Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Just had to hit you with a quick mid week Wickedland, like a fucking Beyonce album or a Drake mixtape. BAM right up on you just like that.

I like stuff like this, as shit as it is. My actual face turns into the sarcastic black moon emoji face haha

It's that time of fucking year again. The fucking sun bouncing off a window outside my office window and going right into my eyes. The sun is fucked isn't it. It's so bright.

Crap. So crap.


This is pretty sick, using a super strong magnet they've got this levitating shoe display in the shop window at Wellgosh. So into this haha

I love seeing stereotypes play out in reality before my eyes. It's like you don't want to take the piss out of Chinese people for being pure into technology but then you see some shit like this and you don't really have much of a choice.

Packed fucking trains. Packed motorways. It's so rank being alive sometimes. There are so many people around these days. They should have let Ebola really fucking take off. We are due a cull of sorts and that would have been perfect.

I went to Birmingham with Tom. We saw this amazing unit. He had his mirror sunglasses on while just mooching around the Bullring. He had a massive duffle back, he was fucking tonk and about 6'7 dressed in all black haha. He was fucking sick, like a drawing or something.

Wheeeeey boshing a quick Five Guys. Fuck man, aren't cheese burgers the best thing? I can't imagine living a life where I stopped myself eating meat, it's just too too delicious. We had a great little spot on the balcony just watching people mooch by. The sun was out, it was great.

She waltzed through the middle of Birmingham wearing her I heart London hoodie. She is lucky she didn't get fucking jumped.

How is there a whole shop for Skechers shoes? Seriously? How are they selling enough Skechers to keep this shop open? I'm genuinely gobsmacked by this. I didn't even think to look to see if anyone was in the shop. Is this wanker Tumblr girl shit I don't know about? Do those cunts wear this shit? I need answers.

A close up of a little pigeon enjoying the sun. I was enjoying a lovely doughnut having a little look at this bloke.

Do you ever go to the pub and think instead of going with your mates you'll just go with your cabbage? This bloke was so fucked and tragic. His long bedraggled grey hair framed his little crap face, his pigeon chest was dressed in a cycle jersey and he was kind of doing weird shit to try and get peoples attention. He played his trump card in getting the cabbage out, walked round the bar to get served and then when staff tried to get rid of the cabbage he went back over and grabbed it off them. It was so weird.

I often think of myself at this sort of age and I envision someone who gets to watch loooooads of football, eat a little less shit and try and force music I like on my kids. I was transfixed staring at this guy just thinking I love greens and cycling. Who knows.

'A heatwave is coming' they said. '19 degrees' they said.

Look, I don't want a fucking quiz when I get to the bin ok? I just want to get to bin stuff as soon as possible. These mini recycling bins really don't work in that sort of environment.


The sign on a bit of cut out chip shop paper reads 'PLEASE DONT ASK FOR CREDIT OR DISCOUNT THANK YOU' haha it really made me laugh. You can take your eye off the ball and forget how trampy some of the people of Braunstone are. Imagine going to the chip shop and asking for chips on tick hahaha fuck me.

And that's your stuff. Cheers for popping by and enjoy the rest of your week!


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