Thursday, 6 March 2008


i coloured this in on photoshop yesterday when i was a bit bored, and just for a bit of practice. the story behind this picture is that on my first day of university this lad came and sat next to me when we were getting put into our groups, and he was an ugly mosher twat, and he had dicks drew on his arms when he came in. what sort of image is he trying to show to people on his first day? he came in well late and red in the face huffing and puffing, and was laughing across the room to his friend like they had some crazy joke that they wanted everyone to know about. its foreign cunts like this that bring down my estimation of youth today, fuck off back to your own city and be crazy, because if you dont, ill draw a picture of a man using your ugly little head as a puppet whilst firing a gun, you cunt.

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