Sunday, 23 March 2008


because i suppose it works better this way. i didnt want to make another post that was just photo based, because thats a bit i waited until i did some drawings. here's what ive been doing.

i got some new dvd's one of which is the american version of the office and steve carrell is in it and really funny. this is a freeze frame from one of the special features on the anchorman dvd that aaron got me for my birthday.

so this is why i wont be able to do things like go town with sammy or football with sam on a saturday anymore. there is an upside though, sometimes, i will be sat in reception, so i can draw alot.

we went asda as usual thursday night, but because it was horrible weather (that wasnt so horrible by the time we went) it was only me, billy and kyle. the treacle tart was so shit.

it snowed over saturday night, sunday morning! look at this little birds shit footprints.

real peoples ones.

now i have been saving these two for a while, because i noticed them, and thought ill save them. this is a clipping from the sun. the artical is a about how mysterious boy is wearing a peice of jordan's jewellery, but what i think the artical has forgot to mention, is the state of jordans fucking ugly baggy knees! look at them shit!!! click em to enlarge.

also, i got this picture out of one of sammys magazines. i fucking hate this stupid fucking loud, outspoken, mouthy, lilly allen, adele, fucking fake cockney, jarman changing, ugly, lilly allen, man. this photo personifies why i hate her, look how fucking mouthy she looks. laughing well loud. shut up. she said on some thing that she was at a cribs gig, and because some man wasnt jumping around, she poured beer over his head. for this her reasoning was "the cribs are like the best band in the world" and went on to say that she has had friends who have broken limbs at gigs. how fucking un-reasonable is that?!? fucking prick. look at how manly her posture is on the small photo underneath too, fucking bloke.

anywaaaaay, as i was saying earlier, i was in reception, so i did bare drawings. have a look through them, and tell me if you hate them! i was drawing some foxes, and then these weird beaked guys.

and thats about it really, i hope you liked it.

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Sam Taylor - blog. said...

Fucking rad.
Can you draw a fox raping her please?!