Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Ahoy fun blog lovers! More blog fun! Apologies for the delays with posting. My computer broke so I've not been able to post for a little while. BUT WE ARE BACK! LET'S GO!

Slopbeck Sessions last weekend at Show Me Love. I dragged Tom down to my level as we shared a bottle of rum before going out. It was horrible. I swear rum takes longer for me to feel the full effect, like hours after I stop drinking it I'm still getting more pissed. Me and Tom spent the majority of our night sat down, paralysed.

This girl came to rave dressed as super mario. It's nothing long for her.

GOGGLE GANG INSIDE! I spent a fun day still completely pissed wandering around town with Sandy and Darryl.

It was tough.

These guys have moved out of their flat! I've spent a lot of great times here, made all of the grime Butlins videos, a lot of music and drank more room in this room pictured than any other room in my entire life. Gonna miss this place.

You know if you were an OAP and they said you had to have a mobility scoooter, you want it to be some huge dumb futuristic showerman whip wouldn't you? No half measures or dead rides. You'd want the best.

Fox's fully tried it. I've been going back and forth with them via email, I'll let you know how this one pans out. Not a happy customer.

This is the London they don't show you off of the tour buses mate. This is the real London mate.

Bumped into Jammer in Kentish town when we were on the way to go to get food. He is such a weirdo, puts on such a fake persona. Everytime I've met him he is pure try hard, acting like taking a photo is pure effort for him or whatever. Still got the picture, shut up.

He followed us into the Chicken Shop where we were eating, fucking leech.

We were on our way to Cam'ron and Skepta at the Forum. There were some incredible black people out in droves, check this girls 'dress' out.


That XXXXXL stars and stripes leather jacket kind of shubbz. Bare girls were wearing pink fur too.

How perfect is this sticker? I wish I could keep it. At least now I have this photograph of it. I love it. Apparently the new Japan kit to be worn at the World Cup has a Pikachu on it.

So Skepta came out and killed the show. I've never seen him so focused. I know it sounds like a dumb, cliche thing to say but seriously, you should have seen him. He is such an impressive performer these days. After spitting a couple of sing alongs over Autopsy he got a wheel up and as the tune got reloaded he asked for all the lights off. All that was left was one red spotlight on him and he stood there, chest puffed out, staring into the back of the room, motionless. He looked like the Rock or something, completely captivating, the whole room waiting to see what he was going to do next. Incredible.

Mandem iiiiiiinside. At the bottom in the polo hat is Joe Prince, an old friend who I met when I was like 14/15. I've not seen Joe in about 7 years, so it was great to see him again. He went to Uni with SPT. Second left is Tom Slater, a guy who has followed Wickedland for a while but I've never met him, it was nice to link up!

Ok so if you follow any rap outlets on twitter or whatever you may have heard that Camron cancelled, despite being backstage. It got to about 11pm and the DJ announced it. Obviously everyone went mad and started throwing bottles and smashing the place up. Speaker stacks were getting pulled over and about 30/40 people rushed backstage.

Rumours emerged that it was because a gang wanted to rob Cam'ron on behalf of So Solid Crew because of some money owed to them years ago from an unpaid support slot at a show or something. It all sounded like bollocks to be fair.

Piss poor form by Camron though. It's not like he is Drake, and he comes and does a 15 leg tour here every year and we can all just go see him next time. Last time he was booked was 10 years ago, and I doubt he will get booked again after this stunt. He was completely unapologetic in his public address on Instagram the next day, and rather than aiming his message at the sold out venue full the the rafters of fans he decided to address the gang of 50 that had apparently came to rush him. 

Me and Johnny Depp in the pub after the show. This guy was sat alone drinking a Guinness and staring into space hahaha

This is mental the way the Metro shoehorned in 'Snapchat' because parents will have heard about it but don't really know what it is. This girl kills herself after a break up with her ex boyfriend. Her mum makes a statement saying she thinks it's because kids these days dont have a clean break like they did in her day, they are still in touch on FB, Twitter, snapchat and so on. Metro took the word 'Snapchat' and made this headline.

There is no excuse for this. It was pissing it down, as you can see and this twat was stood out in it getting soaked and playing his guitar. I hate this culture anyway, obnoxious noise pollution. It's like if you were any good you'd go and get booked somewhere and people would come to see you. Don't force what you do down people's throats against their wills. I blame X Factor and that ginger twat Ed Sheeran for the rise in this 'me and my guitar' culture. Fuck off

I went on the radio in Notts with Darryl, Kama and Big Biz the other night to promo my new EP. It was pure good fun, the 4 of us did a 45 minute set. I've embedded it below if you wanna have a listen!

Got handed this as I left my yard to go Tesco the other night by some European girl. I've never had this before, not even down Narborough road. A flyer for a 'massage parlour'. At first I had to double take, I thought it was for a strip club haha.

That's your lot. Eat chocolate and swear a lot

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