Friday, 2 September 2016



God he's such an annoying cunt isn't he. More so than the rest of these crap new 'rappers' he represents a shift in culture that I cannot associate with. I just do not understand it. I like some of the new, looser, less talented turn up stuff. Rae Sremmurd do it so well for example, but this guy just needs to go. I can't stand him.

Put his music to one side, that's nothing to do with why he is annoying really. It's him. He's so fucking busy and animated. Like a little twat child with ADHD. It's all gimmicks and very little substance and content. He's shot to super stardom off the back of one huge song and now we've got to put up with this prick pulling faces and dabbing. I hate all rappers that dab. How in my relatively short lifetime has it got to this? Look at his stupid face.

And it's getting worse, that's the thing. He's still in his freshman year, and his quirky little mannerisms and whatever are growing and becoming more and more mental every time he pops up. He needs taking out, i don't want to have to see him ever again.

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