Wednesday, 30 March 2011


get strapped in people, this is a long one. only 8 days, but the sun has been out, so I've took too many pictures.

bought some new shit from the shop at uni. i say bought: we get given these vouchers at the start of the year for materials, and i lost mine, but when i tidied my room they turned up! wooooooooi hype ting.

always procrastinating, i put little swatches on my ink bottles.

i did loads of work this day. it was really sunny so i had my window wide open, listening to some nice music and just ticking over. i was in a great mood.

that evening i went up to vicky park with george to meet john and a few other lads skating. i was chilling, enjoying the sun doing some drawing. this is shumba.


lol wher u?
lol nxt 2 u lol
went to see anuvahood with john, max and valena the other night. it was a bit shit after the first 20 minutes or so. a couple funny characters and a great cameo from jammer.

valena was apposed to donk raving at first but now she is starting to get it.

hof bought 6 of these protein test tube things dead cheap. each one of them has 45g of protein in. they smelt like shit.

the quay was filling up with its usual guys.

this woman in thorntons handled all food with rubber gloves on, but then handled money, which is obviously really dirty.

hof's bird was due to meet us. he got her an ice cream and then made me hold it for a minute while he called her. i was fucking fuming. she had bumped into a friend, stopped for a chat and was running late, and due to the sun it was going to melt.

scored myself a pretty delicious ice cream that day. first scoop was some toffee shit, then the next one was some honeycomb shit. niiiiiiiiiiiice

after leaving town the quay was mental.

some of the lads including george were enjoying a bevvy in the sun. behind george is darryl aka darthrule smith. he deleted me from facebook recently.

had a nice mcdonalds breakfast with valena. i love it so much i just wish you got a little something else too.

Ive been sitting for about 2 minutes trying to think what sort of thing would go with a breakfast muffin and a hash brown and i cant really think of anything. i would like a nice yogurt or something but i dont think other people would.

i fucking hate the post office. the most annoying place ever. i got some package redelivered there and had to go and pick it up. so I'm waiting there, in this little stupid room that sells shit sun stained greetings cards and every size envelope imaginable and the queue is moving so slowly. ive got fucking screaming kids everywhere, this one little twat just wouldn't shut up because he wasn't allowed a fruit shoot. he was at optimum height for a fucking toe poke in the face.
so im queueing up trying to work out if its worth it, and finally the woman in front of me gets to the counter after about 15 minutes of waiting. the only reason she was there was to buy a lottery ticket. that's a lottery ticket that you can get from the co op across the road for far less trouble, or even the petrol station down the road. why would anybody want to force themselves into that hell hole if its not essential they have to be there? the place wouldn't be nearly as unbearable if cunts like her and her little loud rat children never shown up in the first place.
to make matters worse i got conned. the very package i was going to pick up was a planet earth dvd boxset that i got from ebay. i accidentally won two, dead cheap and this was the second one. so i've gone online and paid £1.50 to have it redelivered to the post office for collection, got there and I'm told i have to pay a further £1.50 to redeem it. service charge. the item was battered after being lobbed in and out of vans willy nilly. all dog eared and not nearly new.
i fucking hate the royal mail, and i fucking hate the post office.

you know these milk sweets? they are brilliant.

also, on the package they put my name down as sam glubb!!! unbelievable. i gave the seller negative feedback on ebay.

this is apple taking over everything you know.

we recorded a podcast as you may have heard. in case you missed it, listen again here:


who is gonna buy these? t shirts commemorating the royal wedding. 'get your crown, you've pulled.' i was baffled by this, i cant imagine who would buy them. am i wrong? is it going to be mad in the streets and that?

andy nails mcdonalds at work every saturday and is subsequently putting weight on.

this was in the canteen from one of the full timers in the week. apparently they have lost their pen, one of those 4 in 1 ones. we wrote all over this note. "r u serious?" "no sorry" "yeah its at my house" looooooooool bet he was pissed monday morning when he saw it.

instead of playing football and keeping fit, we all went for a mcdonalds sunday afternoon.

i got done over by an open ended cheeseburger.

max got a happy meal as well as his normal thing so that he could get 4 nuggets. they dont do 4 nuggets anymore, they only go straight to 6, and they are £2.60 or something. a happy meal is £2 and you get a little portion of chips, a little drink and a toy. you do the maths.

he gifted me and john the toy for wildlife corner. since living together we have collected about ten animals from a massive brass eagle to a rubber snake to a porcelain hedgehog. they all live on top of a book case. when it is a bit more representing ill get a picture.

i won an apple pie on the monopoly tickets thing and dunked it in my mcflurry. i wasn't wrong. next time you get a chance, do this, because it tasted great.

i went to get some socks from my sock draw the other day and i only had one pair left. i went to put them on and one had a massive hole in!!!! (not the one at the top your foot goes through...) so i binned it, searched for another and i didn't have any. luckily, i had just done a load of washing, and took one from the pile and blow dried it sharpish. one foot was deliciously toasty for about 5 minutes.

i hate spin offs from classics. such shameless money makers.

some bullshit new version of monopoly in argos. fuck this shit.

me and kyle went round town. i bought a little thing so that you can plug two pairs of headphones onto one port, kyle bought two maryland's and put them into one body.

i was printing shit for a uni project and kept getting this fucking message. i was printing onto a specific kind of paper that i had bought and every time my job didn't process i got this on the sheet and it cost me 40p. it happened about 7 times. i could physically feel my blood pressure rising.

i made a little promo booklet thing to give to potential clients to see if they want me to do some drawing for them. its now that I'm beginning to realise how trivial and meaningless my degree will be.

(i just went to type after and rushing i typed 'fater'...maybe its a sign) AFTER football on monday night me, max and frank took a trip up to asda to grab a few bits.

FAT(T)ER!!!! i bought a vanilla cheesecake and vanilla milkshake and a chocolate cheesecake, and bottled getting the chocolate milk. max got the choco milk. i've just kaned the vanilla cheesecake this afternoon.

we saw this too, looks unreal doesnt it? i cant wait to try this, ill buy some when i go asda in a couple of days and do a little review. WELL DONE HEINZ

all the tills were empty. this was the view of the woman who served us. boring innit?

these were on the pavement on westleigh road. i left them there.

max got some new shirts tailored for his new job starting next week. while we were in the tailors this bloke swanned in, shoulder length blonde hair, tanned, sunglasses, beige suit and military boots, with a young russian looking woman wearing a pair of D&G jeans and a little boy wearing a blue D&G coat. from a louis vutton shopping bag he proceeded to pull out garment after garment explaining what he wanted doing to it. it was mental. he looked mega rich. i think he was french.

i pulled some faces at his kid, he pulled some back, (I pulled out the chin roll's one hof taught me to win at the end. piss off you disrespectful little shite.) then they went.

im not into this weird coin. got it yesterday and couldn't wait to get rid of it.

thats all for today. sorry its been a lot to take in at once. i checked the wicked-land facebook page and had a couple more fans than a few days previous. i recently had some wicked-land business cards made up for a uni module and one of the new lads who now likes the wicked-land page works at john-e-wrights where i had them printed. i salute you, owen ross; you have made a wise choice.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


we are back after a little time away. i hope you enjoy listening. here are appropriate clippings, pictures and a music video. thanks for listening!