Tuesday, 8 February 2011


im gonna hit you with that good shit straight away. no messing. no telling you im bored at uni, just straight in.

new products coming very soon. seen these in the trade magazine at work. looking forward to lucozade sport cherry and orange lucozade lite.

went to get one of the new tesco pasta pots (the chilli beef one) and it just looked revolting. a sloppy, wet mess that filled up half the container. this is it next to a spicy chicken one. honestly! i didnt get one.

i did this at work that afternoon. as i pulled my pallet around the corner i accidentally knocked over a load of st helier and magners pear. it was everywhere.

went to see the fighter with george the other night. it was really good, i really enjoyed it. i reckon christian bale is nailed on for an oscar, his performance was brilliant.

at the end of the film, just as the credits started you got to see a bit of stick between the two real life brothers who wahlberg and bale play on screen. everyone continued to filter out as the clip was playing, paying it no attention. i couldn't understand that, it literally made the film. people are stupid.

for breakfast the next day: bacon and mature cheddar cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise. trust me about the mayo. i was not getting it wrong.

this made me laugh. i love how the sun just plays into the hands of typically thick britain. they will print whatever the majority of the population are thinking.

there is new louie theroux on tv. me, jimlad and john had a conversation talking about if a couple of documentarians teamed up to cover one subject, much in the way that celebrity chef's often do programmes together. imagine if ross kemp and louie theroux teamed up, and simultaneously interviewed a subject covering political issues and gangs.

also, ive been watching a load of road wars recently. this was really good on it. this guy was driving this car around.

it had a fully exposed engine, the windows had just been cut off and the whole thing was covered in spray paint.

i thought these looked really nice.

went for a gentleman's lunch at nando's with bradlex. it was cool, i got a free half chicken on my loyalty card. we covered many subjects, but mainly we spoke about how much bradley is drinking recently. the food as ever was delicious.

ha ha!!! good riddance! in case you don't know, these cunt's were in the shires for about 6 months, selling american sweets, drinks, and chocolates that you can get 10 times cheaper off the internet. every single time i went by, i saw a lot of people in there looking at the different things, but nobody buying a packet of peanut butter m&m's for £3.00.

their whole business model was based around wicked-land bringing fluff to leicester, and now they have toppled. i predicted they would be shut soon enough and i bet they wont be back in april.

did my good deed for the month. a woman in the hospital car park needed help with a push start for her car. i got her up and going.

these two dumb librarian drips lost my NUS card and it took them about 10 minutes to find it. i had to give it in as a deposit for a card reader i borrowed. why dont they just have one place for them? and why are librarians so stereotypically boring people? does the job just attract that type?

jake and zac built this work of art at work on saturday. preeettty impressive.

i got dominoes with valena on saturday night. i love going crazy at dominoes. its a far more attractive idea since they dropped those half price coupons. you can go mental and only ever have to pay about £8. i got half meateor and half mighty meaty, with extra sweetcorn on double decadence with chicken kickers for about £9. i love food.

saha earns more in a week than most of us do in a few years but still wears one of those crap hats from sports direct even when he is on the tv.

chelsea played liverpool on sunday. incase you dont know, chelsea bought arguably liverpools best player, fernando torres. liverpool fans feel betrayed because he handed in a transfer request 3 days before the transfer window closed, and 9 days after saying in an interview how happy he was at liverpool.

emotions were riding high and torres started. after doing hardly anything and playing pretty shit, he got subbed off, liverpool scored and everyone with morals watching celebrated a liverpool win.

a sign to suggest that using your phone may be fatal (presumably for drivers) was facing the pavement instead of the road. i didnt know what to think.

played football with the booker boys past and present at goals sunday evening. it was really good fun, i felt well knackered after.

you know when you buy something on ebay and you can choose to make a donation? it usually just says 'i want to donate a pound to cancer research uk' or 'i want to donate a pound to the NSPCC'. my one the other day was a bit more direct.

football was good last night too. after hitting the post 3 times we won 2-1.

thats all really, ive had a good week to be honest. ill post some stuff up again soon, cheers for reading!

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