Saturday, 12 July 2014


What's going on then! The weekend is here at long last. I say at long last, I was off work monday so all week I've been thinking it's a day earlier. It's Friday today in my mind.

Why do people wop their feet out every chance they get? I never wanna take my shoes off, I never feel that urge. Maybe it's down to wearing bad, uncomfortable footwear?

Literally fucking everywhere. Is it just me that this offends? It really bothers me. Let me know if you feel the same please or if I'm being irrational here.

Copped some Krispy Kremes with Sandy on our way out of Birmingham the other week. There were only shit ones left, I got some dead one with a football pitch on.

These T-shirts are fucking wicked. I dont know if you can properly make out the slogans, they're all so cliche and ridiculous haha. 'Top Boy' in Olde English, UNREAL box logo, 'stay weird'. Wicked.

I don't know if you saw but I posted a picture on twitter and tweeted Foxes Biscuits about not getting many biscuits in a pack. They told me to email them, I did and then they sent me some vouchers. That was all very nice of them.

Swegged out my brass eagle. This guy watches over my living room. I kind of had to do this to let people who don't know me that well and come into my house realise that is meant to be ironic, rather than Third Reich memorabilia.

Really getting into asparagus at the minute. I had a lovely steak with like a peri peri drizzle, some spicy rice and some grilled asparagus with lemon juice the other day. It was proper delicious.


Help For Heroes snapback anyone? Do you reckon these bang? You reckon people buy these? This stall at Asda had hoodies, snapbacks, tees, everything. Flags, purses, umbrellas. A full range of promotional material.

I bought Kanye's Late Orchestration from Amazon the other day and on the recommended it had a couple of unofficial DVDs for literally pennies. I quickly scanned through them when I got them and they are so so shit it's painful. Slideshows of photographs and pixelated ripped Youtube footage (without audio) all narrated by someone reading like an essay about Kanyes career. One of them was so factually inaccurate it was actually funny. 

I don't get these guys. You know them young lads who work in call centres and that and wear a shirt and trousers but with Air Max and a Gucci belt. Such a weird combo. The worst one is proper shoes with trousers and a shirt then they put on a sports zip up windbreaker when they nip KFC on their lunchbreak. It looks so so shit, I wish people would just stop that one.

Staying in the world of fashion for a minute. I love these guys, man. Those Muslim guys who dress like sho sho arabs. This guy had the cream silk gandoura with the Louie V backpack and gold rimmed sunglasses. So so sick.

They shouldnt be selling #NOFILTER T-shirts to girls like this. #NOFILTER ..... #NOSHIT

Had a looovely dinner at Cafe Rogue the other night with my mum. I had a steak with peppercorn sauce and she had the beef bourguignon. It was really nice. Not seen her in a little bit so we had a good chin wag. 

Awesome and wicked! Hope you enjoyed your little visit, have a bloody wicked weekend.

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