Friday, 23 May 2008


i aint done any drawings this week because i just havent so fuck you. im going skegness with sammy next week so that should be nice. ive been doing a bit more work too, at that other job. there was alot of football this week too, its been a pretty good week.

thank god, cause your tits are crap. this is a clipping from the metro regarding rangers fans in manchester before the UEFA cup final, i meant to stick it in last week but i forgot. it says there is three fan sleeping, so they can make a little hattrick joke...but i can see at least four in the for-ground, and more in the background. what a load of shite.

joel now works single bottles at work and look at all these fucking boxes, there is loads mate!

the sky was good on sunday night. "rock band is good, but its not the one...john, your back in play"


on my way to work on tuesday i seen this chuchee boy on his bike, and i was well deep in thought about him. he was wearing his carki hiking shit, and i was thinking that he must have his work clothes in his bag. so he gets work (on his super, taking it well to far mounting bike with a expensive helmet and hiking boots) and gets changed into it, image what a scruff he would look like, all creased and that. plus he must stink. he was waiting at the lights, not fucking ziping in and out of all the car's pissing em off....what a good boy.

ive been on reception at that job this week.
i met natalie to go for a croques sandwhich on my lunch. all the posh, private school fresh faced thick, kook or natural hair cunts piss the shit out me. looking you up and down, getting their prawn jacket potato. you are all cunts.

all this week, loads of job-ends have been on my front, being well loud til well late. its really been doing my head in.

i went to the quay to watch the football with bradley, dan and john burke. obviously, manchester united won, either team winning is gay. its good that terry and ronaldo both missed there penalties, twats.

dan was loving manchester united winning.


i hate nemi nemi nemi, she is a twat. she is a silly, annoying goth bitch, who is like a less good version of pandora, who used to be in kerrang! she is a right copy bitch. i read the 60 second interview with the women who draws it (and its obvious that nemi is her) and she was like "well i write the comic in norweigen (or whatever) so sometimes, the jokes dont translate and work so well"...oh is that your excuse? write it in fucking english then you fucking feminist, un-funny, shit cartoon shit. fuck off, and get out of my life. nemi is quiet possibly the cunt of all cunts. fuck off.

thats it then, see you next week. im about to have chips and pizza with kyle then go up billys. you might not get an update for a while, cause im going to skeggy, but i will do a monster one when i get back.

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