Saturday, 9 August 2014


Yoooooooo It's been a hot second since I posted a diary sort of post, here is what's been going on recently.

We start at Show Me Love like two weeks ago today. Jesus I didn't think it had been that long. Gwop's birthday splashum so we went and fucked around there, it was fun as ever

Darryl and Scott customised Max's shorts because they weren't short enough. The waitress in Slug and Lettuce was just watching on laughing hahaha

Tip top sign painting from the Goose. (That says 'meals')

Buying a fan is a fucking myth at the minute. i've still not succeeded. I checked Argos and Wilkinsons three days last weeks and this was the case all three days. Just maybe fucking order more in? It's not rocket science is it.

Quick Nandos with Mox and Dhruv. I hadn't registered my new Nandos card and when I scanned it I had a green and an orange reward, so my hummus, wrap, chips, rice and a drink came to £5.25. I was pretty happy with that. We spoke about Dhruv's interesting job and Arsenals chances this season.

The BLG guys launched their BLGenius LP at Might As Well's first event at the Donkey. It was so good man, there is something about that room and the way the energy works but it was a great night. I've embedded it below, give it a listen.

All four of the regular roster touch mic with production mainly from Maniscooler, with other tracks from Mugen (formerly HK) and RTikOne. Check it out, I've been really enjoying it this week.

This was the late night snackle the other night. Banana milkshake with the cookies dipped in. It was pretty good for a make do thing but the cookies from McDonalds were a pound each!

This guy was just bezzing about near Sophbeck on a microscooter hahaha sunglasses emoji mode

*Next week on absolute Peri Peri lookalikes. Sam Grubb will be giving us Forrest Gump in 5 different styles*

This is pretty sick isn't it. Same price as their on offer multipacks but you can just cop as many as you like. Shame the Lion bar is one of the most violent chocolate bars to eat. My gums are covered in scratches.

Brads joined the 25 and overs category on X Factor now, as you can see he was thrilled with it as we celebrated his birthday last Tuesday. 

It was outright definitely the best night I've ever had in Mosh. Getting Brad as drunk as possible.

His face started to show it after a few hours hahaha. We went onto Basement after this, for a Tuesday when I had work the next day it was a mental night. We were all hammered. Tom didn't wake up the next day until about midday loool

The usual funny guy who works in Maryland was being a dick too, saying they were closed when they were open and had the lights on and everything. I'm getting tired of his shit now, it's almost not worth even thinking of him as a safe guy. Meanwhile me and DJ Daz had a photoshoot.

I'm thinking about it now and we ate fucking loads after Basement. Standard meal from Maryland and then onto McDonalds VIP lounge (nobody else was in the restaurant) where we proceeded to order 'rounds', taking it in turns to go up and buy 2 of something to eat.

We were ordering them in a grime radio shoutout style much to the amusement of the two young asian lads who were working the grill and the front desk but the dumpy white female night manager wasn't so impressed and kept whinging for us to keep it down. Gassed off her little service stars and white shirt.

We took our last round (Big Macs) outside where we were shouting abuse at an empty Maryland and then we saw Elliott Whitelaw, Darryls girlfriends cousin, he must be about 18. We realised we had become the next generation of those pissed up losers from Leicester who still knock about clinging onto nightlife and embarrassing themselves as they near 30. You know the people I am on about, we became them in that moment. 


This guy is a new mental in Leicester. a shoebox full of shit tops off a pushchair full of shit as he puts his headphones on and rants at an imaginary friend.

That's your lot! I'll post up some shit over the weekend, enjoy your life incase I die.

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