Tuesday, 26 February 2008


how cute is this little guy? ricky made him for me about 2 years ago.

also, ive got my drum kit in my little room now, so i cant do anything in it.

recently, ive been playing enough football manager on psp. seen how good my team can play now? im about 6 seasons in and ive got bare new players. basically, when your players start the match, they are on 6/10 and if you go over 8/10, the number turns green, and if its below 6/10 it goes red. this is me, against dortmund winning 6-0 in the second leg of my ufea cup match.

also, i got a nice new little sketchbook to drawing some wickedland things in.

i was sat opposite this guy on the train and he was the most shower faced man, ever. he wore sunglasses, big old ones, like in MIB when he didnt even need em, it was raining. he had the best suit on, but he sort of looked like it was nothing for him. massive beard too.

dwayne drew this in noodle bar. look at his little constipated face. HUUUUR

i wish i could draw wicked perverts like this.
kyle drew some killings too, CHECK EM OOOUT

this is aaron bumming billy. very graphic innit.

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