Monday, 28 February 2011


sorry its been so long people. truth be told last week was reading week and i didn't hardly anything worth taking a picture of. left the house very little. so here are the highs and lows since wednesday the 16th.

i always see this character on a van round the corner from work, and can never be bothered to take a picture of it. i think its really funny, i cant imagine why someone would draw something so odd. usually, the things people write or draw mean something to your average man, the bloke in the car behind you. this weird little curly haired bloke in a bow tie gives me nothing except joy.

seen this dream near upperton road. a bit small, but he was wearing camo trousers, sunglasses, a camo hat and khaki everything else. brilliant.

there is a weird road near my house that is strangely middle class in a working class area. they are all massive, privately owned houses and everyone has nice cars. someone took the effort to put out a separate bin for other peoples rubbish, so their grubby little working class hands don't burden their wheelie bin.

i think personally, if i was as bold as a kemo patient on top, the last thing i would do is grow the back and sides out. or go for it, but just make sure you wear a hat to that heavy metal gig.

they are now selling 2m x 2m stamp rugs on narborough road, if you think they would look good in your house.

i spent a lot of one day looking for my san andreas disc. i was so buzzing when i found it. i played this shit all night. got well far on it. GROVE STREET FOR LIFE

finally got around to eating these hazelnut cream kit kat chunkies i got from australia. one for me, and one for jamie. luckily they were in date, just. they were carried away, really really delicious. i dont know why kit kat wasted their time with the senses bar, which publicly bombed (even given the £1 million pound girls aloud advertising campaign) when they have foil wrapped gold like this overseas.

jason with his dumb eskimo hood at work.

thats a 278.54 metre STOPPIE on san andreas. anybody who has tried that shit must appreciate that that is really pretty good. i was buzzing out mental.

some guy just walking his shopping home in his iceland shopping trolley. that security guard is useless isn't he? and a pound is a small small price to pay for an object with multiple uses.

ultimate road wars was one of those "film your tv" moments.

remember that day last week where everyone got so happy because we were in england and it wasn't raining? remember? you didn't have to wear a jumper? that was summer. i hope you spent yours well. i went to the quay and skateboarded like say i was 13 again.

niiiiiiiice. imagine getting up there to save it and throwing it off. hahah looooooool "that'll teach you, ginger wanker"

went argos to get a home phone for me and john. this woman was quoting her sales bullshit as i paid on card and in the middle of it she dropped "you may receive a similar or different item". i stopped her. "what do you mean?" here's me, thinking the idea of argos was you go in, write down the item you want, fill your pockets with little useless blue pens, pay and then get the item you wanted. apparently not. these days, if they are out of stock on a certain item, you get given another, with the chance to exchange it if you are not happy with the one you receive. I KNOW

seen a urban life guard wearing a cowboy hat. i cant imagine getting dressed and going yep. thats me done.

jamie got these japanese sweets where you add water and make this little sweet sushi kind of things. it didn't go to plan. we filmed a video. ill show you sometime.

auditorium friday the 25th. (its now march by the way, just.)

i seen musical youth who were not so youthful anymore.

dawn penn duppied the rave.

reggae vybzn crew.

me with dawn penn. she kept talking to me in a thick Jamaican accent and with me being pissed i could understand little she said. i just replied "no thankyou, i dont smoke weed"

nile is a sensible man who has the same phone as me. top producer, rude booooooooy

red stripe hype.

darryl was very sick when he got in. peri saw it coming.

new mountain dew cans at work. i strongly recommend this carbonated soft drink if you are yet to try it. everybody knows that pop from cans tastes twice as good and then some as pop from bottles, so im so buzzing about this. 99p for a 500ml can coming to a shop near you.


what would make you buy this? let alone wear it. i feel so bad for him.

myself, jamie, john, george, jimlad and max went nando's. learnt how to make our own peronaise (for free) and generally had a nice time.

myself, jamie, john, george, jimlad and max bent man thoughs. burn foul slew wake hour bone terror maze four three band men are really bad a rice lime.

arsenal lost to birmingham in the carling cup final. cesc looked on, pissed.

cheers for reading, sorry its been so long, but if i had have done an update at the normal time, you would have been the sorry one for reading. catch you soon!!!!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


me, billy and kyle in some old wicked-land videos i found on a disc. know how we do.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


THE BEST NEWS!!!!! IVE GOT THE INTERNET BACK NOW. we made the switch from virgin to sky, and to get a bt bloke out to install our landline it took 5 weeks. so its no longer a library one, its more of a regular thing now. here are some illustrations i did over the last week or so, so more new ones to come tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


i saw this film before when i was too young to really appreciate it. I've just finished with it and really enjoyed it, it's beautifully written. the first monologue is absolutely wonderful.

please, if you are not already familiar, just take a couple of minutes to watch the above scenes.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


here it is, all the things that have been happening over the last week in my life.

valena freestyled in the kitchen and come up with this chicken and vegetable stew. she served it with basmati rice and garlic bread. trassmee very deep.

some good drama at work. this lorry exploded over the back of the car park. it wasnt one of ours, it was from some other warehouse. smouldering shrapnel came over the fence. when it exploded there was this massive bang and loads of car alarms went off. i walked to the chip shop on my lunch, about 10 minutes away and they asked what the bang was. it was sooo loud.

that afternoon i made room on a shelf and put out the new range of happy shopper sauces. i had creative control, so from left to right i put them in order of west to east around the globe. (mexican, italian, indian and chinese). my boss called me a knob.

people still have christmas lights on in the bits.

me and darryl did this weird thing. a website that streams live dj sets did an event where they put bare dj's on in one night. me and darryl were on 9-10 GMT. it was mental just being in his room but playing to thousands of people. there was a chatbox on the website, and i was like 'if you want the rewind on this one, type '1'' and then it flooded with 1's, it was surreal.

jimlad pulled a good face the other day.


good price for a tub i thought. i dont really know about buying baths, but this struck me as cheap.

max has got one white hair. i noticed it the other day.

himself, me and valena went for lunch at pizza hut on my birthday. i love it so much. i love the concept of 'all you can eat'. i was edgy about it. put some apple from the salad bar on a slice of pepperoni pizza as a stand against ham and pineapple. barriers got taken out.

there was this french guy absolutely shredding on the drums outside of the clock tower mcdonalds. he said he had been drumming for 18 years. watch the video below.

this has got to be one of the shittest thing i have ever seen. its an animal planet programme about a family of meerkats. jumping on the 'compare the meerkat' thing just a little bit ay?

went to see true grit in the evening. i didnt like it too much. nothing really happened in the story and aside from a few exciting bits it was really quiet dull in my opinion.

this is whats happened to your americandy in the run up to valentines day. loooool good riddance.

jamie bought me back a little chocolate bar from turkey called eti wanted bumba. it was a delight.

im sure this is meant to say "no longer listed AS in a relationship". am i right about that?

what the fuck is a bus doing down there? not a road that buses go down.

i pushed hard and got this last week too. im going to really try and get some new faces going.

suitably drunk in firebug we saw this guy and started buzzing out over him. we were asking him if he was the lord mayor for a laugh and he was saying yes, he was. he told us he just come from a function. he was not the lord mayor. THIS is the lord mayor.

we went to a garage sidewinder at the auditorium. it was a brilliant night, really fun.

there were bare flyers for a night coming up next month. i think its going to be really good.

neutrino from oxide and neutrino was a highlight. BOM FOR THE BOM BOM FOR THE RELOAD


everyone was smoking inside. the venue stunk of weed too. bare police outside but inside the people made the law. it was sick, no beef at all, pure good vibes.

i ran my fingers along the inside of the hand rail and there was a yellowy, brown dust. i was so drunk i could'nt work out what it was. i have since thought brick dust from when they were renovating but looking at this picture and remembering the texture in pretty sure it wasnt. i still have no idea.

i had a nice dinner at my mums sunday, she did fajitas. all together there were 7 of us eating so it was really good fun. i fucking love mexican food.

rose was explaining that her neck has the same elasticity as mine.

more matrixing going on in the quay. they are back and in full swing.

a new tesco express is due to open on the corner opposite spankys, quiet near sophbeck. its a big one so they will sell some unreal stuff.

as it was valentines day yesterday me and valena went for a nice meal. in bulgaria they are given 'name days' where each name is given a certain day, and they are celebrated like birthdays. valena's name day, quiet obviously is VALENtines day, so we celebrated that too.

at one point she had four different drinks on the go. europe.

cheers for reading, it was a long gruelling slog wasnt it? ill have something fun soon.