Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Woskenon den babes, how was your weekend? Blog game Phil Collins here back with another dose of that wickedland for your eyes, brains and mouths. Get in

Show Me Love was last weekend. Not this one gone, the one before, I'm on borrowed time a little bit here. I'll let you in on a little secret; me and Tom found a VIP booth in Sophbeck. Downstairs, in that little window sort of bit where you can see from the dancefloor through to the bar there is a little pitted dugout with two stools in. We were sat in it, eyes at knee height overseeing the whole shubbz for about 15 minutes. It was very enjoyable.

Football is weird isn't it. It's weird how this is just a shirt but in my brain there is so much negativity attached to it. Like Darryl looks like a completely different, unlikable bloke in this shirt, it realy does something to me. Like when you see someone just walking about with a Nottingham Forest top on. Not even a full blown football shirt, a sweatshirt with a logo is enough to do the trick. Bizarre stuff. 

This isn't the best photo but you'll have to zoom in with your eyes and squint a little. The Cob Shop on Narborough road must be under new management because there was a new woman there and the service has gone to shit. Not only that but look at this disgraceful selection of drinks. Seriously next level pathetic shit.

It kills me that that Nike pop up shop at Fosse Park has popped down. Just keep that there for us please? Rather than an empty plot. I could kind of do with it being there.

Why would they make all these boxes for lightbulbs literally identical? That's very impractical isn't it? Caused me a right fucking ball ache. And then the bulb I bought was far too bright anyway. I was amazed at how mentally expensive lightbulbs have because. I guess this is because they are all those dumb energy saving ones that hum and take about 20 minutes before they decide to fully light a room up.

Natalie and her fucking acrylic nails. Getting them all prawned out. Scabbily picking and scratching these prawns apart. Look at Elvis's little transfixed face. He is a bastard for doing annoying shit but even he knew Natalie was bang out of order with this one.

IT'S BACK IT'S BACK!!! It's like all of tescos best offers are on at once you know. They've got a load of the dairy milk daim bar in for a pound a bar, obviously Mountian Dew is a pound and all the rowntrees grab bags are a pound at the minute. I've been eating fruit pastilles for a joke. Kilos, every single day, I can't get enough of them at the minute.

You know I said that bulb was too bright? I needed a lampshade for that evening. I didn't have one but I'm a man, so I solved the problem using what I had. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking it's a fire hazard and it's looks shit. Well fuck you, I think it's art. Practical art. And if it does burn my house down then just know that I went out like a fucking G.

This bloke was weird. He was stood in the road seemingly conducting the traffic (without much effect) and then he just chipped off down the road. This was the closest I got and the best photo I got, I was about 20 seconds too late on this one.

LOVELY bit of signwriting by Bread and Honey. Remember that wicked spicy chicken pasta I used to get on my lunchbreaks and always post pictures of? When that guy closed his deli this was what opened up and took the plot. These have loads of cakes and stuff like that.

This really made me laugh. Telling the people of the world to RAMP. A sign with the sole instruction that is telling people to act up and misbehave haha

My man had the EA sports trainers. What are these? Are they some basketball trainers or something? Why do they have the EA sports logo on them? I need closure.

I made some crazy rice the other night. I overlook rice all the time cos I used to burn it, but fuck me, when it's good it's really good isn't it? I love how it's so easy to eat so much of it. This picture doesn't do it justice but it you could have seen/tasted it you would have lost your shit.

That's all! I've got a couple of other bits to come so it should be a fun week on Wickedland. Keep an eye out and STAY WOKE

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