been a bit of a strange one this week. as ive been cut off from internet and tv (so pretty much all current affairs) its not like i had a clear set wasteman in my head when i came to the computer. however, we have all been smashing the shite out of fifa this week, and he is every bit as annoying in the game as he is in real life. fucking stupid wasteman stance just before taking a free kick, and just ridiculously fast, cutting through your defence like its not a thing. fuck off now.

ive been drawing a fair bit too, ive got some stuff to put up when i remember to scan it, ill see you again in about a week id imagine!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


yeah wicked! ive officially left home this week and its been a pretty busy one. been shopping, and putting in loads of washing and taking meter readings, its all popping off.

i started to empty out my room and it took so long to do! i didnt realise how much shit ive gathered, but i got a load of things together and boxed it all up.

the boys came over just in time to help me move some stuff out. they all feel alfie to the max and are like "shit, your dog is still so small".
its been chucking it down too, and this post man was waiting on this persons doorstep under the little awning whilst it did.

come time to move, we couldnt fit the sofa through the door, so we had to wrap it up and put it in the entry for the time being. the downstairs neighbours were being dickheads so were had to move it round the corner, and into the back garden.

my sister sorted me out good and proper with a nice little box of food and drinks so the boys earned themselves a strong boy each for there removal duties. well done lads.it was cool sorting through all my stuff, we were getting out loads of old photographs and that, having a right old laugh.this was my room all sorted.YES! AT LAST!!!! we have started selling this drink at work, and its going to be so fucking cheap! £4.79 a case and im ON THAAT. dont worry about irn bru, me and kyle were talking about how it tastes so different these days, its just shit and sugary, you can feel it melting your teeth.with the lads from work and aaron we went to play some football at goals saturday night, and it was one of the best times ive had in a very long time. we rented a pitch from 8-9, but got to stay on until about 10.30, we were all proper tired!L-R: nimit, nirav, sam, aaron, keiran, nathan, dave, sasi and vinesh.the next day, me, billy, aaron, dan and ross met to play at riverside field. it fucking chucked it down, and considering there were only a few of us, we chucked it in. some little youths stole dans football off the top of the bank on the sly one, and i found it abandoned on the road when we left.my dad was to the rescue again! to get the sofa in he had to take apart the door frame and take the door off the hinges. he got to work, and then when he had finished we got it up the stairs and it was wicked. he was sat having a chin-wag with kyle for a bit, and he watched a bit of pineapple express with us.tree or fence?me, kyle, hof and dan walked upto booker to do some shopping and kyle was fucking in love. we spoke about how we like bulk of stuff, and he just kept picking everything up and touching it, it was dead funny.then upto asda, and i saw this. it was the same with the cans; the lynx was the same price as asdas homebrand. i turned round and made a passing comment to hof implying that if you buy the asdas own over lynx your gonna be a sweaty tramp, and i turned round to see some indian bloke picking up three cans of the stuff, we were well laughing.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR simon pegg in hot fuzz. my copy has got a scratch in, and this is how it chose to freeze in dans xbox, im thinking i might try and draw it over the next couple of days. we sat for ages talking about the noise this guy would make. and we said it would be like a really bad pain that he has learned to control, sort of like a grizzly grown. or like a pissed off dog.fuck a t.v license.


now they are probably really safe, and i know they are from leicester and whatever, but look at it the other way: they never fucking come to leicester, constanly release middle of the road, luke warm, slow indie shite and didnt put any money forward at all to stop the closing down of the charlotte, after saying in public that they would. they must be fucking minted, a little few bills just to sort out their "hometowns" jewel in the crown of live music wouldnt have gone a miss would it? but noooooo, they have moved on to bigger and better things. i heard there new release today, the big first song off the new album and it was every bit as soul destroying and boring as the last.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


WOOOOI OIIIIII, alright everyone? im moving in on saturday with dan, how cool is that? been busy and not busy this end, and im stuck on a mission on san andreas.

milli from uni found this in video box. preeeetty good.
last week on my lunch at work i went to the burger place round the corner, the prices with fucking ridiculous. for a nice burger and chips and drink it was like a fiver, pure piss take! i just got a portion of chips, dave went for the doner meat and chips.on the way up, we saw all this grease on a lorry, and it looked like some really nice tasting licorice thing.poker on thursday night, and i still didnt fucking win! its been ages since i did, it was a big pot this week, blake won and bought some very nice adidas trainers.all the grass is getting well long on and around the park and its getting to be such a mission to cross over the grass. in the morning, when the dew is all about my trainers get wet as fuck.then when i get there, i have to try proper hard not to get turned on by these onions in fishnets. they catch my eye all the time.RUN!i wish they would fucking give up, its not going to happen is it? why would it when the best clue they have is some dodgey drawing?hang on.my computer screen is really really dark but on my phone you can see this picture clearly. from out of spankies fell some 40 something wearing the biggest red PVC slag boots you have ever seen, they were horrible!me and darryl done the whole WE GO PARTY, and it was real good fun. at one point we went all the way from sophbeck to wetherspoons on highstreet in search of £1.29 sailor jerrys and coke, and they were dry! i was on the sambuca and strongboys.i got some photos developed from a disposible camera ive been knocking about with for the last couple months, and they are really really nice pictures! next time i come football or whatever, ill bring them along, so its all good! i had a nice ribena and chips and gravy, sat and read my FHM in the asda cafe. after an hour of waiting around and really getting into the magazine, i went back over to the photography section and the women told me the machine had broke, and it was back to the cafe for another half an hour. after that she did me the pictures on the 2 day price.erics facebook status said that he was going skating. I ONLY FUCKING SAW HIM SKATING THAT DAY DIDNT I!?


its ok for alan carr to act gay and that, because he actually is, and he is deffinatley the funnier higher profile of the two. now look at what this guy has turned into. wearing those fucking deadout t-shirts you buy from that shop opposite tin fish shoes in that arcade and doing a whole fucking series of "bring back" where he tries to bring tv programmes back that have happily died off. his target audience just seems to be getting older and older and nobody fucking gives two shits about the friday night project anymore, it used to be good. so good. i watched his own chat show the other week on itv player, and it was fucking abismal. you would have thought that you were watching a toilet. cut your fucking hair.

im off to do some packing now though, so you know. lets get it ooooon.