Tuesday, 15 April 2014



WHO ARE THESE WEIRD NOVELTY POLICE? They have some shit uniforms looking like some fancy dress type police with too much fluorescent yellow and 'POLICE' in polish across their backs. Do you think they are a division of our Leicester police put in place to work with the Polish community? 

Fuck sake, it's going too far now isn't it? Fake, knotted dreadlocks literally weaved into what little hair he does have? I have no words.

Had a lovely little sarny with Darryl last week from Ms Bridges. It kind of annoyed me though. On the menu it said chilli chicken and med veg. Right up my fucking street. When it came out, it was in fact sweet chilli chicken and med veg. Not so right up my street. What even is sweet chilli sauce? It just tastes like sugar and E numbers. I don't want that sticky shit anywhere near my sandwich. Or food for that matter. I can do without it. It I read 'chilli chicken' that better be some spicy chilli shit, or don't bring that fucker out in the first place.

If you need me I'll be busy, never not loving guys in sunglasses and all black. If you wanna add leather and big headphones, go for it. THIS IS MY SHIT hahahaha

What's this about? Some lads larking about town with massive inflatable knobs. Is that Wickedland then?

This annoyed me. After the Rugby was on a couple of dads brought a load of young lads into McDonalds. After deliberating amongst themselves these posh little lads relayed their order back to one of the dads. They all wanted those fruit drinks with ice. What? Is this Costa? Are you some dickhead wannabe coachella attendee instagram whore? Or are you the male youth of our nation? This lot should be on the frontline, riding it out as the unforgiving waved of indigestion beat their small bodies because they forced themselves to tackle big macs and wolfed their large chips too fast. Not ordering fucking smoothies. They should be crucifying each other for it. Disgusting. 

YUNG DARRYL FT. WAVEY AFRICAN TSHIRT TRACKSUIT LEVELS. Africans dress so amazingly don't they? This is just normal for him, my man isn't wearing this to get papped. That's just him, on his normal stuff.

Why does this look so disgusting? Like normal blue WKD just looks so normal, I don't even notice it, but this? Why is this so offensive? It looks so unappetising.

Me and Darryl with Lenny. I think Lenny might be my favourite cat. Now Max is back in with his mum I got to see Lenny again the other day and I was kind of almost not pissed off by his presence. I like that he is an old boy in the cat game and his ears are all scratched and whatever from being a roadman cat on the block.

I was trying to concentrate on the footy and Max was telling me how he is so piff he has to wear two hats.

I went to the Dont Flop event at the Music Cafe last weekend. It was pure good fun. Teep's opponent didn't show up so C Dash (formerly of invasion) came down and him and Teeps went back to back for the cameras. It was really good, the other battles were so fun as well.

Grace hit me up with this picture of a couple in matching outfits from the other day. She text me saying that she wanders if they planned it or if it was like when you show up and you and a friend are accidentally wearing the same shirt, except for the whole outfits hahahaha. That really made me laugh.

I made a curry the other day for the first time ever and it came out so nice! Nat gave me the recipe, it was really easy to make. I've wanted some indian food for so long and it really cured that. It was delicious.

Boxed off a Nandos with the work guys on friday. I tried red pepper dip with pitta bread because Oz doesn't like hummus. It was pretty good you know. Next time I go I think I'm gonna try and get a little half and half situation going on.

Again, with the wavey multicultural drops. Do you think these people look at us and think our clothes are so boring and dogshit?

Big Narstie came through and fucked up Beastwang on a million on Friday night

Obviously found him in the chicken shop after the show to get the photo. He has a little box with everything in. Onion rings, bareeee stuff.

2 SHO 4 U

This was on some old corner shop on Narborough road. Such a vague, meaningless sentence isn't it? The bloke in the shop switched the lights on when we came into the shop and gave Max a free packet of paracetamol. Weird 

Jetski was back for the weekend! That was fun. We spent most of the time doing gay jokes, sat down and watching football. Arsenal and Liverpool both won over the weekend so we were happy chappies.

These lads bopped out of the Huntsman. What's wrong when we've got tanned mandem with Justin Bieber quiffed hair and sleeveless tops going into the Hunstman pub? That's not levels is it? That used to be a place where that simply wouldn't stand innit? What, now there are just no rules then yeah?

Max robbed my phone on sunday and left me this little treat. That's fun isn't it.

That's your lot, Don't ever say we are not wickedlanding it yeah

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