Wednesday, 29 July 2009


this is something i've been working on for the last couple of weeks, finally finished it today. its reassessment work for uni, because i didnt pass a module or something. its a poster for an exhibition called "face to face: type designers and their characters". my boy Paul Renner who i chosen to do my poster about designed Futura and was a German guy interested in the bauhaus.


the o is supposed to have an accent. stumbled across this guy when i was skyving on the internet. should be finishing off work. he does nice portraits of people where they look like tropical birds, watch that shit get bitten up to fuck. his blog has loads and loads of nice illustration stuff on it, and links and that, so give it a look. 

Monday, 27 July 2009


john told me that sam taylor had wrote about my blog on a recent sideway interview and he did! its basically a thing about favourties, and he put my blog down as a favourite. thats shits on the main page bitches!!! you can read the full interview here:

incase you didnt already know, be sure to check his page out where you can find bare lesta skate stuff and pictures of his mates.

aswell, if you read the interview, next to the link to my blog, there is a link to his "flatmate kyles blog" which has a whole heap of cool drawings on. but be sure to click the pictures, so you can zoom in on the detail.


all this week, ive been doing so much uni work. got to get that all sorted for the 3rd, then mans going away to bulgaria! so really, ive been in alot. the weather has been fucking ridiculous, still shite. i was talking to my dad earlier and i reckon we are going to go and live in italy or somewhere.

remember i said they took that park apart completely? they have smashed the shit out of it now. loads of cool new toys and shit on it, makes me wanna be young again. i might sneak on there tonight and give it a go.

overpriced, but you pay for what you get in fast food. this cheeseburger and chips from cyprus was absolutely smashing.

eagle eye cherry? save tonight... tommorow ill be gone. me and jamie got tattoos. call me eagle eye if you see me now. we had one day where for the most part i was doing uni work, but the lads were over and we had a right good fuck about.du-rags from carrie bags...dan is chilling at da flat. john likes this. IPHONERSSSS
SALMON FIGHTING!!! rules of salmon fight are simple. both fighters must be bound at the waist (with arms inside) and ankles, and the fight begins by both opponents hopping towards each other. once one of the opponents are down, the fight "begins" or starts phase two, and just ends when both fighters get tired, or one gives up.

flying with the lads, remember doing this? we did one on the floor where me and george flew on jamie and john, and we linked arms in mid air, and it was fucking wicked, but we didnt get a good the following night, and i went out first as usual. jimlad went on to win, swooping a life-changing £25. i turned round and played tiger woods facing the tv for ages. i had a little day dream about when your mum used to tell you if you sit too close you will get square eyes. in my head, my voice told me sarcastically that "it might help you see other peoples cards and actually win for once."kyle signed his contract the next day. he is now a little pea in the iceland family pod.LUKE DONALD GOT FUCKED IN THE ARSE! i finally managed to beat him, so now i aint to bothered about the game. its still good fun though.WAAAAY! we went out on friday night, and it was fucking dead. we went to panic to get the cheap drinks in, got on the way, then we finished off at sophbeck. it was siobhans birthday, but she left more or less as soon as we got there. it was proper dead there too. as you can see though, it didnt stop john, so fuck your night out. i got in at about 4. did work the next day then just crashed out and fell asleep. i love napping.visual reminder, i owe john a pound. i got water and bananas before football. football was fucking smashing this week. nice amount of rain, and there was six aside. the fight got posponded because hof didnt show, but that means we have got a double header next week, pretty exciting!


i honestly couldnt give a shit about this shiney faced, butter wouldnt melt fucking wasteman. the whole incident with felipe massa reminded me of when this cheat to win prick stole the whole season from under his nose. (what about that anyway? poor bloke cant ever race again and that.) and then after he has one good season, he comes out all cocky in press conferences saying "oh yeah, mans got this one in the hat" and all of that. look at where he has come. nowhere. fuck off and die lewis. i fucking hate the way everyone was going sick for him when he was winning, calling him shit like the nations savour and that shit. he is a fucking arsehole. and kanye west is giving his bird the bone.

Monday, 20 July 2009


EASY ALL. been dead dead wet this week, so its shit. im in the library at uni because the computer at my mum house is fucked! ive got to start my breif today, gonna smash it this week.

ricky was doing origami (sp?) the other day and made some sunglasses that double up a snowflake. also, they look fucking sick, so its nothing to worry about there.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! also, he made a birthday cake for dan. at midnight dan joined the 20's club and its only bradley who is left! i walked the dog with my mum. dan also shares his birthday with my dad so while i was running around and taking pictures of my mum throwing balls my dad was practicig shit golf with a new lofting wedge. "DONT FUCKING LOOK AT MY SPECIAL LIPSTICK"after that we went round dans mums, where we all chilled and had a couple of drink in his garden, the weather was actually really nice that day.we had a little wrestling comp on dans trampolene, where the rules were no striking, and you have to get the other persons body to touch the mat. it was best of three and in the first round the draw went like this:

ricky vs kyle (ricky won) + billy vs john (billy won) + me vs hof (i won) + dan vs brad (brad won)

semi finals: brad vs ricky (brad won) + billy vs me (i won)

cut the final, me versus brad, it was meant to be best of 5 rounds. cut to bradley, about 15 seconds into the first round lifting me above his head and full force slamming me into the mat head first, on the way back up my knees came over and smashed me in the face. i was done, bradley won.
you know this wasteman? i hate it, everytime i walk by this shop window i see this prick. the thing is its been there years, and i remember when it was first there thinking that i was a bit older than him, so he would probably be just old enough to get a good fucking slap now anyway.

the portrait itself is horrible too. the stripes on his body are brush strokes on photoshop and one rule i was taught in traditional portrait photography is NEVER EVER cut off the top of someone head.

in other news, i helicopter came down and grabbed kyle for the elite team of gentleman. kyle just jumped, grabbed it and was like "ill ring you tommorow mate!!"

dan got a whole bunch of new games for his brithday, and the one im most interested in is the new tiger woods. there are so many cool little mini games like one called target to target where you start of by hitting one of your 5 balls at a bulls eye on the floor. the closer to the middle you get the higher points and more bonus balls you get. the targets get harder as you go on, and your balls run out.

ricky won poker, and swooped £40. jr could only watch on in disbelief as he failed to complete hat-trick.
proper pissed it down thursday. saturday and a few of us had some drinks at highcross then went on to that cheap new night at life. it was fucking brilliant, we all got really really drunk.WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!? i saw this video and thought it would be fucking amazing if they played this out somewhere. the video is still amazing, give it a go below.the goal was to the left, the pitch to the right. bradley took a shot, hit the bar and the ball bounced down and we thought behind the line. it was, clearly and tom got off light! WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - SAMY SALON

i was at home, flicking through the few freeview (rhymezzzz) channel me and dan have got and i came across this cunt on one of the shopping channels. it was so bad, man was the most orange guy ever. you know how awkward and hard to listen to the chatter on those channels is anyway? this guy was selling a product that gives womans hair volume called Jooouge or something. when he was working it in, he got the crowd to chant along "jooouge jooouge jooouge jooogue!"

when kyle said he felt ashamed to share his name with jeremy kyle i never really got how that must have felt, until now.

check out some more new posts below. HOLLAATCHABOOOY


went nottingham on a little day tripper one with sam elsa bub didnt i? it was good fun. saw this cyber-goth-darklord punk muthafucka in the shopping centre. me and elliott were talking.

saw some fucking pan pipe badman shit, you can get his cd's NOW! he had bare instruments and kept using them all really fast, it was cool.