Monday, 13 July 2009


thats right girls, he is back. me and hof bumped into him the other day and he is back. proper back. drawing crazy pictures back.we went asda, and the rain has started back up now, summer is over. look at this sky. i had washing out.bacon double cheese burger pizza. R U DUMB vol. 5

proper rain too. its been shit. almost not stop for about a week, its raining now. my dad has just come through and offered me his umbrella for the walk home. i was like saaaafesomehow, dan managed to press something on the tv remote which switched it to split screen. on the left we had regular tv, and on the right it was nazi zombie killers.and here they are. the elite nazi zombie killers. officially the best at killing nazi zombies. if you have nazi zombies and want them killing, these are men to call, becasue they can do it better than anyone else. OFFICIALnumber one in this bitch.

how sick that reggae reggae sub is back? i aint had subway in a long time to be honest. this day me and valena went for a nando's with dave from work and his brid laura. it was dead nice, valena got done out stink and got the little bit of chicken in her pitta.YOOO! after, a few of us went to a pub quiz. we lost out by not getting one question right on a all or nothing double points round. the question was "how many chance squares on a monopoly board?" but, things were looking up, when in a game of chance at turning a card over to find a joker, for a quid you get a chance at it, john raffle ticket was pulled out and went and turned over a joker first go to scoop the roll over pop of £164. MONEY MAN BURKE, DOES IT AGAINat work, this customer said to me "y'all right there?" but it sounded like he said "your right there." it made me and dave made loads of cheese and ham sandwhiches for our break. it was cool. kim was on her break to, so we asked her if we could have some promotions.saturday evening i went to goals with jimlad to play with the lads from work. it was a fun drive down. we saw a bad man at the lights with a mini pair of elvis boxing gloves hanging from his rear view mirror.

me and darryl came up with a dance, that has loosely transformed into a new style of living, and genre of life. its called the duck, which is one of the great dances you do with a partner, like the waltz or shit. one of you is the feeder, putting food down for the duck, a more free, jamming, see where it goes role and the actual "ducker" is a slightly mrore physically demanding role, but pays off when it comes the interest from the other sex.

football on sunday, no fight to write about, the other lads absolutely tanned us younger lot.i well nearly brought this book. remember this shit? t'was a dark dark night and all dat. yeah yeah booooy.darryl came over to chill today, we made some music and played skate. ricky was over too, we did some drawing.WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - RICKY PONTING

this was talking about the cricket 20/20 world cup hosted in england. what a fucking arsehole innit. if he thinks leicester aint popping off and happening then he obviously doesnt know sandy javes and den man derrr. the ashes have started too, so its double wasteman time. this was a close one this week though, as michael owen, literally one of my boyhood idols signs for man united. i thought, only his true red past can redeem him from forever being a wasteman. news just in today that he is going to have the number 7 shirt. this is some bullshit.

sorry its been long, i should be in the uni library a fair bit this week, so expect some posts. YAWZA

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