Monday, 29 September 2008

Sunday, 28 September 2008


hello. im back at uni now,in the ugly building behind me to the left (top floor.) im in a new group, cause im re-taking with all new people in, but on my course as a whole there is a couple of the old lads so that is cool. in my first day, we got put into groups.

we had a rough discussion with our tutors about our holiday homework. it basically is that we have to make a letterform to wear for a photo that says a word. (we have done this now, i will post a flick up when i get it.) this really clever smug cunt asked if you had to make a letter, or if you could make, say a exclamation mark. the tutor siad, yeah thats fine, or you could make a great big colon. (it was really funny).this lad who used to work at booker is a traffic warden now, i seen him in action.
on tuesday night i went the football with sammy. leicester vs lincoln. until the last 10 minutes or so it was the most boring game! leicester won on penalties in the end, frank sinclair battered one over the bar.
thursday night i met aaron dan ben and tom for a drink out and about. hear are the crew dem dem dem throwing up the W's. dan couldnt help but critisize aaron modernist W.
we went upto pound a pint at polar bear, j-beezy was repping.

we went fanclub later, it was so deadout. there was this one somalion guy just techno dancing mental, on one of the podiums. usually, people who stand on podiums have won. this guy deffo had. dan has a photo of me with him on his phone, ill get it.
ofcourse, its that time of yeah where loads of dickhead students are ruining everything thats good about the quay area. blader? just fuck off mate.

i went for a mcdonalds with sam and there was this dum dum guy sat behind her loooking at me the whole time. his face was saying "what? i didnt even... what?" over and over again.
i got those photos developed from when me and billy went to london, and some other ones, i couldnt be arsed to scan them but i will up some when i can be bothered, propbably next update. whilst waiting for them to come out, i was looking around asda, and i found daniel powters new album, the cover is really weird. as you can see he has just been putting people in bubbles, and tipping his hat. 0116 257194

thats the number for the lost pigeon, and that mad house on mad mile. this was what was left of the little poster.
ofcourse, its x factor season, so its getting watched a bit. louie walsh keeps asking EVERY singer if they have heard of westlife, and if they wanna be in it. he is trying a revival, also he is working on a side-project called west-girls.

when i got into work today one of the chillers had popped its cloggs and water was everywhere. it was my fun fun job to mop it up.


now these days i find myswelf listening to the radio quiet alot. partly because im more or less a receptionist at booker now, and just a bit in my spare time. one thing that is the big money in radio is weekday breakfast, because i suppose most people listen to that, so on radio one, they always play little adverts from the chris moyles show, trying to get people to listen to it. they are meant to be funny. they are actually anything but. i think, if this is the best 30 seconds they have got to play to weekend listeners of the week that has passed, then it must be so so fucking shite. i hate the fat ugly cunt, he is about as funny as cancer. did anybody see him when he went on 8 out of 10 cats, or have i got news for you or something? he got fucking ripped to shreds, and didnt say anything funny.

ill post up in a few days mangsdems...write something in the guestbook, see you later!

Monday, 22 September 2008


hello everyone, are you ok? here are a collection of drawings from over the past week, also, there is a brand new picture post just below this one called "WAZZZERP LAND" cause thats hoe everyone should start answering there phonesa again.



ay-yo! whats going on. its only been a few days, but a few busy ones. and the weather had been quiet nice too.

thursday night i was supporting the www . generation at the shed. they played really well, and it was there last gig for a while, because danny (far left) is off to uni sooni.

the following morning, i went for a breakfast with billy. it was just nice thankyou. billy insists on retaining an air of ellegance whenever he eat together.

you know that house on the mad mile? the one that has the big chicken statue rocking a high-vis? and bare sculptures in the window? they have only gone and stuck loads of toys on there from walland painted it and stuff. they are all action figures and that. also, there is a poster, saying they have lost a pigeon and to phone this number if you find it. ill post number up soon.
all weekend at booker i was on reception, doing nothing. its getting so boring its unreal. also, that twat vernon kay was on the radio. i really thought about it, and i figured out why i hate him. its because he is really pratronising and fake. like, he has spoken before about ow he has been uni, and he is obviously minted and he lives in london.
now when getting people to send media message pictures in the radio station, he was like "chippys, sparkies, all the grafters, doing real jobs send us your pictures". and i just thought you tosser. when was the last time you hung a door vernon? stop trying to sound all working class and down with the boys. aswell as this, because it is the time of year when everyone is travelling to uni, he was getting them to phone in.
also, when talking on the phone to a electrician he was all like "yeah yeah, them student tax dodgers." and all this, trying to come across like a right pubby lad. he is such a fucking twat.

another thing what really does my fucking head in is the way he thinks tess daily is the fittest girl ever. he was on about how he likes girls wearing mens boxers, and he was like, "oooh yes, i like seeing tess strutting her stuff about in a pair of my ck's...pwoar, imagine it boys, save it up." as if she is top of the list to run through your head next time your boshing one off. fucking gormy stictly come dancing dickhead.

sammy took me for a wicked mcdonalds yesterday up food court. i aint been there since ive been back from my holiday, it was like, yes bisshhhhhh im home.

after this, although i forgot to get a flick (!) i played football with a load of the lads down riverside field. it was a good match, but it got a bit dark and cold! later that night i met up with dan and kyle, and we went odeon to see tropic thunder. before it there was a really inspiring nike advert with loads of clips of athletes running over the finish line in slow motion.
tropic thunder was the most fucking embarasing shite ive seen in a very, very long time. literally, it made us all giggle about twice in the whole film. jack black is the most unfunny wastemaaan. it was really weird, cause all the shots were like it was a bare action film, but it was meant to be a comedy. it was just really really shite.
we chilled down great central for a bit. after dan went in his, me and kyle sat on dans front wall and chatted for a while. it got late (or early) and we called it a night (or day.)


burst on to the british t.v scene a little while ago as a proper prospect and was really quiet cool in his day. now a just fucking hate him. he takes all the bad parts of richard hammonds face and times them by ten. he is like a bare favourite with the mums, and he has got him self down as a right hunk. i seen him on friday night with jonathon ross or something a little while ago, and when he came out, a load of the woman were wolf whisling and that, and he was well smug. these ridiculously over-expresionate faces he pulls when fighting a darlic! ah wicked! now i understand that dr who is ofcourse a fictional character, but part of my thing is the people who like it, they are ALL dickheads. grow up, leave it in the past. stand back and see how fucking embarrasing this shit is, its for little babies. sci fi? fuck off. i wish it just stayed in the past.

thats me for about a week. seeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, 18 September 2008


hello everyone. im back at uni next week, so thats really really shite, but ive had a good week man! seen the lads for a couple of games of football and went for a nice meal and that with sammy.

first of all, you know when you go on to myspace, and the "cool new people" pop up? i seen george (who by the way is online now) just chilling, looking deep into me. what you know about georges style then?

i watched some maury round billys house with him and arnie (inset). incase you dont know, its just like a ghetto, better version of jemery kyle. sometimes, when the dads find out that some blast from the past come back with a little nipper saying "you are the dad!" and they aint, the bloke love it. (check the video below)
in this episode, the woman on screen named kenya was backing her man, i forgot his name, in his claims that this other womans daughter wasnt his. ofcourse it was, and now kenya and the other woman are best mates, and this guy is just a dickhead.

we also watched this one where some woman came clean to her bloke that she had been sleeping with his cousin for 2 years, and that this mans 9 month old daughter wasnt his. cool as fuck he took a minute, came back on stage, moved his chair over to the other side of the stage.
she looked over and told her not to look at him, she didnt. then laury asked him "look, im gong to have to ask you one thing; thats your not going to be violent to la tricia?". he looked back at him and said "maury, if i ever have to lay hands on a woman, its for a good reason".

have you seen this bullshit in one of sammys woman magazines? have you seen what they are filling their heads with?
i dont have any.
so i popped my blisters, and as i did loads of really watery pus came out. when i cleaned it up with a tissue, i wiped against my leg and loads of really soft, moist dead skin came off into the tissue. i was left with this massive pink patch of really sore skin.
from tesco garage you can get these really nice chocolate brownies. the only problem is they are a bit dry. so the trick is, by a banana choco flakes crunch corner, and put your brownie in it to soak a bit. its like a fucking sponge made out of chocolate that you can eat.
another one down.
me and sammy went upto fosse park the other day and had a monster McDonalds for dinner. peep out the limited edition wedges like back in college.
i was flicking through the metro at council work, and i got to the page where it has little adverts for all these different restaurants. they each have a little picture next to the discription of a typical meal they serve at there place."the staff of life" and "six hills restaurant" serve EXACTLY the same meal, arrange in EXACTLY the same fashion by the looks of things. have a look next time you are flicking through a metro, its really stupid. the address's are mad far apart too.
i always see this when im on the bus back home from town. one house on fosse road south has been transformed into a small doctors surgery, with a big boy sign on the door, and posters about herbal medicine and that. as you look in through the window, all you can see is a kind of towel rack in the window, and shadow. the light in the front room is never on.
LEG UPDATE! a few dates later, it went really deep red and brown, and i had this really thick, crispy, paper-like dry dead skin around the burn. if anyone likes picking peeling, this was a fucking dream. this was probably my leg at its worst.played football yesterday with these lot in the picture. we got all the way down to tesco garage and nobody noticed that we didnt even bring the football. ha ha! aaron, in the style of a prince jogged back home, and we had been down riverside field but ten minutes and he returned with the ball, nice one aaron. we had some really good matches and the weather has a bit cold too. tom pulls his leg up, and does a fart simultaneously, aaron finds it really, really funny.

them lot all go the other way off the field, so i walked back upto sammys. as i walked near narborough road, i saw this guy. he was walking along, singing a bit under his breath in another language whilst making hand gerstures. he had a t-shirt with a really crap photo print of some asian guru or something. he had wicked curtains too.i went town with sammy and we went around the new highcross. there are some good shops.i met a man and a woman who are making a documentary about braunstone, and the way it has change over the years. its only a short film, that is sort of in light of this 1980's documentary that went out on ITV painting braunstone as a shithole. i think they want me to take a series of photographs showing the positive side of braunstone.

in the meeting, me and the man (nick) got talking about birdman, and as i left there company, on my way to the bank i seen him walking backwards, with alot of people looking at him and that. he was in a trance.i dont know if im right in this, but why is it called a "litter bin"? i thought littering was not putting something in the bin, or can you even put litter in a bin, because does it become litter when you dont put it in the bin? if you put somehting in a bin, its not litter, its just like a wrapper off your sandwhich, or a empty can or something? do you agree? am i right?in other news, i went to see pineapple express with sammy. danny mcbride, the guy on the far right isnt one of the main two characters, but he is so so so funny in it. i read a well accurate review in the paper that sums up exactly what i thought. 3 stars, bordering 4 because of loads of quotable one liners, but it goes on for atleast 25 minutes too much, and the action side of things was swag. but it was really really funny.finally WASTEGASH OF THE WEEK - MARY KATE OLSEN

i have never really like this pair, even in year four when everyone was feeling the two of a kind flex thinking "yeah they are bare fit", i never really jumped on that. they are both well well twiggy and rediculously american, but mary kate is the worst. she is renouned as a bare fashion head, but she dresses like a cunt, and is always in a 'battle' with anna, rex and ian. put some weight on, and stop doing my fucking head in.

thats it mangsdems. ill post up soon, in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit