Wednesday, 16 July 2014


First thing first I've spent today thinking. I realised that events in my life over the last couple of years and the people I surround myself with are making me grown into a really cynical, bitter, hateful and quite spiteful person. I live my life happily everyday and I am completely fine with the fact that I've changed somewhat since a few years ago. It doesn't really bother me on a day to day basis. There are some really sweet, kind people in my life who I feel like I take for granted and lash out at all the time, from family members to close friends to acquaintances and I kind of feel bad for it today. Some people genuinely have such kind souls and despite the way I treat them they put up with me. If you're reading this and you think this is relatable then it's you I am talking to. Thank you, I appreciate it more than you know, today I'm seeing very clearly.

ANYWAY INTO THE WICKEDLAND! See what they do at Tesco? get you fucking hooked and then hike the price up. £2.63 for the bar? That's a liberty isn't it? So much for a bar of chocolate.

Am I a dickhead then yeah? Look at this hat. This whole bait faux rich thing needs to stop right now. Digitally printing some find art on to a fucking snapback. Thanks for this Jay Z, he if you never started pretending that classic art was cool for young rich urban people to like we wouldn't be stuck in this mess.

Shout to Pete every time bang bang Wickedland gang.

This is shocking isn't it. Does that look like a fucking express lane basket you utter cunt? No? Get in the fucking proper lane then. Disgusting simple minded behaviour. Mental laziness.

While I'm at it who did my mans trim. Madness.

Arsenal fans are wasting no time. This was the day before the signing was announced.

Life is so so sweet sometimes. Do you ever walk into your local Tesco express and just see 13 of your favourite pasta pot for 20p each down from £2.00? I'm very happy. I've ate 3 a day for the last 3 days and the rest are in my freezer. Sundried tomato and feta cheese, with this delicious vinaigrette on it, it's fucking divine. 

James (Germany) won against Tom (Argentina) in the Wickedland World Cup sweepstakes. Pocketed a nice £70.


Can we stop with these hashtag T-shirts now please? Seriously, they're popping up everywhere. The whole way a hashtag works is that all the words are spaceless, this is just nonsense.

See this fat prick yeah. I'm stood at the counter in Peri Peri and he walks up next to me knocking my elbow. I apologised, just being polite and british and he sighed and rolled his eyes. I laughed and asked him if it wasn't a 50/50 situation and he just looked at me without saying anything with his eyebrow raised as if he couldn't believe my cheek! The whole situation was surreal.

Shit photo, I don't think you can quite appreciate the windiness of this outfit. Red Leather pointed boots and a yellow linen shirt with the showerman collar with like the Indian detail on it. Deeeeeper style, say nothing. 

I feel like the way humans interact with each other is changing. Everyone is flashy and wants attention for simply existing and I don't really get why. Maybe there have always been flashy cunts and now I'm at an age where they're starting to do my head in.

This guy walked in being so loud and was apologising for not being on time to collect his phone order. He was showing the guy behind the counter his phone saying he had 1% and if he rang to say he was running late it would have died. Then he goes 'Have you got iphone charger behind there? Yeah? Do the right thing mate' and hands his phone over the fucking counter. Utter disbelief. Shadrack said there are no games, and John Burke said there are no rules.

Speaking of no rules here are two taxi drivers (not a racist generalisation I see them every single day) stood down the road chatting from a couple of car park attendants stood up the road chatting next to a black cab parked on double yellows. And I'm the dickhead in this situation looking for a ticket.

This guys shirt was so so sick today. Load of people dressed dead nicely bopping around town cos all the DMU students are graduating. I see them all out having a lovely day with their families all dressed up smart and I feel kind of sad that I didn't attend my graduation ceremony.

I made no secret that I hated uni, most of the people there and nearly all of the tutors and I wanted to distance myself from the whole set up as soon as possible. When they told me I had a plus 1 to the graduation ceremony and I basically had to choose between my mum and dad it was the final straw.

DMU really was a shithole and I hated my time there but I wish I got to give my parents a photo of me in my cap and gown, everyone in town looked like it was one of the best days of their lives.

That's your lot! I wanted to get a 'While The World Cup Was On' podcast sorted this week but I couldn't get the team together. As of tomorrow I'm on Holiday with Tom in Tenerife. I'll make sure I get some stuff sorted to post when I'm back.

Catch you soon, Wickedlanders.

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