Sunday, 5 July 2009


BASTARD! its been fucking hot these week innit! ive been at work nearly all week, so i aint had a chance to update, afraid its long one. a long one peppered with gold that is. valena is back, mosh got went to, dan mc'ed and michael jackson hasnt come back from the dead.

we played an old football sports dvd quiz that dan has. it was fucking top. not as top as the im a celebrity dvd game, where you are fake celebrities, playing to get a million points. me, dan and jamie taught jr and john a lesson. DIGLER BITCHES!!!!!

i finished off the painting that i was doing on the canvas jimlad gave me to go in 39 steps. ill get a decent photo of it next week and put it on.this seems like so so long ago now. ha ha, my dad started having a lovely bbq and it started pissing it down, so we fucking brought that shit under the shelter! it was funny, really raining and my dad was ice-cube-chilling.we saw eminem on narbs, just chilling, wearing old dungeries (i dont think ive ever wrote or typed out that word), a white t-shirt and dyed blonde hair. oh wait, shit. thats an african lady one point there was 10 different cans on the table. going from red stripe to rio tropical drink, to tango. it was sick in the head type.X BOXERS!!!!!!!!hof and kyle enjoy a smoke after a hard days graft.

the following few pictures are from when we went to mosh on tuesday. looking back, i was bare more drunk than i thought i was. i said to bradley (who now has his hair in cain rows!!!!!!!!) that you know its summer when cyprus kebab house has got a table and chairs outside. highcross with john and dan. jamie, george and blake met us too.

we also saw a lad getting bottled (twice) outside mosh, check the video.

lunchtimes at work, fulltime are a fucking pain in the arse. its like you sit, in the little sweatbox staff room, with people who are fucking divs, fight over the one or two papers that are knocking about and avoid eye contact as if its the plague. there is this one guy, who just constantly stares at me, and when i look at him he looks away, its so annoying.

beating that, with the fucking blistering sun , ive been making chip sandwiches and having them and a can of pop in the park round the corner, sun bathing and one day i even had a little nap. its seriously so simple and one of the best, most made me happy things ive done in ages.

i put up a poster in said canteen of the king of pop. they kept it up, here is a sweaty me, just before i put that shit in the bin.WAYHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 the people below us have moved out, so we can make even more noise than we already do. they even took the fucking pegs of the line when they went. good riddens, the pricks. PLACE BETS ON NEW NEIGHBOURS NOW!! TRAMP STUDENTS? POLISH MEATHEADS? NIGERIAN PROSTITUTES?poker @ the shisha bar the other night. blake bought back in in the first blind level, so the pot was a tasty £40. jr somehow won in.yeasssssssssssss! me and valena had a lovely dinner of dominos pizza, chips and cheese, crisps and nice smoothies and dr pepper the other night. the pizza was fucking badboy shit.kyle showing off his supple face once again. check the video, the first part of the third clip is wicked.
we finally talked dan into recording the whole curtis grime video thing. here it is, on youtube. next dan is gonna clash bradley, and send for skepta and wiley.


only in the sun innit? i love the little tit bits of news on page three.
last night a few of us went walk into the great central where we got sat down and had a few beers. kyle was sick, dan was sleepy and elsa was back. it was fucking good good fun! when dan puts his hand in his wallet, it vibrates, and sends him all weak and faint.saw these two girls earlier on the way upto football and they were honestly wearing some next big high heels. they were both about 8 years old, it was crazy. they kept just walking in and out of shops not getting football and its my mums birthday today. she is celebrating by my dad doing a bbq. this is some nice big bbq that ours next door neighbours paul and arlene gave my dad. we had lamb, burgers, steak and chicken and pork. WASTEMAN AND WOMAN OF THE WEEK - PETER ANDRE AND KATIE PRICE

the paper of choice in the canteen at work is the daily star, and they cant seem to get enough of these pair of twats. a bunch of mongol kids, poor bastards and a pair of twats, one fucking parading her deadout, so past it, shit body all over a speedboat with a load of beefcakes, and one is shown moaping about the shops with quotes "ill get through this, by myself". you gay bastard, who are you kidding! jordan, the mysterious girl has gone and she dont give a shit, you 6 pack. now, she is going to write another book that will sell millions and millions of copies about how he fucked her about and everything. all just one big marketing ting, and thats that!!!!

ill send man a post next week, HOLLLLA ATCHA BOYYYYY ON THE GUESTBOOK

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