Tuesday, 26 August 2014


What it do, we back. We back.

Back to the real world. You seen these? Milky Way and Galaxy squeezy sandwich spreads. Pretty sick innit. Clock the smart W Tom made. Pretty good right?

It's not nearly his birthday but using the touchscreen generator I made the perfect cake for Tom. He loves motorsports, technology and tits, so I combined those using my brain and made him this.

'It aint gonna suck itself.' Just when I thought Asda was a few, stretched, stained slogan T-shirts short of being the best place on earth this happened.

Saw Meridian Dan and P Money at Beastwang on A Level results night. Meridian Dan was posing with some girls (young people putting photos on their Snapchat stories, I don't get it) and these indian girls were getting him to shine a light on him and them so they could take the picture. After he hugged them and they kissed him on the cheek and that he turned to me, Brad and Tom who were watching on and winked at us haha like as if he knew we knew he was smoothing it nicely. He seemed like a top bloke.

Met Bossman Birdz too. Despite his angry face he was a really nice guy haha

I don't know if you can make it out but this topless old nutter had a gold tinsel necklace on. You into that?

Made some niiiice food last week. I did this lime and chilli chicken with some sautéed vegetables and sweet potato fries. All with some sour cream. It was so nice and proper healthy. 

How are Spar still around man. No seriously, it's fucked. They are all in places where you have no other options. Infact hold on, that spar on Fosse Road South, is that still open? Even with that Tesco express just around the corner? Fucking close that shit hole down if so. They rip you off soooo bad all the time. I hate Spar.

This is pretty fun. It was only a pound and it smells amazing. It actually tastes alright too. I don't drink much cordial but I like my house more for having this in it.

I went to Instabul with a load of my family and smashed platters for my cousin Jordans birthday. I fucking love this divine food so much you know. It's the best. Even looking at this picture now I just wanna eat it all the time.

It's been a pretty good week you know looking through all these flicks, I feel like I've done a lot. I went to see Blondie with Tom. They were really good, significantly better than their ropey performance at Glasto. The setlist was perfect and some of the new songs actual sounded really good.

His hat says 'A spliff a day keeps the doctor away.' Alright? so that's some knowledge for your ass. Deal with it.

If anybody asks, just tell them that's WICKEDLAND alright? COOL

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