Wednesday, 4 June 2008


since ive last been on, ive been skeggy and that. i got back about 3 days ago, and its been alright man. had a good time in skeggy.
ill start off with some drawings. the first two are fan-art by kyle. cheers mate. after that they are by me.

i started drawing people who come into my council job whilst im waiting. i draw them playing x-box together and that.
and fighting to the death.

this guy was the nicest, charmingist friendlyist man ive met in a long time. just seemed really genuine and honest.
this was a combo of office stuff i could see around me.

onto the photo's now, this is claud makalele's big long foot.

i found this ice cream funny at work. it was called inspiration, like ice cream inspires some one to do something.
on sunday, i went to play football with the lads up regent. it was ok man, the weather was a big wet and that, it was really fun, sliding about.
walking home, we noticed we were all fondling our bollocks through our trackies.
seen these fucking deadout shoes? fuck off.
he knows about the wickedest juice around.

now we are skeggy, and i seen some quiet funny stuff, like these dead cool, down with the kids illustrations. sk8boarding.
this is me and sammy walking on the beach man.
i went on the go karts, they are wicked. really fast and fun

on the hitler bus on the way out, it had deep deep rules man. one was "please turn volume down" fucking hell....
imagine if you had a manager called julian and he was a crap crap manager.
this was a 3 litre tub of curry paste just all over the floor.
green figure? ive never fucking heard of man? do you mean green man? MAN and not WOMAN?
when i got back, i practiced brazilian football skills with aaron in aarons back garden. he didnt have a football, so his basketball had to do.
now this pissed me off alot. i was getting a mcdonalds, and this mum was talking to her little kid like the kid was about 3. the kid was at least ten, and i thought why the fuck is she in a push chair?? i had a good look and it was a push chair for a little kid, look at how squashed she is. also, she got up and walked about a minute later so it wasnt like her legs didnt work. she gave me a right fucking stupid look like bratty and that.

on my way to work i had some bananananas for my breakfast, and they were well nice. i am really getting into them again.
with billy, i seen a fucking massive jesus army lorry. its full of jesus army soldiers coming to penetrate your mind with their wrong ideas about how the world started.
i am currently in some exibition at the brite centre in braunstone, until saturday night. i have got two A1 mount boards of polaroids and one A1 board of loads of drawings. they are mainly wickedland drawings and that.
i went to the opening night that was a private showing for the artists and some art guys. there was all sorts of things, paintings, jewelery and photography and that. i put up my photos of dead animals and i dont think they went down to well.
as i got up to my stuff at first these two old ladies were looking and going "thats so discusting" and looking at the card and going "hmmm...sam wonder, he is 19" she turned to billy and asked if he was his friend, and he pointed to me. the woman let me know what she thought...she said "i wish someone would put a match to it, its horrible. couldnt you find anything nicer to photograph?" so ensured me that it wouldnt be there tommorow, and im guessing she went to complain, fucking square twat.
in a way, i would quiet like it if it got took down, because then its had a big enough reaction, even if it is a bad one. there was a photographer taking pictures of the event, so if i can find them anywhere, ill bang em up.
i then had a good chat with a woman of my new course and it turned up she used to go and boycott fox hunters and rescue the foxes and that. i felt well well bad.

Alexa chung. she does my fucking head in, what does she do? present T4 ages ago, and then POOOF she is everywhere, in every fucking magazine walking down the street and everyone is going "she dresses so so wicked!" all she fucking wears is some fucking stupid, querky grandma shit (pictured) which is such a fucking stupid gimic to get noticed, or skinny jeans and a man's check shirt (lumberjack print) fuck off alexa, you are a fucking wastegash mate

thats it, ill see you in about a week. billy says hello by the way.

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Sam Taylor - blog. said...

Stoked on the reaction. At least you got one. And it's cool that you heard those close-minded old bastards opinions. 'Ave it.