Saturday, 28 June 2014


WUDDUP WUDDUP WOSKENON YOU LOT!? Blog game Phil Collins back at this shit, let's talk about nothing and anything.

Look at this old guy. Tie Dye shirt, jean shorts and a bucket hat and I'm guessing he has no idea that most weed smoking Leicestershire teenagers try and dress it off like him.

Some showerman canvases from the HQ done by little kids. I think Izzy told me these kids were 7 years old and did these canvases when some artists from the HQ went into a school for a workshop.


Seeing more and more brolly wallies as time wears on.

The world cup has obviously started and the African fans have been so good. I bet they have some absolutely insane fancy dress parties. 'I've come as the spirits of our fore fathers' and shit like that.

Vodka Revs aka Werdy rervs get their design so so spot on. Sign up to their mailing list and get wonderful e-flyers all year round.

I don't know if you can make it out but she has the Gareth Bale love heart hands tattooed on the back of her neck hahaha. That's good isn't it?

There is an old bloke who goes around cleaning up the tables in the new Burger King who has some insane tattoos. He has EMINEM down his fore arm in a straight line similar to how Eminem has his tattoos and he has 'G Unit' scripted across his wrist, as pictured. He must be in his 50's.

Do you see the style here? Oil slick glasses and a bandana tied over his head. This is street fucking style. This is the real levels. The bandana has barbed wire print on it, do not fuck about.

Hollywood bowl taking the piss out of my life, showing the football on the smallest screen in the whole building.

We went bowling for our end of year staff party! It was such good fun, while I was there I was thinking this is something I should do far more. Bowling ally in the highcross please, then You'll see me become that strike guy. Enter a fucking league with some of the guys and get matching jackets and shit.

Lewis and Darryl doing some pretty groundbreaking special effects in Baynsement last week.

This shopkeeper is 100% trying it. 15p each for chocolates out of a Celebrations box haha. Imagine the profit. I was asking him about it and he refused a comment.


It was so hot. Like literally 26c or some shit. This guy was wearing a heavy, thick tweed coat and jeans. Not to mention his huge, hot backpack.

On the way to London last weekend I basically figured out that Jaffa Cakes are fucking sick

This was the day after England got dumped out of the World Cup. A pair of boots ontop of a bin in London. #Art #Symbolic #YouWouldntGetIt

I tweeted this photo of Toms veiny arms telling those Tumblr yats to put their money where their mouths are. If they love this shit so much, shut up and date Tom. He got absolutely drowned in abuse, poor lad. Everyone was giving him grief.

My favourite World Cup babe in crowd has been this treat from Bosnia. High ponytail just screaming that she enjoys fun.

This pigeon was eating sick. Im not having a go but like if in your culture you already eat out of bins and that dont eat dried sick off the pavement mate.

Ben and Rebecca came over to see Nat and Curtis's new place and the six of us went out for some Turkish food. Nat and Curtis's local is a pretty good one. We had desert and everything, it was absolutely on point.

Summer Ball drunkeness that evening. I was so so tired and pissed hahaha

Bees made this superb cake yesterday for Sarah's birthday and brought it with us for lunch. It was tremendous and surprisingly nice with the skittles and the chocolate mixed together haha 

That's WICKEDLAND for you! a barrel of Lols! enjoy your life!

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